The Baha’i’s, Palestine & The State Of Israel

The Baha’i Holy Places were already firmly established in the region and a Baha’i community already there since 1868 following Baha’u’llah in his forced exile and imprisonment by the Ottoman Empire. Many prior residents in the area converted to the Baha’i Faith from that time forward as well as those who migrated there following Baha’u’llah in exile.

The reason the Jews were given that land to call the State of Israel and the reason the borders were drawn up the way they originally were when it was decided that land would be their State comes down to one single question the Arabs of the region and the Jews were both asked.

The question was directly; how would they treat the Baha’i community if they were given jurisdiction over the region.

The representatives of the Palestinian Arabs made it clear that they would consider them infidels and heretics to their interpretation of Islam and the Baha’i buildings and shrines would be levelled and the Baha’i community would be removed from the land and dealt with as infidels and heretics.

Given the history of mass murder of Baha’i’s by the Moslems throughout the Ottoman Empire the Palestinian Arabs were taken at their word.

When asked the same question the Representatives of the Jews said they would allow the Baha’i’s to remain as they were and that they would be given all of the rights and protections to be afforded to all peaceful inhabitants of that land by the proposed Jewish State.

They had one stipulation which was that they would want the Baha’i’s to agree to refrain from proselytizing within its borders.

So you see, the Palestinian Arabs/Moslems would have destroyed the Baha’i Holy Places and slaughtered the Baha’i people and the Jews would not. Hence the Jews were permitted to establish their State and the Arabs had to take whatever they were given.

Since then ALL parties have been governed by the HANDS of corruption and all manner of evil has taken hold there.

One need not be a Baha’i and a Baha’i need not be a Baha’i in any official administrative capacity to see that injustice is injustice no matter who perpetrates it.

Using one iniquity as an excuse to commit another iniquity is fundamentally unjust in every case.

Unless and until the people and nations FIRST STOP MURDERING EACH OTHER and turn to Baha’u’llah there will be nothing but escalating violence and tragedy in that region and around the world.

The Four Winds of Destruction are currently held back at the River Euphrates as a mercy from God to allow the people and nations of the world to FIRST STOP MURDERING EACH OTHER and then turn to Baha’u’llah for guidance while God’s Mercy and Grace abound.

Baha’u’llah’s UHJ can be contacted by going to the UHJ contact site and then following the explicit instructions:

This is all the people of the world can do to change course and avert truly global catastrophe. Abdul-Baha1I Euphrates River

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