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Holy Day: The Ascension Of Baha’u’llah-Azamat 13, 174 B.E. (5/29/2017)

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Abdu’l-Baha’ on War & Peace

Although I felt indisposed this afternoon, yet because I attach great importance to this assembly and was longing to see your faces, I have come. The expression of kindly feelings and the spirit of hospitality manifested by the former speakers are most grateful. I am thankful for the susceptibilities of your hearts, for it is an evidence that your greatest desire is the establishment of international peace. You are lovers of the oneness of humanity, seekers after the good pleasure of the Lord, investigators of the foundations of the divine religions.

Today there is no greater glory for man than that of service in the cause of the Most Great Peace. Peace is light, whereas war is darkness. Peace is life; war is death. Peace is guidance; war is error. Peace is the foundation of God; war is a satanic institution. Peace is the illumination of the world of humanity; war is the destroyer of human foundations. When we consider outcomes in the world of existence, we find that peace and fellowship are factors of upbuilding and betterment, whereas war and strife are the causes of destruction and disintegration. All created things are expressions of the affinity and cohesion of elementary substances, and nonexistence is the absence of their attraction and agreement. Various elements unite harmoniously in composition, but when these elements become discordant, repelling each other, decomposition and nonexistence result. Everything partakes of this nature and is subject to this principle, for the creative foundation in all its degrees and kingdoms is an expression or outcome of love. Consider the restlessness and agitation of the human world today because of war. Peace is health and construction; war is disease and dissolution. When the banner of truth is raised, peace becomes the cause of the welfare and advancement of the human world. In all cycles and ages war has been a factor of derangement and discomfort, whereas peace and brotherhood have brought security and consideration of human interests. This distinction is especially pronounced in the present world conditions, for warfare in former centuries had not attained the degree of savagery and destructiveness which now characterizes it. If two nations were at war in olden times, ten or twenty thousand would be sacrificed, but in this century the destruction of one hundred thousand lives in a day is quite possible. So perfected has the science of killing become and so efficient the means and instruments of its accomplishment that a whole nation can be obliterated in a short time. Therefore, comparison with the methods and results of ancient warfare is out of the question.

According to an intrinsic law all phenomena of being attain to a summit and degree of consummation, after which a new order and condition is established. As the instruments and science of war have reached the degree of thoroughness and proficiency, it is hoped that the transformation of the human world is at hand and that in the coming centuries all the energies and inventions of man will be utilized in promoting the interests of peace and brotherhood. Therefore, may this esteemed and worthy society for the establishment of international peace be confirmed in its sincere intentions and empowered by God. Then will it hasten the time when the banner of universal agreement will be raised and international welfare will be proclaimed and consummated so that the darkness which now encompasses the world shall pass away.

Sixty years [Now 165] ago Bahá’u’lláh was in Persia. Seventy years [Now 175] ago the Báb appeared there. These two Blessed Souls devoted Their lives to the foundation of international peace and love among mankind. They strove with heart and soul to establish the teachings by which divergent people might be brought together and no strife, rancor or hatred prevail. Bahá’u’lláh, addressing all humanity, said that Adam, the parent of mankind, may be likened to the tree of nativity upon which you are the leaves and blossoms. Inasmuch as your origin was one, you must now be united and agreed; you must consort with each other in joy and fragrance. He pronounced prejudice—whether religious, racial, patriotic, political—the destroyer of the body politic. He said that man must recognize the oneness of humanity, for all in origin belong to the same household, and all are servants of the same God. Therefore, mankind must continue in the state of fellowship and love, emulating the institutions of God and turning away from satanic promptings, for the divine bestowals bring forth unity and agreement, whereas satanic leadings induce hatred and war.

This remarkable Personage was able by these principles to establish a bond of unity among the differing sects and divergent people of Persia. Those who followed His teachings, no matter from what denomination or faction they came, were conjoined by the ties of love, until now they cooperate and live together in peace and agreement. They are real brothers and sisters. No distinctions of class are observed among them, and complete harmony prevails. Daily this bond of affinity is strengthening, and their spiritual fellowship continually develops. In order to ensure the progress of mankind and to establish these principles Bahá’u’lláh suffered every ordeal and difficulty. The Báb became a martyr, and over twenty thousand men and women sacrificed their lives for their faith. Bahá’u’lláh was imprisoned and subjected to severe persecutions. Finally, He was exiled from Persia to Mesopotamia; from Baghdád He was sent to Constantinople and Adrianople and from thence to the prison of ‘Akká in Syria. Through all these ordeals He strove day and night to proclaim the oneness of humanity and promulgate the message of universal peace. From the prison of ‘Akká He addressed the kings and rulers of the earth in lengthy letters, summoning them to international agreement and explicitly stating that the standard of the Most Great Peace would surely be upraised in the world.

This has come to pass. The powers of earth cannot withstand the privileges and bestowals which God has ordained for this great and glorious century. It is a need and exigency of the time. Man can withstand anything except that which is divinely intended and indicated for the age and its requirements. Now—praise be to God!—in all countries of the world, lovers of peace are to be found, and these principles are being spread among mankind, especially in this country. Praise be to God! This thought is prevailing, and souls are continually arising as defenders of the oneness of humanity, endeavoring to assist and establish international peace. There is no doubt that this wonderful democracy will be able to realize it, and the banner of international agreement will be unfurled here to spread onward and outward among all the nations of the world. I give thanks to God that I find you imbued with such susceptibilities and lofty aspirations, and I hope that you will be the means of spreading this light to all men. Thus may the Sun of Reality shine upon the East and West. The enveloping clouds shall pass away, and the heat of the divine rays will dispel the mist. The reality of man shall develop and come forth as the image of God, his Creator. The thoughts of man shall take such upward flight that former accomplishments shall appear as the play of children, for the ideas and beliefs of the past and the prejudices regarding race and religion have ever lowered and been destructive to human evolution. I am most hopeful that in this century these lofty thoughts shall be conducive to human welfare. Let this century be the sun of previous centuries, the effulgences of which shall last forever, so that in times to come they shall glorify the twentieth century, saying the twentieth century was the century of lights, the twentieth century was the century of life, the twentieth century was the century of international peace, the twentieth century was the century of divine bestowals, and the twentieth century has left traces which shall last forever.

Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation Of Universal Peace

13 May 1912
Talk at Reception by New York Peace Society
Hotel Astor, New York




(1) O ye esteemed ones who are pioneers among the well-wishers of the world of humanity!
The letters which ye sent during the war were not received, but a letter dated February 11th, 1916, has just come to hand, and immediately an answer is being written. Your intention deserves a thousand praises, because you are serving the world of humanity, and this is conducive to the happiness and welfare of all. This recent war has proved to the world and the people that war is destruction while universal peace is construction; war is death while peace is life; war is rapacity and bloodthirstiness while peace is beneficence and humaneness; war is an appurtenance of the world of nature while peace is of the foundation of the religion of God; war is darkness upon darkness while peace is heavenly light; war is the destroyer of the edifice of mankind while peace is the everlasting life of the world of humanity; war is like a devouring wolf while peace is like the angels of heaven; war is the struggle for existence while peace is mutual aid and co-operation among the peoples of the world and the cause of the good-pleasure of the True One in the heavenly realm.

There is not one soul whose conscience does not testify that in this day there is no more important matter in the world than that of universal peace. Every just one bears witness to this and adores that esteemed Assembly because its aim is that this darkness may be changed into light, this bloodthirstiness into kindness, this torment into bliss, this hardship into ease and this enmity and hatred into fellowship and love. Therefore, the effort of those esteemed souls is worthy of praise and commendation.

But the wise souls who are aware of the essential relationships emanating from the realities of things consider that one single matter cannot, by itself, influence the human reality as it ought and should, for until the minds of men become united, no important matter can be accomplished. At present universal peace is a matter of great importance, but unity of conscience is essential, so that the foundation of this matter may become secure, its establishment firm and its edifice strong.

Therefore Bahá’u’lláh, fifty years ago, expounded this question of universal peace at a time when He was confined in the fortress of ‘Akká and was wronged and imprisoned. He wrote about this important matter of universal peace to all the great sovereigns of the world, and established it among His friends in the orient. The horizon of the east was in utter darkness, nations displayed the utmost hatred and enmity towards each other, religions thirsted for each other’s blood, and it was darkness upon darkness. At such a time Bahá’u’lláh shone forth like the sun from the horizon of the east and illumined Persia with the lights of these teachings.

Among His teachings was the declaration of universal peace. People of different nations, religions and sects who followed Him came together to such an extent that remarkable gatherings were instituted consisting of the various nations and religions of the east. Every soul who entered these gatherings saw but one nation, one teaching, one pathway, one order, for the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh were not limited to the establishment of universal peace. They embraced many teachings which supplemented and supported that of universal peace.

Among these teachings was the independent investigation of reality so that the world of humanity may be saved from the darkness of imitation and attain to the truth; may tear off and cast away this ragged and outgrown garment of a thousand years ago and may put on the robe woven in the utmost purity and holiness in the loom of reality. As reality is one and cannot admit of multiplicity, therefore different opinions must ultimately become fused into one.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is the oneness of the world of humanity; that all human beings are the sheep of God and He is the kind Shepherd. This Shepherd is kind to all the sheep, because He created them all, trained them, provided for them and protected them. There is no doubt that the Shepherd is kind to all the sheep and should there be among these sheep ignorant ones, they must be educated; if there be children, they must be trained until they reach maturity; if there be sick ones, they must be cured. There must be no hatred and enmity, for as by a kind physician these ignorant, sick ones should be treated.
And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is that religion must be the cause of fellowship and love. If it becomes the cause of estrangement then it is not needed, for religion is like a remedy; if it aggravates the disease then it becomes unnecessary.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is that religion must be in conformity with science and reason, so that it may influence the hearts of men. The foundation must be solid and must not consist of imitations.
And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is that religious, racial, political, economic and patriotic prejudices destroy the edifice of humanity. As long as these prejudices prevail, the world of humanity will not have rest. For a period of 6,000 years history informs us about the world of humanity. During these 6,000 years the world of humanity has not been free from war, strife, murder and bloodthirstiness. In every period war has been waged in one country or another and that war was due to either religious prejudice, racial prejudice, political prejudice or patriotic prejudice. It has therefore been ascertained and proved that all prejudices are destructive of the human edifice. As long as these prejudices persist, the struggle for existence must remain dominant, and bloodthirstiness and rapacity continue. Therefore, even as was the case in the past, the world of humanity cannot be saved from the darkness of nature and cannot attain illumination except through the abandonment of prejudices and the acquisition of the morals of the Kingdom.

If this prejudice and enmity are on account of religion consider that religion should be the cause of fellowship, otherwise it is fruitless. And if this prejudice be the prejudice of nationality consider that all mankind are of one nation; all have sprung from the tree of Adam, and Adam is the root of the tree. That tree is one and all these nations are like branches, while the individuals of humanity are like leaves, blossoms and fruits thereof. Then the establishment of various nations and the consequent shedding of blood and destruction of the edifice of humanity result from human ignorance and selfish motives.
As to the patriotic prejudice, this is also due to absolute ignorance, for the surface of the earth is one native land. Every one can live in any spot on the terrestrial globe. Therefore all the world is man’s birthplace. These boundaries and outlets have been devised by man. In the creation, such boundaries and outlets were not assigned. Europe is one continent, Asia is one continent, Africa is one continent, Australia is one continent, but some of the souls, from personal motives and selfish interests, have divided each one of these continents and considered a certain part as their own country. God has set up no frontier between France and Germany; they are continuous. Yea, in the first centuries, selfish souls, for the promotion of their own interests, have assigned boundaries and outlets and have, day by day, attached more importance to these, until this led to intense enmity, bloodshed and rapacity in subsequent centuries. In the same way this will continue indefinitely, and if this conception of patriotism remains limited within a certain circle, it will be the primary cause of the world’s destruction. No wise and just person will acknowledge these imaginary distinctions. Every limited area which we call our native country we regard as our motherland, whereas the terrestrial globe is the motherland of all, and not any restricted area. In short, for a few days we live on this earth and eventually we are buried in it, it is our eternal tomb. Is it worth while that we should engage in bloodshed and tear one another to pieces for this eternal tomb? Nay, far from it, neither is God pleased with such conduct nor would any sane man approve of it.

Consider! The blessed animals engage in no patriotic quarrels. They are in the utmost fellowship with one another and live together in harmony. For example, if a dove from the east and a dove from the west, a dove from the north and a dove from the south chance to arrive, at the same time, in one spot, they immediately associate in harmony. So is it with all the blessed animals and birds. But the ferocious animals, as soon as they meet, attack and fight with each other, tear each other to pieces and it is impossible for them to live peaceably together in one spot. They are all unsociable and fierce, savage and combative fighters.

Regarding the economic prejudice, it is apparent that whenever the ties between nations become strengthened and the exchange of commodities accelerated, and any economic principle is established in one country, it will ultimately affect the other countries and universal benefits will result. Then why this prejudice?

As to the political prejudice, the policy of God must be followed and it is indisputable that the policy of God is greater than human policy. We must follow the Divine policy and that applies alike to all individuals. He treats all individuals alike: no distinction is made, and that is the foundation of the Divine Religions.
And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is the origination of one language that may be spread universally among the people. This teaching was revealed from the pen of Bahá’u’lláh in order that this universal language may eliminate misunderstandings from among mankind.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is the equality of women and men. The world of humanity has two wings—one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly. Should one wing remain weak, flight is impossible. Not until the world of women becomes equal to the world of men in the acquisition of virtues and perfections, can success and prosperity be attained as they ought to be.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is voluntary sharing of one’s property with others among mankind. This voluntary sharing is greater than equality, and consists in this, that man should not prefer himself to others, but rather should sacrifice his life and property for others. But this should not be introduced by coercion so that it becomes a law and man is compelled to follow it. Nay, rather, man should voluntarily and of his own choice sacrifice his property and life for others, and spend willingly for the poor, just as is done in Persia among the Bahá’ís.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is man’s freedom, that through the ideal Power he should be free and emancipated from the captivity of the world of nature; for as long as man is captive to nature he is a ferocious animal, as the struggle for existence is one of the exigencies of the world of nature. This matter of the struggle for existence is the fountain-head of all calamities and is the supreme affliction.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is that religion is a mighty bulwark. If the edifice of religion shakes and totters, commotion and chaos will ensue and the order of things will be utterly upset, for in the world of mankind there are two safeguards that protect man from wrongdoing. One is the law which punishes the criminal; but the law prevents only the manifest crime and not the concealed sin; whereas the ideal safeguard, namely, the religion of God, prevents both the manifest and the concealed crime, trains man, educates morals, compels the adoption of virtues and is the all-inclusive power which guarantees the felicity of the world of mankind. But by religion is meant that which is ascertained by investigation and not that which is based on mere imitation, the foundations of Divine Religions and not human imitations.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is that although material civilization is one of the means for the progress of the world of mankind, yet until it becomes combined with Divine civilization, the desired result, which is the felicity of mankind, will not be attained. Consider! These battleships that reduce a city to ruins within the space of an hour are the result of material civilization; likewise the Krupp guns, the Mauser rifles, dynamite, submarines, torpedo boats, armed aircraft and bombers—all these weapons of war are the malignant fruits of material civilization. Had material civilization been combined with Divine civilization, these fiery weapons would never have been invented. Nay, rather, human energy would have been wholly devoted to useful inventions and would have been concentrated on praiseworthy discoveries. Material civilization is like a lamp-glass. Divine civilization is the lamp itself and the glass without the light is dark. Material civilization is like the body. No matter how infinitely graceful, elegant and beautiful it may be, it is dead. Divine civilization is like the spirit, and the body gets its life from the spirit, otherwise it becomes a corpse. It has thus been made evident that the world of mankind is in need of the breaths of the Holy Spirit. Without the spirit the world of mankind is lifeless, and without this light the world of mankind is in utter darkness. For the world of nature is an animal world. Until man is born again from the world of nature, that is to say, becomes detached from the world of nature, he is essentially an animal, and it is the teachings of God which convert this animal into a human soul.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is the promotion of education. Every child must be instructed in sciences as much as is necessary. If the parents are able to provide the expenses of this education, it is well, otherwise the community must provide the means for the teaching of that child.

And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh are justice and right. Until these are realized on the plane of existence, all things shall be in disorder and remain imperfect. The world of mankind is a world of oppression and cruelty, and a realm of aggression and error.

In fine, such teachings are numerous. These manifold principles, which constitute the greatest basis for the felicity of mankind and are of the bounties of the Merciful, must be added to the matter of universal peace and combined with it, so that results may accrue. Otherwise the realization of universal peace by itself in the world of mankind is difficult. As the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh are combined with universal peace, they are like a table provided with every kind of fresh and delicious food. Every soul can find, at that table of infinite bounty, that which he desires. If the question is restricted to universal peace alone, the remarkable results which are expected and desired will not be attained. The scope of universal peace must be such that all the communities and religions may find their highest wish realized in it. The teachings of Bahá’u’lláh are such that all the communities of the world, whether religious, political or ethical, ancient or modern, find in them the expression of their highest wish.

For example, the people of religions find, in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, the establishment of Universal Religion—a religion that perfectly conforms with present conditions, which in reality effects the immediate cure of the incurable disease, which relieves every pain, and bestows the infallible antidote for every deadly poison. For if we wish to arrange and organize the world of mankind in accordance with the present religious imitations and thereby to establish the felicity of the world of mankind, it is impossible and impracticable—for example, the enforcement of the laws of the Torah and also of the other religions in accordance with present imitations. But the essential basis of all the Divine Religions which pertains to the virtues of the world of mankind and is the foundation of the welfare of the world of man, is found in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh in the most perfect presentation.

Similarly, with regard to the peoples who clamour for freedom: the moderate freedom which guarantees the welfare of the world of mankind and maintains and preserves the universal relationships, is found in its fullest power and extension in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh.

So with regard to political parties: that which is the greatest policy directing the world of mankind, nay, rather, the Divine policy, is found in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh.

Likewise with regard to the party of ‘equality’ which seeks the solution of the economic problems: until now all proposed solutions have proved impracticable except the economic proposals in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh which are practicable and cause no distress to society.

So with the other parties: when ye look deeply into this matter, ye will discover that the highest aims of those parties are found in the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. These teachings constitute the all-inclusive power among all men and are practicable. But there are some teachings of the past, such as those of the Torah, which cannot be carried out at the present day. It is the same with the other religions and the tenets of the various sects and the different parties.

For example, the question of universal peace, about which Bahá’u’lláh says that the Supreme Tribunal must be established: although the League of Nations has been brought into existence, yet it is incapable of establishing universal peace. But the Supreme Tribunal which Bahá’u’lláh has described will fulfil this sacred task with the utmost might and power. And His plan is this: that the national assemblies of each country and nation—that is to say parliaments—should elect two or three persons who are the choicest men of that nation, and are well informed concerning international laws and the relations between governments and aware of the essential needs of the world of humanity in this day. The number of these representatives should be in proportion to the number of inhabitants of that country. The election of these souls who are chosen by the national assembly, that is, the parliament, must be confirmed by the upper house, the congress and the cabinet and also by the president or monarch so these persons may be the elected ones of all the nation and the government. From among these people the members of the Supreme Tribunal will be elected, and all mankind will thus have a share therein, for every one of these delegates is fully representative of his nation. When the Supreme Tribunal gives a ruling on any international question, either unanimously or by majority rule, there will no longer be any pretext for the plaintiff or ground of objection for the defendant. In case any of the governments or nations, in the execution of the irrefutable decision of the Supreme Tribunal, be negligent or dilatory, the rest of the nations will rise up against it, because all the governments and nations of the world are the supporters of this Supreme Tribunal. Consider what a firm foundation this is! But by a limited and restricted League the purpose will not be realized as it ought and should. This is the truth about the situation, which has been stated….

1. This is the first part of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s reply to a letter addressed to Him by the Executive Committee of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace. The Tablet, described by Shoghi Effendi in God Passes By as of ‘far reaching importance’, and dated December 17, 1919, was despatched to the Committee at The Hague by a special delegation.




Today I wish to speak to you upon the subject of the oneness of humanity, for in this great century the most important accomplishment is the unity of mankind. Although in former centuries and times this subject received some measure of mention and consideration, it has now become the paramount issue and question in the religious and political conditions of the world. History shows that throughout the past there has been continual warfare and strife among the various nations, peoples and sects; but now—praise be to God!—in this century of illumination, hearts are inclined toward agreement and fellowship, and minds are thoughtful upon the question of the unification of mankind. There is an emanation of the universal consciousness today which clearly indicates the dawn of a great unity.

In the investigation of a subject the right method of approach is to carefully examine its premises. Therefore, we must go back to the foundation upon which human solidarity rests—namely, that all are the progeny of Adam, the creatures and servants of one God; that God is the Protector and Provider; that all are submerged in the sea of divine mercy and grace and God is loving toward all.

Humanity shares in common the intellectual and spiritual faculties of a created endowment. All are equally subject to the various exigencies of human life and are similarly occupied in acquiring the means of earthly subsistence. From the viewpoint of creation human beings stand upon the same footing in every respect, subject to the same requirements and seeking the enjoyment and comfort of earthly conditions. Therefore, the things humanity shares in common are numerous and manifest. This equal participation in the physical, intellectual and spiritual problems of human existence is a valid basis for the unification of mankind.

Consider how discord and dissension have prevailed in this great human family for thousands of years. Its members have ever been engaged in war and bloodshed. Up to the present time in history the world of humanity has neither attained nor enjoyed any measure of peace, owing to incessant conditions of hostility and strife. History is a continuous and consecutive record of warfare brought about by religious, sectarian, racial, patriotic and political causes. The world of humanity has found no rest. Mankind has always been in conflict, engaged in destroying the foundations, pillaging the properties and possessing the lands and territory of each other, especially in the earlier periods of savagery and barbarism where whole races and peoples were carried away captive by their conquerors. Who shall measure or estimate the tremendous destruction of human life resulting from this hostility and strife? What human powers and forces have been employed in the prosecution of war and applied to inhuman purposes of battle and bloodshed? In this most radiant century it has become necessary to divert these energies and utilize them in other directions, to seek the new path of fellowship and unity, to unlearn the science of war and devote supreme human forces to the blessed arts of peace. After long trial and experience we are convinced of the harmful and satanic outcomes of dissension; now we must seek after means by which the benefits of agreement and concord may be enjoyed. When such means are found, we must give them a trial.

Consider the harmful effect of discord and dissension in a family; then reflect upon the favors and blessings which descend upon that family when unity exists among its various members. What incalculable benefits and blessings would descend upon the great human family if unity and brotherhood were established! In this century when the beneficent results of unity and the ill effects of discord are so clearly apparent, the means for the attainment and accomplishment of human fellowship have appeared in the world. Bahá’u’lláh has proclaimed and provided the way by which hostility and dissension may be removed from the human world. He has left no ground or possibility for strife and disagreement.

First, He has proclaimed the oneness of mankind and specialized religious teachings for existing human conditions. The first form of dissension arises from religious differences. Bahá’u’lláh has given full teachings to the world which are conducive to fellowship and unity in religion. Throughout past centuries each system of religious belief has boasted of its own superiority and excellence, abasing and scorning the validity of all others. Each has proclaimed its own belief as the light and all others as darkness. Religionists have considered the world of humanity as two trees: one divine and merciful, the other satanic; they themselves the branches, leaves and fruit of the divine tree and all others who differ from them in belief the product of the tree which is satanic. Therefore, sedition and warfare, bloodshed and strife have been continuous among them. The greatest cause of human alienation has been religion because each party has considered the belief of the other as anathema and deprived of the mercy of God.

The teachings specialized in Bahá’u’lláh are addressed to humanity. He says, “Ye are all the leaves of one tree.” He does not say, “Ye are the leaves of two trees: one divine, the other satanic.” He has declared that each individual member of the human family is a leaf or branch upon the Adamic tree; that all are sheltered beneath the protecting mercy and providence of God; that all are the children of God, fruit upon the one tree of His love. God is equally compassionate and kind to all the leaves, branches and fruit of this tree. Therefore, there is no satanic tree whatever—Satan being a product of human minds and of instinctive human tendencies toward error. God alone is Creator, and all are creatures of His might. Therefore, we must love mankind as His creatures, realizing that all are growing upon the tree of His mercy, servants of His omnipotent will and manifestations of His good pleasure.

Even though we find a defective branch or leaf upon this tree of humanity or an imperfect blossom, it, nevertheless, belongs to this tree and not to another. Therefore, it is our duty to protect and cultivate this tree until it reaches perfection. If we examine its fruit and find it imperfect, we must strive to make it perfect. There are souls in the human world who are ignorant; we must make them knowing. Some growing upon the tree are weak and ailing; we must assist them toward health and recovery. If they are as infants in development, we must minister to them until they attain maturity. We should never detest and shun them as objectionable and unworthy. We must treat them with honor, respect and kindness; for God has created them and not Satan. They are not manifestations of the wrath of God but evidences of His divine favor. God, the Creator, has endowed them with physical, mental and spiritual qualities that they may seek to know and do His will; therefore, they are not objects of His wrath and condemnation. In brief, all humanity must be looked upon with love, kindness and respect; for what we behold in them are none other than the signs and traces of God Himself. All are evidences of God; therefore, how shall we be justified in debasing and belittling them, uttering anathema and preventing them from drawing near unto His mercy? This is ignorance and injustice, displeasing to God; for in His sight all are His servants.

Another cause of dissension and disagreement is the fact that religion has been pronounced at variance with science. Between scientists and the followers of religion there has always been controversy and strife for the reason that the latter have proclaimed religion superior in authority to science and considered scientific announcement opposed to the teachings of religion. Bahá’u’lláh declared that religion is in complete harmony with science and reason. If religious belief and doctrine is at variance with reason, it proceeds from the limited mind of man and not from God; therefore, it is unworthy of belief and not deserving of attention; the heart finds no rest in it, and real faith is impossible. How can man believe that which he knows to be opposed to reason? Is this possible? Can the heart accept that which reason denies? Reason is the first faculty of man, and the religion of God is in harmony with it. Bahá’u’lláh has removed this form of dissension and discord from among mankind and reconciled science with religion by revealing the pure teachings of the divine reality. This accomplishment is specialized to Him in this Day.

Still another cause of disagreement and dissension has been the formation of religious sects and denominations. Bahá’u’lláh said that God has sent religion for the purpose of establishing fellowship among humankind and not to create strife and discord, for all religion is founded upon the love of humanity. Abraham promulgated this principle, Moses summoned all to its recognition, Christ established it, and Muḥammad directed mankind to its standard. This is the reality of religion. If we abandon hearsay and investigate the reality and inner significance of the heavenly teachings, we will find the same divine foundation of love for humanity. The purport is that religion is intended to be the cause of unity, love and fellowship and not discord, enmity and estrangement. Man has forsaken the foundation of divine religion and adhered to blind imitations. Each nation has clung to its own imitations, and because these are at variance, warfare, bloodshed and destruction of the foundation of humanity have resulted. True religion is based upon love and agreement. Bahá’u’lláh has said, “If religion and faith are the causes of enmity and sedition, it is far better to be nonreligious, and the absence of religion would be preferable; for we desire religion to be the cause of amity and fellowship. If enmity and hatred exist, irreligion is preferable.” Therefore, the removal of this dissension has been specialized in Bahá’u’lláh, for religion is the divine remedy for human antagonism and discord. But when we make the remedy the cause of the disease, it would be better to do without the remedy.

Other sources of human dissension are political, racial and patriotic prejudices. These have been removed by Bahá’u’lláh. He has said, and has guarded His statement by rational proofs from the Holy Books, that the world of humanity is one race, the surface of the earth one place of residence and that these imaginary racial barriers and political boundaries are without right or foundation. Man is degraded in becoming the captive of his own illusions and suppositions. The earth is one earth, and the same atmosphere surrounds it. No difference or preference has been made by God for its human inhabitants; but man has laid the foundation of prejudice, hatred and discord with his fellowman by considering nationalities separate in importance and races different in rights and privileges.

Diversity of languages has been a fruitful cause of discord. The function of language is to convey the thought and purpose of one to another. Therefore, it matters not what language man speaks or employs. Sixty years ago Bahá’u’lláh advocated one language as the greatest means of unity and the basis of international conference. He wrote to the kings and rulers of the various nations, recommending that one language should be sanctioned and adopted by all governments. According to this each nation should acquire the universal language in addition to its native tongue. The world would then be in close communication, consultation would become general, and dissensions due to diversity of speech would be removed.

Another teaching of Bahá’u’lláh is in relation to universal peace: that all mankind must be awakened to and become conscious of the harm of war, that they should be brought to realize the benefits of peace and know that peace is from God while warfare is satanic. Man must emulate the merciful God and turn away from satanic promptings in order that universal inclination shall be toward peace, love and unity and the discord of war vanish.

Lack of equality between man and woman is, likewise, a cause of human dissension. Bahá’u’lláh has named this as an important factor of discord and separation, for so long as humankind remains unequally divided in right and importance between male and female, no unity can be established. In a perfect human body it is not possible for one organ to be complete and another defective. In the great body of human society it is impossible to establish unity and coordination if one part is considered perfect and the other imperfect. When the perfect functions of both parts are in operation, harmony will prevail. God has created man and woman equal as to faculties. He has made no distinction between them. Woman has not reached the level of man in human accomplishment because of the lack of opportunity and education. If educational opportunities were made equal and similar, the two parts, man and woman, would equalize in attainment. God has intended no difference between them that should be productive of discord. He has endowed all with human faculties, and all are manifestations of His mercy. If we say man and woman differ in creational endowment, it is contrary to divine justice and intention. Both are human. If God has created one perfect and the other defective, He is unjust. But God is just; all are perfect in His intention and creative endowment. To assume imperfection in the creature is to presuppose imperfection in the almighty Creator. The soul that excels in attainment of His attributes and graces is most acceptable before God.

We are considering the divine plan for the reconciliation of the religious systems of the world. Bahá’u’lláh has said that if one intelligent member be selected from each of the varying religious systems, and these representatives come together seeking to investigate the reality of religion, they would establish an interreligious body before which all disputes and differences of belief could be presented for consideration and settlement. Such questions could then be weighed and viewed from the standpoint of reality and all imitations be discarded. By this method and procedure all sects, denominations and systems would become one.

Do not question the practicability of this, and be not astonished. It has been accomplished and effected in Persia. In that country the various religionists have conjoined in investigating reality and have united in complete fellowship and love. No traces of discord or differences remain among them; now affection and unity are manifest instead. They live together in harmony and accord like a single family. Antagonism and strife have passed away; love and agreement have taken the place of hatred and animosity. Furthermore, those souls who have followed Bahá’u’lláh and attained this condition of fellowship and affiliation are Muslims, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Nestorians, Sunnites, Shiites and others. No discord exists among them. This is a proof of the possibility of unification among the religionists of the world through practical means. Imitations and prejudices which have held men apart have been discarded, and the reality of religion envelops them in a perfect unity. When reality envelops the soul of man, love is possible. The divine purpose in religion is pure love and agreement. The Prophets of God manifested complete love for all. Each One announced the glad tidings of His successor, and each subsequent One confirmed the teachings and prophecies of the Prophet Who preceded Him. There was no disagreement or variance in the reality of Their teaching and mission. Discord has arisen among Their followers, who have lost sight of reality and hold fast to imitations. If imitations be done away with and the radiant shining reality dawn in the souls of men, love and unity must prevail. In this way humanity will be rescued from the strife and wars which have prevailed for thousands of years; dissensions will pass away and the illumination of unity dawn. Consider how all the Prophets of God were persecuted and what hardships They experienced. Jesus Christ endured affliction and accepted martyrdom upon the cross in order to summon mankind to unity and love. What sacrifice could be greater? He brought the religion of love and fellowship into the world. Shall we make use of it to create discord, violence and hatred among mankind?
Moses was persecuted and driven out into the desert, Abraham was banished, Muḥammad took refuge in caves, the Báb was killed and Bahá’u’lláh was exiled and imprisoned forty years. Yet all of Them desired fellowship and love among men. They endured hardships, suffered persecution and death for our sakes that we might be taught to love one another and be united and affiliated instead of discordant and at variance. Enough of these long centuries which have brought such vicissitudes and hardships into the world through strife and hatred. Now in this radiant century let us try to do the will of God that we may be rescued from these things of darkness and come forth into the boundless illumination of heaven, shunning division and welcoming the divine oneness of humanity. Perchance, God willing, this terrestrial world may become as a celestial mirror upon which we may behold the imprint of the traces of Divinity, and the fundamental qualities of a new creation may be reflected from the reality of love shining in human hearts. From the light and semblance of God in us may it be, indeed, proved and witnessed that God has created man after His own image and likeness.

O my God! O my God! Verily, I invoke Thee and supplicate before Thy threshold, asking Thee that all Thy mercies may descend upon these souls. Specialize them for Thy favor and Thy truth.
O Lord! Unite and bind together the hearts, join in accord all the souls, and exhilarate the spirits through the signs of Thy sanctity and oneness. O Lord! Make these faces radiant through the light of Thy oneness. Strengthen the loins of Thy servants in the service of Thy kingdom.
O Lord, Thou possessor of infinite mercy! O Lord of forgiveness and pardon! Forgive our sins, pardon our shortcomings, and cause us to turn to the kingdom of Thy clemency, invoking the kingdom of might and power, humble at Thy shrine and submissive before the glory of Thine evidences.
O Lord God! Make us as waves of the sea, as flowers of the garden, united, agreed through the bounties of Thy love. O Lord! Dilate the breasts through the signs of Thy oneness, and make all mankind as stars shining from the same height of glory, as perfect fruits growing upon Thy tree of life.
Verily, Thou art the Almighty, the Self-Subsistent, the Giver, the Forgiving, the Pardoner, the Omniscient, the One Creator.


Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation Of Universal Peace

14 July 1912
Talk at All Souls Unitarian Church
Fourth Avenue and Twentieth Street, New York



It is a great happiness to be here this evening, especially for the reason that the members of this Association have come from the region of the Orient. For a long time I have entertained a desire to meet some of the Japanese friends. That nation has achieved extraordinary progress in a short space of time—a progress and development which have astonished the world. Inasmuch as they have advanced in material civilization, they must assuredly possess the capacity for spiritual development. For this reason, I have an excessive longing to meet them. Praise be to God! This pleasure is now afforded me, for here in this city I am face to face with a revered group of the Japanese. According to report the people of the Japanese nation are not prejudiced. They investigate reality. Wherever they find truth, they prove to be its lovers. They are not attached tenaciously to blind imitations of ancient beliefs and dogmas. Therefore, it is my great desire to discourse with them upon a subject in order that the unity and blending together of the nations of the East and the nations of the West may be furthered and accomplished. In this way religious, racial and political prejudice, partisan bias and sectarianism will be dispelled amongst men. Any kind of prejudice is destructive to the body politic.

When we review history from the beginning of human existence to the present age in which we live, it is evident all war and conflict, bloodshed and battle, every form of sedition has been due to some form of prejudice—whether religious, racial or national—to partisan bias and selfish prejudice of some sort. Even today we witness an upheaval in the Balkans, a war of religious prejudice. Some years ago when I was living in Rumelia, war broke out among the religious peoples. There was no attitude of justice or equity whatever amongst them. They pillaged the properties of each other, burning each others’ homes and houses, slaughtering men, women and children, imagining that such warfare and bloodshed was the means of drawing near to God. This clearly proved that prejudice is a destroyer of the foundations of the world of humanity, whereas religion was meant to be the cause of fellowship and agreement.

Religion must be the cause of love. Religion must be the cause of justice, for the wisdom of the Manifestations of God is directed toward the establishing of the bond of a love which is indissoluble. The bonds which hold together the body politic are not sufficient. These bonds may be mentioned—for instance, the bond of patriotism. This is evidently not a sufficient bond, for how often it happens that people of the same nation wage civil war amongst themselves. The bond of fellowship may be racial, but history proves this is not sufficiently strong, for tremendous wars have broken out between peoples of the same racial lineage. Again, the bond holding men together may be political. How often it happens that the diplomacy of nations makes a treaty of peace one day and on the morrow a declaration of war! It is historically evident and manifest that these bonds are not self-sufficient.

The real bond of integrity is religious in character, for religion indicates the oneness of the world of humanity. Religion serves the world of morality. Religion purifies the hearts. Religion impels men to achieve praiseworthy deeds. Religion becomes the cause of love in human hearts, for religion is a divine foundation, the foundation ever conducive to life. The teachings of God are the source of illumination to the people of the world. Religion is ever constructive, not destructive.

The foundation of all the divine religions is one. All are based upon reality. Reality does not admit plurality, yet amongst mankind there have arisen differences concerning the Manifestations of God. Some have been Zoroastrians, some are Buddhists, some Jews, Christians, Muslims and so on. This has become a source of divergence, whereas the teachings of the holy Souls Who founded the divine religions are one in essence and reality. All these have served the world of humanity. All have summoned souls to peace and accord. All have proclaimed the virtues of humanity. All have guided souls to the attainment of perfections, but among the nations certain imitations of ancestral forms of worship have arisen. These imitations are not the foundation and essence of the divine religions. Inasmuch as they differ from the reality and the essential teachings of the Manifestations of God, dissensions have arisen, and prejudice has developed. Religious prejudice thus becomes the cause of warfare and battle.

If we abandon these timeworn blind imitations and investigate reality, all of us will be unified. No discord will remain; antagonism will disappear. All will associate in fellowship. All will enjoy the cordial bonds of friendship. The world of creation will then attain composure. The dark and gloomy clouds of blind imitations and dogmatic variances will be scattered and dispelled; the Sun of Reality will shine most gloriously.

Verily, we should consider the divine Prophets as the intermediaries, but mankind has made use of Them as causes of dissension and pretexts for warfare and strife. In reality, They were the intermediaries of love and reconciliation. If They were not sources of love and fellowship amongst men, then undoubtedly They were not true, for the divine wisdom and purpose in sending the Prophets was the manifestation of love in human hearts. Therefore, we must investigate reality. First of all, let us determine whether these Prophets were valid or not by using rational proofs and shining arguments, not simply by quoting traditionary evidences, because traditions are divergent and the source of dissension.

Among the holy, divine Manifestations of God was Moses. The sending of Prophets has ever been for the training of humanity. They are the first Educators and Trainers. If Moses has developed the body politic, there is no doubt that He was a true Teacher and Educator. This will be proof and evidence that He was a Prophet. We shall consider how He was sent to the children of Israel when they were in the abyss of despair, in the lowest degree of ignorance and heedlessness, degraded and under conditions of bondage. Moses rescued these degraded people of Israel from that state of bondage. He raised them from that condition of ignorance, saved them from barbarism and led them into the Holy Land. He educated them, endowed them with sagacious instincts, made them worthy and honorable. He civilized them, raised them to a higher plane of existence until they were enabled to establish a national sovereignty, the great kingdom of Solomon. This proves that Moses was a Teacher and an Educator. He had neither army nor dominion; neither did He possess wealth. It was only through an idealistic power that He cemented them together, proving that He was a Prophet of God, an Educator and Trainer.

Likewise, must we set aside prejudice in considering other divine Educators by investigating reality. For instance, let us take Christ. He achieved results greater than Moses. He educated the body politic, trained mighty nations. There is no doubt whatever that such Souls were Prophets, for the mission of Prophethood is education, and these wondrous Souls trained and educated mankind.

Christ was a unique Personage, without helper or assistant. Single and solitary He arose to train great and mighty nations; the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Syrians, Chaldeans and Assyrians came under His influence. He was able to bind together many nations, melting them together, as it were, and pouring them into one mold, changing their enmity into love, war into peace. Under His influence satanic souls became veritable angels, tyrannical rulers became just, the human moral standard was raised. This proves that Christ was an Educator, a Teacher and Trainer of nations. If we deny this, it is nought but injustice.

Blessed souls—whether Moses, Jesus, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Confucius or Muḥammad—were the cause of the illumination of the world of humanity. How can we deny such irrefutable proof? How can we be blind to such light? How can we dispute the validity of Christ? This is injustice. This is a denial of reality. Man must be just. We must set aside bias and prejudice. We must abandon the imitations of ancestors and forefathers. We ourselves must investigate reality and be fair in judgment.

The old nation of Persia denied all these facts, harboring the utmost hatred and enmity toward other religious beliefs besides their own. We have investigated reality and found that these holy souls were all sent of God. All of them have sacrificed life, endured ordeals and tribulations in order that They might educate us. How can such love be forgotten? The light of Christ is evident. The candle of Buddha is shining. The star of Moses is sparkling. The flame ignited by Zoroaster is still burning. How can we deny Them? It is injustice. It is a denial of complete evidence. If we forsake imitations, all will become united, and no differences will remain to separate us.

We entertain no prejudice against Muḥammad. Outwardly the Arabian nation was instrumental in overthrowing the Pársí dominion, the sovereignty of Persia. Therefore, the old Pársí nation manifested the utmost contempt toward the Arabs. But we deal justly and will never abandon the standard of fairness. The Arabians were in the utmost state of degradation. They were bloodthirsty and barbarous, so savage and degraded that the Arabian father often buried his own daughter alive. Consider: Could any barbarism be lower than this? The nation consisted of warring, hostile tribal peoples inhabiting the vast Arabian peninsula, and their business consisted in fighting and pillaging each other, making captive women and children, killing each other. Muḥammad appeared among such a people. He educated and unified these barbarous tribes, put an end to their shedding of blood. Through His education they reached such a degree of civilization that they subdued and governed continents and nations. What a great civilization was established in Spain by the Muslims! What a marvelous civilization was founded in Morocco by the Moors! What a powerful caliphate or successorship was set up in Baghdád! How much Islám served and furthered the cause of science! Why then should we deny Muḥammad? If we deny Him, we awaken enmity and hatred. By our prejudice we become the cause of war and bloodshed, for prejudice was the cause of the tremendous storm which swept through human history for thirteen hundred years and still continues. Even now in the Balkans a commotion is apparent, reflecting it.

The Christian people number nearly three hundred millions and the Muslims about the same. It is no small task to do away with such numbers. And furthermore, why should they be obliterated? For these are all servants of the one God. Let us strive to establish peace between Christians and Muslims. Is it not better? What is the benefit of war? What is its fruitage? For thirteen hundred years there has been warfare and hostility. What good result has been forthcoming? Is it not folly? Is God pleased with it? Is Christ pleased? Is Muḥammad? It is evident that They are not. The Prophets have extolled each other to the utmost. Muḥammad declared Christ to be the Spirit of God. This is an explicit text of the Qur’án. He declared Christ to be the Word of God. He eulogized the disciples of Christ to the utmost. He bestowed upon Mary, the mother of Christ, the highest praise. Likewise, Christ extolled Moses. He spread broadcast the Old Testament, the Torah, and caused the name of Moses to reach unto the East and the West. The purpose is this: that the Prophets Themselves have manifested the utmost love toward each other, but the nations who believe and follow Them are hostile and antagonistic among themselves.

The world was in this condition of darkness when Bahá’u’lláh appeared upon the Persian horizon. He hoisted the banner of the oneness of the world of humanity. He proclaimed international peace. He admonished the Persian nation to investigate reality, announced that religion must be the cause of unity and love, that it must be the means of binding hearts together, the cause of life and illumination. If religion becomes the cause of enmity and bloodshed, then irreligion is to be preferred, for religion is the remedy for every ailment, and if a remedy should become the cause of ailment and difficulty, it is better to abandon it. Today in Persia you will see the Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists assembled together in the same meeting, living in accordance with the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, manifesting utmost love and accord. Rancor, hatred, antagonism and violence have disappeared; they live together as one family.

And ye who are the people of the Orient—the Orient which has ever been the dawning point of lights from whence the Sun of Reality has ever shone forth, casting its effulgence upon the West—ye, therefore, must become the manifestations of lights. Ye must become brilliant lamps. Ye must shine as stars radiating the light of love toward all mankind. May you be the cause of love amongst the nations. Thus may the world become witness that the Orient has ever been the dawning point of illumination, the source of love and reconciliation. Make peace with all the world. Love everybody; serve everybody. All are the servants of God. God has created all. He provideth for all. He is kind to all. Therefore, must we be kind to all.

I am greatly pleased with this meeting. I am joyous and happy, for here in these western regions I find Orientals seeking education and who are free from prejudice. May God assist you!

Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation Of Universal Peace

7 October 1912
Talk to Japanese Young Men’s Christian Association
Japanese Independent Church, Oakland, California


O ye lovers of truth, ye servants of humankind! Out of the flowering of your thoughts and hopes, fragrant emanations have come my way, wherefore an inner sense of obligation compelleth me to pen these words.

Ye observe how the world is divided against itself, how many a land is red with blood and its very dust is caked with human gore. The fires of conflict have blazed so high that never in early times, not in the Middle Ages, not in recent centuries hath there ever been such a hideous war, a war that is even as millstones, taking for grain the skulls of men. Nay, even worse, for flourishing countries have been reduced to rubble, cities have been levelled with the ground, and many a once prosperous village hath been turned into ruin. Fathers have lost their sons, and sons their fathers. Mothers have wept away their hearts over dead children. Children have been orphaned, women left to wander, vagrants without a home. From every aspect, humankind hath sunken low. Loud are the piercing cries of fatherless children; loud the mothers’ anguished voices, reaching to the skies.

And the breeding-ground of all these tragedies is prejudice: prejudice of race and nation, of religion, of political opinion; and the root cause of prejudice is blind imitation of the past—imitation in religion, in racial attitudes, in national bias, in politics. So long as this aping of the past persisteth, just so long will the foundations of the social order be blown to the four winds, just so long will humanity be continually exposed to direst peril.

Now, in such an illumined age as ours, when realities previously unknown to man have been laid bare, and the secrets of created things have been disclosed, and the Morn of Truth hath broken and lit up the world—is it admissible that men should be waging a frightful war that is bringing humanity down to ruin? No, by the Lord God!

Christ Jesus summoned all mankind to amity and peace. Unto Peter He said: ‘Put up thy sword into the sheath.’ 1 Such was the bidding and counsel of the Lord Christ; and yet today the Christians one and all have drawn their swords from out the scabbard. How wide is the discrepancy between such acts and the clear Gospel text!

Sixty years ago Bahá’u’lláh rose up, even as the Day-Star, over Persia. He declared that the skies of the world were dark, that this darkness boded evil, and that terrible wars would come. From the prison at ‘Akká, He addressed the German Emperor in the clearest of terms, telling him that a great war was on the way and that his city of Berlin would break forth in lamentation and wailing. Likewise did He write to the Turkish sovereign, although He was that Sulṭán’s victim and a captive in his prison—that is, He was being held prisoner in the Fortress at ‘Akká—and clearly stated that Constantinople would be overtaken by a sudden and radical change, so great that the women and children of that city would mourn and cry aloud. In brief, He addressed such words to all the monarchs and the presidents, and everything came to pass, exactly as He had foretold.

There have issued, from His mighty Pen, various teachings for the prevention of war, and these have been scattered far and wide.

The first is the independent investigation of truth; for blind imitation of the past will stunt the mind. But once every soul inquireth into truth, society will be freed from the darkness of continually repeating the past.

His second principle is the oneness of mankind: that all men are the sheep of God, and God is their loving Shepherd, caring most tenderly for all without favouring one or another. ‘No difference canst thou see in the creation of the God of mercy’; 2 all are His servants, all implore His grace.

His third teaching is that religion is a mighty stronghold, but that it must engender love, not malevolence and hate. Should it lead to malice, spite, and hate, it is of no value at all. For religion is a remedy, and if the remedy bring on disease, then put it aside. Again, as to religious, racial, national and political bias: all these prejudices strike at the very root of human life; one and all they beget bloodshed, and the ruination of the world. So long as these prejudices survive, there will be continuous and fearsome wars.

To remedy this condition there must be universal peace. To bring this about, a Supreme Tribunal must be established, representative of all governments and peoples; questions both national and international must be referred thereto, and all must carry out the decrees of this Tribunal. Should any government or people disobey, let the whole world arise against that government or people.

Yet another of the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is the equality of men and women and their equal sharing in all rights. And there are many similar principles. It hath now become evident that these teachings are the very life and soul of the world.

Ye who are servants of the human race, strive ye with all your heart to deliver mankind out of this darkness and these prejudices that belong to the human condition and the world of nature, so that humanity may find its way into the light of the world of God.

Praise be to Him, ye are acquainted with the various laws, institutions and principles of the world; today nothing short of these divine teachings can assure peace and tranquillity to mankind. But for these teachings, this darkness shall never vanish, these chronic diseases shall never be healed; nay, they shall grow fiercer from day to day. The Balkans will remain discontented. Its restlessness will increase. The vanquished Powers will continue to agitate. They will resort to every measure that may rekindle the flame of war. Movements, newly-born and world-wide in their range, will exert their utmost effort for the advancement of their designs. The Movement of the Left will acquire great importance. Its influence will spread.

Strive ye, therefore, with the help of God, with illumined minds and hearts and a strength born of heaven, to become a bestowal from God to man, and to call into being for all humankind, comfort and peace.

1. John 18:11.
2. Qur’án 67:3.



Praise be to Him Who hath rent the dark asunder, hath blotted out the night, hath drawn aside the coverings and torn away the veils; Whose light thereupon shone out, Whose signs and tokens were spread abroad, and His mysteries laid bare. Then did His clouds part and loaded down the earth with His bounties and bestowals, and made all things sweet with rain, and caused the fresh greenery of knowledge and the hyacinths of certitude to spring forth and to shake and tremble for joy, till the whole world was scented with the fragrance of His holiness.

Salutations and praise, blessings and glory be upon those divine realities, those sacred windflowers that have come forth out of this supreme bestowal, this flooding grace that hath roared like a clashing sea of gifts and bounties, tossing its waves to the high heavens.

O God, my God! Praise be unto Thee for kindling the fire of divine love in the Holy Tree on the summit of the loftiest mount: that Tree which is ‘neither of the east nor of the west,’ 1 that fire which blazed out till the flame of it soared upward to the Concourse on high, and from it those realities caught the light of guidance, and cried out: ‘Verily have we perceived a fire on the slope of Mount Sinai.’ 2

O God, my God! Increase Thou this fire, as day followeth day, till the blast of it setteth in motion all the earth. O Thou, my Lord! Kindle the light of Thy love in every heart, breathe into men’s souls the spirit of Thy knowledge, gladden their breasts with the verses of Thy oneness. Call Thou to life those who dwell in their tombs, warn Thou the prideful, make happiness world-wide, send down Thy crystal waters, and in the assemblage of manifest splendours, pass round that cup which is ‘tempered at the camphor fountain.’ 3

Verily art Thou the Giving, the Forgiving, the Ever-Bestowing. Verily art Thou the Merciful, the Compassionate.

O ye loved ones of God! The wine-cup of Heaven overfloweth, the banquet of God’s Covenant is bright with festive lights, the dawn of all bestowals is breaking, the gentle winds of grace are blowing, and out of the invisible world come good tidings of bounties and gifts. In flower-spangled meadows hath the divine springtime pitched its tents, and the spiritual are inhaling sweet scents from the Sheba of the spirit, carried their way by the east wind. Now doth the mystic nightingale carol its odes, and buds of inner meaning are bursting into blossoms delicate and fair. The field larks are become the festival’s musicians, and lifting wondrous voices they cry and sing to the melodies of the Company on high, ‘Blessed are ye! Glad Tidings! Glad Tidings!’ And they urge on the revellers of the Abhá Paradise to drink their fill, and they eloquently hold forth upon the celestial tree, and utter their sacred cries. All this, that withered souls who tread the desert of the heedless, and faded ones lost in the sands of unconcern, may come to throbbing life again, and present themselves at the feasts and revels of the Lord God.

Praise be to Him! The renown of His Cause hath reached to east and west, and word of the power of the Abhá Beauty hath quickened north and south. That cry from the American continent is a choir of holiness, that shout from far and near that riseth even to the Company on high is ‘Yá Bahá’u’l-Abhá!’ Now is the east lit up with a glory, and the west rose-sweet, and all the earth is fragrant with ambergris, and the winds that blow over the Holy Shrine are laden with musk. Erelong shall ye see that even the darkest lands are bright, and the continents of Europe and Africa have turned into gardens of flowers, and forests of blossoming trees.

But since the dawning of this Day-Star was in Persia, and since from that orient the sun shone upon the west, it is our fondest hope that the flames of love’s fire should blaze ever more vehemently in that land, and that there the splendour of this Holy Faith should grow ever more intense. May the tumult of God’s Cause so shake that land to its foundations, may the spiritual force of His Word so manifest itself, as to make Írán the core and focus of well-being and peace. May rectitude and conciliation, and love and trust, issuing forth from Írán, bring immortality to all on earth. May she raise on the highest summits the banner of public order, of purest spirituality, of universal peace.

O ye loved ones of God! In this, the Bahá’í dispensation, God’s Cause is spirit unalloyed. His Cause belongeth not to the material world. It cometh neither for strife nor war, nor for acts of mischief or of shame; it is neither for quarrelling with other Faiths, nor for conflicts with the nations. Its only army is the love of God, its only joy the clear wine of His knowledge, its only battle the expounding of the Truth; its one crusade is against the insistent self, the evil promptings of the human heart. Its victory is to submit and yield, and to be selfless is its everlasting glory. In brief, it is spirit upon spirit:

Unless ye must,
Bruise not the serpent in the dust,
How much less wound a man.
And if ye can,
No ant should ye alarm,
Much less a brother harm.

Let all your striving be for this, to become the source of life and immortality, and peace and comfort and joy, to every human soul, whether one known to you or a stranger, one opposed to you or on your side. Look ye not upon the purity or impurity of his nature: look ye upon the all-embracing mercy of the Lord, the light of Whose grace hath embosomed the whole earth and all who dwell thereon, and in the plenitude of Whose bounty are immersed both the wise and the ignorant. Stranger and friend alike are seated at the table of His favour. Even as the believer, the denier who turneth away from God doth at the same time cup his hands and drink from the sea of His bestowals.

It behoveth the loved ones of the Lord to be the signs and tokens of His universal mercy and the embodiments of His own excelling grace. Like the sun, let them cast their rays upon garden and rubbish heap alike, and even as clouds in spring, let them shed down their rain upon flower and thorn. Let them seek but love and faithfulness, let them not follow the ways of unkindness, let their talk be confined to the secrets of friendship and of peace. Such are the attributes of the righteous, such is the distinguishing mark of those who serve His Threshold.

The Abhá Beauty endured the most afflictive of calamities. He bore countless agonies and ills. He enjoyed not a moment’s peace, drew not an easeful breath. He wandered, homeless, over desert sands and mountain slopes; He was shut in a fortress, and a prison cell. But to Him, His pauper’s mat of straw was an eternal throne of glory, and His heavy chains a sovereign’s carcanet. By day, by night, He lived under a whirring sword, and He was ready from moment to moment for death on the cross. He bore all this that He might purify the world, and deck it out with the tender mercies of the Lord God; that He might set it at rest; that conflict and aggression might be put to flight, the lance and the keen blade be exchanged for loving fellowship, malevolence and war turn into safety and gentleness and love, that battlefields of hate and wrath should become gardens of delight, and places where once the blood-drenched armies clashed, be fragrant pleasure grounds; that warfare should be seen as shame, and the resort to arms, even as a loathsome sickness, be shunned by every people; that universal peace raise its pavilions on the loftiest mounts, and war be made to perish forever from the earth.

Wherefore must the loved ones of God, laboriously, with the waters of their striving, tend and nourish and foster this tree of hope. In whatsoever land they dwell, let them with a whole heart befriend and be companions to those who are either close to them, or far removed. Let them, with qualities like unto those of heaven, promote the institutions and the religion of God. Let them never lose heart, never be despondent, never feel afflicted. The more antagonism they meet, the more let them show their own good faith; the more torments and calamities they have to face, the more generously let them pass round the bounteous cup. Such is the spirit which will become the life of the world, such is the spreading light at its heart: and he who may be and do other than this is not worthy to serve at the Holy Threshold of the Lord.

O ye loved ones of God! The Sun of Truth is shining down from invisible skies; know ye the value of these days. Lift up your heads, and grow ye cypress-tall in these swift-running streams. Take ye joy in the beauty of the narcissus of Najd, for night will fall and it will be no more….

O ye loved ones of God! Praise be to Him, the bright banner of the Covenant is flying higher every day, while the flag of perfidy hath been reversed, and hangeth at half-mast. The benighted attackers have been shaken to their core; they are now as ruined sepulchres, and even as blind creatures that dwell beneath the earth they creep and crawl about a corner of the tomb, and out of that hole, from time to time, like unto savage beasts, do they jibber and howl. Glory be to God! How can the darkness hope to overcome the light, how can a magician’s cords hold fast ‘a serpent plain for all to see’? ‘Then lo! It swallowed up their lying wonders.’ 4 Alas for them! They have deluded themselves with a fable, and to indulge their appetites they have done away with their own selves. They gave up everlasting glory in exchange for human pride, and they sacrificed greatness in both worlds to the demands of the insistent self. This is that of which We have forewarned you. Erelong shall ye behold the foolish in manifest loss.

O my Lord and my Hope! Help Thou Thy loved ones to be steadfast in Thy mighty Covenant, to remain faithful to Thy manifest Cause, and to carry out the commandments Thou didst set down for them in Thy Book of Splendours; that they may become banners of guidance and lamps of the Company above, wellsprings of Thine infinite wisdom, and stars that lead aright, as they shine down from the supernal sky.

Verily art Thou the Invincible, the Almighty, the All-Powerful.

1. Qur’án 24:35.
2. cf. Qur’án 28:29.
3. Qur’án 76:5.
4. Qur’án 26:31; 26:44; the reference is to Moses’ rod, and the enchanters.

Abdu’l-Baha, Selections #206


The Only Salvation From War

Holy Day: The Twelfth Day Of Ridvan, Jamal 5, 174 B.E. (5/2/2017)

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,


Why is it that the majority of those who fight for material control of this world also hold to the religion of the physical resurrection of their flesh?


Obviously one is a delusional belief system, and the other is antisocial behavior (such as war and murder for oil, control and power). It is probably true that thoughts and deeds cycle around each other to perpetuate both wrong thinking and crimes against the dignity of other human beings. Look at South Sudan. Oil was found there. Now instead of those people being rich, and well to do, and having a better world, their lives have been made miserable by the warmongers and oil addicts. Thus at the root of bad words, bad thoughts, and bad deeds–we find bad religion; that which is anti-human and not humane. According to ‘Abdu’l-Baha:


“My name is Abdu’l-Baha… servitude to all the human race my perpetual religion.”


The only “revolution” that is going to solve all the problems of human suffering in this world is “the revolution of the human heart”. Baha’u’llah inaugurated this revolution on April 21, 1863.


This revolution cannot take place–Baha’u’llah tells us–unless we see the truth with our own eyes and not through the eyes of our neighbor. Ah hah! That means we need two things to accept the truth–the intellect to recognize the truth, and a heart that is pure to accept it.


Facts. The pure of heart go by the facts. This is why Jesus said to seek the truth and truth will set you free. We seek the truth when it is the truth that we love. And here Jesus specifically means to seek the truth of God and the truth of the Bible: the truth of the Kingdom of God. Not be fooled by lies, mythologies, and theologies of the clergy class or preistcraft. This is the full “revolution of the human heart”, accompanied by body, mind and soul–to love God above all else with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul. Not blindly hide in a meaningless pile of lies, told to us by others, who also were either so deceived or who knowingly chose to deceive others. No. Someone has to stop the viscous cycle. Someone has to step forth and not go along with the lemmings to the slaughter. The first one to do this in our age is Baha’u’llah, then ‘Abdu’l-Baha, then you and me, and all of us today. Long ago it was Jesus who was the first, and then another dozen apostles, then maybe 500 more, and lastly his establisher Paul. But now there isn’t one single true Christian remaining in all the world who knows both the whole truth and loves the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth. In order for God to help us–we must have a love for the truth in our own pure heart first and foremost. Therefore Jesus has returned to fix that problem.


Attached is a “Letter to a Member of the Easter Faith.” For those who may not know, “the Easter Faith” isn’t a faith in Jesus, or God or the Kingdom, or of the after-life in the spiritual world to come, but a malignant obsession with the non-Biblical physical resurrection of the flesh of their own body (to re-inhabit this material world). In different forms–resurrection, re-incarnation, metempsychosis, etc– it dates back to Ishtar (Easter) of Babylonia and is a malignant obsession with living in this material world in a material body. It has nothing to do with the spiritual progression of the soul in both this life and the next–through all the innumerable worlds of God. No. Instead it is a deception that derails the majority of people from being able to advance in the Kingdom (which is here and now in both this world and the next) freely and unalloyed. This fulfills what is written in the scripture:


“They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie (2 Thess. 2: 10-11 NIV).


Baha’u’llah states:


“This ‘oppression’ is the essential feature of every Revelation. Unless it cometh to pass, the Sun of Truth will not be made manifest. For the break of the morn of divine guidance must needs follow the darkness of the night of error.” (Iqan, p. 31)


Now that all the Covenants of God have all been broken by the people, and the darkness of error has spread over the minds of all the people deceived by pompous leaders who hijacked God’s original true religions–the time for the “break of the morn of divine guidance” is come–and we could all use just such a break.


Best Wishes, this Ridvan, and Happy Ridvan to All!!


Your servant,







Dear Dr. F.,


According to the Greek New Testament, Joseph of Aramathea placed the corpse of Jesus in a tomb north of the city. His body did die and he did not “swoon” as you say. The apostles then took Jesus’s corpse out of the tomb and mummified it during the prescribed 40 days process in the town of Emmaus. As their first Act, in the Acts of the Apostles, they then buried Jesus’s mummified corpse under the wall of the city at the place where the road to Emmaus came into Jerusalem at the wall. This is the exact spot of the current location of the church of the Holy Sepulcher and Jesus mummified corpse remains there to this day. When the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was attacked in the middle ages, the Christian Knights retook the city and preserved the mummified corpse of Jesus in a leaden-lined casket filled with preservatives that they re-interred in the sacred Church of the Holy Sepulcher.


Like the Bab’i and Baha’i martyrs (10,000 + 20,000 respectively) true Christian martyrs were willing to sacrifice their lives because they knew that Jesus was the Universal Manifestation of God, the Herald of the Kingdom, and is therefore the universal forerunner (as the “son”) for Baha’u’llah (the glory of the Father), the Davidic King who is seated upon the throne of King David that continues today in the great-great grandson of Baha’u’llah, the current living Davidic King who is the president of Baha’u’llah’s Universal House of Justice (the House of the Lord–prophesied in the Bible). No true Christian ever died for the lie that the fleshy body of Jesus resurrected. Jesus said in John 6:63 that his “flesh” was of no avail–and that his words were “spirit and life”. It was only later after Rome became “Christian”–loyal to one sect only–that this mainstream new majority killed off all the true Christians who refused to go along with the lie of the resurrection of the flesh. The original martyrs of true Christianity all knew the location of Jesus’s mummified corpse, and this is how Helen the mother of Constantine was able to find the location so easily. As a mummified corpse Jesus’s flesh saw “no decay” (as prophesied). In the original Hebrew and Greek saying that a fleshy body would “see no decay” refers only to the mummification process after physical death–seeing “no decay” is only in reference to the corpse of flesh, which was mummified. It was only after the Council of Nicaea and after Charlemagne killed off the rest of the true Christians in Europe, that the anti-Biblical lie of the resurrection of the physical flesh became the entrenched dogma of the people who have been deceived by this non-Biblical teaching, such as yourself. This is why the return of Jesus can destroy antichrist with the “breath of his lips” because the way you get rid of a lie is by speaking the truth–as the lie has no reality-based existence it is then gone.


According to Paul–Jesus did not rise in the flesh–but “according to Scriptures!”


“For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again [it does not say in the fleshy flesh] the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He was seen [mummified] by Cephas, then by the twelve. After that He was seen [mummified] by over five hundred brethren at once, of whom the greater part remain to the present, but some have fallen asleep. After that He was seen [mummified] by James, then by all the apostles. Then last of all He was seen [mummified] by me also, as by one born out of due time.  (1 Corinthians 15:3–8)


Don’t you SEE Paul says: “Then last of all He was seen by me [Paul] also, as by one born out of due time.” So the other Apostles showed Paul Jesus’s mummified corpse in Jerusalem at the wall–after Paul had converted. This was long, long after Paul was struck by lightning on the road to Damascus. Long, long after Paul was at the stoning of Stephen. Long, long after, the clergy claims Jesus rose up into heaven [the sky they claim] in the first chapter of Acts, once and for all time, never to be seen by anyone again until the prophesied second coming 2000 years later. If Jesus floated away to never to be seen again, in the first chapter of Acts, then Paul could not have seen him, whom he had, therefore the clergy are false. Now I don’t why you believe this lie, or why anyone else would believe such an anti-scientific, and ridiculous lie as the resurrection of the flesh. But Paul tells us why: “He [that liar] will use every kind of evil deception [the resurrection of the physical flesh] to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth [of Jesus’s mummified corpse] that would save them. So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies [trinity, easter egg, zombie apocalypse, etc]” (2 Thess. 2: 10-11 NLT).


So we all must have a LOVE for the truth–not a fear of death. This means we must be pure of heart. But that is not enough. We also must use the intellect that God gave us, and the independent investigation of the truth that Baha’u’llah enjoined upon us to get the reality!! Paul says: The resurrection is spiritual (1 Cor. 15:44) not physical. Learn!


According to the Guardian of the Baha’i faith Shoghi Effendi (and confirmed in the Tablets of ‘Abdu’l-Baha):


“People wonder what happened to the body of Christ after the crucifixion. It was buried by the disciples under the wall of Jerusalem to protect it from the Roman legions. It remained buried there for some 290 years. It remained buried under the wall of Jerusalem until the mother of the Emperor Constantine, Helena, who had herself become a Christian, came to Jerusalem and had the Church of the Holy Sepulcher built–at which time the body of Christ was removed from under the wall of the city and was placed under the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. And that is where it is today. The Baha’is should be aware of this fact when they visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which is the holiest place in Christendom.” (Shoghi Effendi, April 1957 to the believers).


Jesus is not descended from the throne-line of King David–he is from Mary who is of the tribe of Levi (of the “daughters of Aaron” the “kinswoman of Elizabeth: see Luke 1:5, 36 RSV). Mary is not from the tribe of Judah but of Levi of the daughters of Aaron the kinswoman of Elizabeth. Joseph is not of the throne-line of King of David. Joseph is from David’s son Nathan who was never seated upon the throne (Luke 3:31). Further Jesus’s mummified corpse is buried in Jerusalem in the tomb just like everyone else–which is what the Bible says in the Greek New Testament. The resurrection is spiritual (1 Cor. 15:44) not physical. Jesus came to proclaim the coming of Baha’u’llah who is that great King of Kings seated upon the throne of King David that the whole Bible is talking about. When Christians say that is Jesus they are doing Jesus a dis-service for they make Jesus out to be a usurper–usurping the throne-line from Baha’u’llah, to Jesus who never sat upon the throne of David. Thank God Jesus never claimed to be seated upon the throne of David or he would have been a usurper. No, He said he was the “son” not the “father” (Is. 9:6-7). Jesus denied being the “prince of peace” (Is. 9:6-7) saying he did not “come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matt. 10:34), and Jesus prophesied Baha’u’llah by name (Mk. 8:38) as the one (“the glory of God” the father) who was yet to come!




“The purpose of the descendant of King David being the President (Head of the Government, the Executive Branch) of Baha’u’llah’s Universal House of Justice is so we can recognize the true UHJ from fakes, frauds, and imitations.” (


“This House of Justice enacteth the laws and the government [Davidic King] enforceth them. The legislative body must reinforce the executive [David King], the executive [Davidic King] must aid and assist the legislative body so that through the close union and harmony of these two forces, the foundation of fairness and justice may become firm and strong, that all the regions of the world may become even as Paradise itself.” (W&T, p. 15)


“To Him Isaiah, the greatest of the Jewish prophets, had alluded as the “Glory of the Lord,” the “Everlasting Father,” the “Prince of Peace,” the “Wonderful,” the “Counselor,” the “Rod come forth out of the stem of Jesse” and the “Branch grown out of His roots,” Who “shall be established upon the throne of David…” (Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 94)


“By the violent beating of my heart I knew that we were soon to see the Blessed face of the Prince of the House of David, (‘Abdu’l-Baha) the King of the whole world.” (Lua Getsinger, cf. “Persia” by Asaac Adams, pp. 478-484).


Shoghi Effendi writes:


“Regarding your question concerning the Jesse from whom Baha’u’llah is descended: The Master says in Some Answered Questions, referring to Isaiah, chapter 11, verses 1 to 10, that these verses apply “Word for word to Baha’u’llah.” He then identifies this Jesse as the father of David in the following words: “…for Joseph was of the descendants of Jesse the father of David…” thus identifying the Jesse of Isaiah, chapter 11, with being the father of David. Baha’u’llah is thus the descendant of Jesse, the father of David

“The Guardian hopes that this will clarify the matter for you. It is a tremendous and fascinating theme, Baha’u’llah’s connection with the Faith of Judaism, and one which possesses great interest to Jew and Christian alike.” (Shoghi Effendi, 11 July 1942)


Also, from the mainstream perspective, the research of Dr. Grover Gonzales, a Baha’i in the mainstream fold, has published research on Baha’u’llah’s genealogy entitled “the genealogy of Shoghi Effendi” which traces the male throne-line of King David that Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha inherited through their Jewish lineage back to the exilarch Bostanai. The “exilarchs” are the exiled Jewish Kings of David – thus exiled monarchs = exil-arch: Exilarch. This is the Jewish origins of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha of the Jewish Kings that were brought into exile originally by Nebuchadnezzar and later into Persia by Cyrus the Great into what became Muslim lands.


According to Dr. Gonzales himself, he “was commissioned by Shoghi Effendi to do this research and [Shoghi Effendi] approved it for publication.” Dr. Gonzales “received the bulk of his work on Baha’u’llah’s family from Mirza Abu-Fazl who received it directly from Baha’u’llah Himself.” Gonzales’s chart showing the genealogy of Baha’u’llah back to the exilarch Bostanai and through him to King David is attached. You can see the names of Baha’u’llah, Bostanai, Exilarchs, and King David circled in red. Dr. Gonzales’s work on the Jewish (Davidic) origins of the genealogy of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha is published on-line at the Baha’i Academic Resource Library, the premiere on-line website for all academic studies of the Baha’i Faith: (


Another mainstream resource that gives this lineage and history of the Jewish origins of the family of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha is the Iqlim-i-Nur, by eminent Baha’i historian, Malik Khusravi. The second edition, the longer extended version, gives this same lineage back to the marriage of Bostanai to Dara (Izdundad) the daughter of Yazdigird III, the last Sassanian monarch. Thus Baha’u’llah is a descendant of Zoroaster (which means literally “seed of the woman”) through Yazdigird’s daughter Dara, and from the male throne-line from the Jewish origin of Bostanai the Exilarch. You may request a copy of the longer version of the Iqlim-i-Nur from Haifa where it is under lock and key. The guardian has told me that the shorter version is uploaded onto H-Net for the general public to have.


Aside from those works, we also have in our possession a manuscript copy of Baha’u’llah’s Book of Kings, which elucidates this entire theme completely. Again the main source of original Baha’i literature is the central documents and tablets of the Covenant. Beyond this core body of literature, the Jewish origins are a pervasive theme throughout the entirety of the Baha’i holy writ and literature. The reason for this is that the Baha’i scriptures are clear that Jesus Christ is the “Herald of the Kingdom.” He is the herald by proclaiming the meaning of the title Christ that is the key to the promised Kingdom of God.


The word “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, and literally means “anointed one” like to christen a ship. The Hebrew word for anointed one is “messiah.” But anointed one of what? The full title was “messiah ben David,” that is the anointed male-sperm descendant of King David. In order for Jesus and Baha’u’llah to be the Christ they must be of the male-sperm descendants of King David. If Baha’u’llah was not of this male-sperm throne-line of King David he couldn’t fulfill prophecy for the second coming of Christ in the potency of the “everlasting Father “ seated upon the “throne of King David” that is to last forever. However this is exactly what His claim is. This is backed up by history as well as all the Baha’i holy literature including especially Baha’u’llah’s Book of the Covenant and the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. Some of the Iranian Baha’is who occupied positions of power and seats of control in the Baha’i world had a problem with these Jewish roots–Jewish origins–of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha. This may have been a strong motive in their hijacking of the Faith away from ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s son Mason Remey to do away with the continuation of the Jewish line of Kings that is reserved for the president and executive branch of the Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah, now entitled the guardianship of the Baha’i Faith (see Will and Testament, page 14 and 15 for more).



The Foundation Of God’s Kingdom On Earth As It Is In Heaven



Thursday, March 23rd, 2017


“Until the heavenly civilization is founded, no result will be forthcoming from material civilization, even as you observe. See what catastrophes overwhelm mankind. Consider the wars which disturb the world. Consider the enmity and hatred. The existence of these wars and conditions indicates and proves that the heavenly civilization has not yet been established. If the civilization of the Kingdom be spread to all the nations, this dust of disagreement will be dispelled, these clouds will pass away, and the Sun of Reality in its greatest effulgence and glory will shine upon mankind.” –Abdu’l-Baha, Chicago, May 5th, 1912

These words, spoken more than a century ago by ‘Abdu’l-Baha, son of Baha’u’llah, highlight the professed reality that unless and until the principles and values of the Oneness of Humanity and Unity in Diversity, based on a foundation of Justice for All, are embraced and infused into human society, we will not successfully enter into a progressive form of internationalism and globalism, but will instead find ourselves hindered and stunted from achieving our true potential.

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1/16/2017 (Sharaf 17, 173 B.E.) In Commemoration Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & his work

Monday, January 16th, 2017

In every dispensation, there hath been the commandment of fellowship and love, but it was a commandment limited to the community of those in mutual agreement, not to the dissident foe. In this wondrous age, however, praised be God, the commandments of God are not delimited, not restricted to any one group of people, rather have all the friends been commanded to show forth fellowship and love, consideration and generosity and loving-kindness to every community on earth. Now must the lovers of God arise to carry out these instructions of His: let them be kindly fathers to the children of the human race, and compassionate brothers to the youth, and self-denying offspring to those bent with years. The meaning of this is that ye must show forth tenderness and love to every human being, even to your enemies, and welcome them all with unalloyed friendship, good cheer, and loving-kindness. When ye meet with cruelty and persecution at another’s hands, keep faith with him; when malevolence is directed your way, respond with a friendly heart. To the spears and arrows rained upon you, expose your breasts for a target mirror-bright; and in return for curses, taunts and wounding words, show forth abounding love. Thus will all peoples witness the power of the Most Great Name, and every nation acknowledge the might of the Ancient Beauty, and see how He hath toppled down the walls of discord, and how surely He hath guided all the peoples of the earth to oneness; how He hath lit man’s world, and made this earth of dust to send forth streams of light.

These human creatures are even as children, they are brash and unconcerned. These children must be reared with infinite, loving care, and tenderly fostered in the embraces of mercy, so that they may taste the spiritual honey-sweetness of God’s love; that they may become like unto candles shedding their beams across this darksome world, and may clearly perceive what blazing crowns of glory the Most Great Name, the Ancient Beauty, hath set on the brows of His beloved, what bounties He hath bestowed on the hearts of those He holdeth dear, what a love He hath cast into the breasts of humankind, and what treasures of friendship He hath made to appear amongst all men.

O God, my God! Aid Thou Thy trusted servants to have loving and tender hearts. Help them to spread, amongst all the nations of the earth, the light of guidance that cometh from the Company on high. Verily Thou art the Strong, the Powerful, the Mighty, the All-Subduing, the Ever-Giving. Verily Thou art the Generous, the Gentle, the Tender, the Most Bountiful.

Abdu’l-Baha’, Selections #7, exc.


The Elimination Of All Forms Of Prejudice: The 7th Baha’i Principle

All 12 Baha’i Principles


Video From The View: Former White Supremacist – Satanic Strength Transformed Into Spiritual Power

American Injustice Ongoing As Of 11/22/2016

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Kendrick Eagle Message to Obama about Standing Rock

What Would Jesus Do?

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

What would Jesus do?

Christians often ask this question: “What would Jesus do?” It is a type of moral compass to do the right thing. An inventory to think about God before committing terrible mistakes, saying stupid things you can’t take back, or committing violent wrongs that cannot be undone.

I cannot imagine how painful the suffering of Jesus must have been on the cross. By all accounts this type of death seems cruel and unusual and excruciatingly torturous to say the least.

In this case however–of Jesus on the Cross–we do not have to wonder what Jesus would do. We have the gospel truth of EXACTLY what HE DID DO! He cried out to ALLAH the God of Muhammad in his dying final breaths!

“Ali Ali lama sabachthani” (Matthew 27:46) are of the last words of Jesus on the Cross when he calls out to HIS God. These are quoted from Psalms 22 verse 1 in Hebrew the words “My God! My God!” are spelled with three letters: the first letter of the alphabet Aleph that is our letter ‘A’ (not an ‘E’). Then the letter ‘L’ and finally the letter ‘Y’ (yod) meaning mine or my.

Now somewhere down the line someone decided to translate the “Allah” of “Alohim” “Al” and “Ali” (my God) into English as “Elohim” “El” and “Eli”–in order to distance themselves and foolish naive readers of the Bible (THE UNSUSPECTING AND THE UNAWARES) from Allah. Why?

They did this on purpose to DIVIDE the Muslim peoples against the Christian peoples and to divide the Christian peoples against the Muslim and Jewish Peoples and to Divide the Jewish peoples against the Muslim & Christian peoples in order to continue this thousands of years of war and terror against ALL of God’s people.

This travesty will not end until the majority of the Christian people recognize that Muhammad is a legitimate prophet and Islam is a viable religion.

What would Jesus do? He already calls God “Allah” from the cross! He has already prophesied the coming of Muhammad immediately after him (when he goes away) in the Gospel of John, as the name “Muhammad”–who will come after him–means “comforter”, “counselor”, “advocate” or “praised one” in English. Jesus didn’t speak English but a Galilean dialect of Aramaic. He flatly said “Muhammad will come after me.”. Why do you think there are so many Muslims in the world?

There are so many Muslims in the world because when the Arabic Christian cavalry of Rome came out to meet the Islamic Arabs of Arabia in the first wars; the Muslims came out of the desert with the Bible in one hand and the Koran in the other and showed the Roman Arabic Christian armies where in the gospels Jesus said “Muhammad” and called God “ALLAH” on the Cross. Then they showed them where in the Koran Muhammad backed-up the infallibility of Jesus in the name of Allah (bismi-Allah ar rachman ar rahim) and the infallibility of the Bible (as opposed to the corruption of the texts by the false interpretation of preistcraft).

So something had to be done about this! There were mass conversions. The Vatican gathered up all of the original Aramaic Bibles that had Muhammad’s name in them as Mu-Ahmad (the praised one) and burned them all accept one. My friend saw that one, original, Aramaic Bible in the Vatican archive under lock and key as he was a curator of the archives.

Thereafter all Bibles have the ‘E’ and ‘Elohim’ instead of the ‘A’ of ‘Allah’ and the Greek ‘paracletos” instead of the Aramaic ‘Muhammad’. And the people are FOOLS to go along with this. What would Jesus do?

He has already done it! He has opened up his heart to the prophet Muhammad even as we should open up our hearts as we accept Moses, Noah and Abraham who came before Jesus, we should accept, Muhammad and the Bab and Baha’u’llah who come after Jesus as Jesus prophesied of them by their prophesied names. Their prophesied addresses, and prophesied dates, and prophesied missions are also given in the infallible Bible. Now you can fight against this all you want–but you will LOSE THE WAR. No one wins a war fighting against God. No. They lose the war. They are “loo-hoo-hoosers” (Q 2:27; 58:19). They lose their souls. They lose their countries. They lose their votes. They lose their money. They lose their health, their self-respect, and lose their self-esteem. Eventually they lose their minds, their friends, and their physical lives–for all shall taste death. In the end they have nothing, as fruitless trees, Jesus said, are “fit for fire in the end to be burned” (Jn. 15: 1-8; Matt. 3:10).

Verily God has sent real prophets to all the people of the world both before and after Jesus. All of these love Jesus and have taken Jesus into their hearts even as Jesus loves them and has taken them into his heart. Jesus loves Muhammad and Buddha, Krishna, the Mayan prophets. Odin and Thor and all the rest–and they love him.

What would Jesus do? He already accepts them all into his heart–we should accept them all too. In fact they have all prophesied the return of Jesus himself (in their different names and different languages). In the Koran he is called “Isa” (Jesus) and he shall come again!

Therefore when Jesus returns–through the acceptance of those who came before Jesus like Moses, Noah and Abraham who prophesied and prepared the way for his first and second coming, and those who came after Jesus who backed up his first coming and who prophesied and prepared the way for his second coming, like Muhammad, the Bab and Baha’u’llah we can all be united in Jesus on his return.

Do Muslims have a different God than Christ’s God? Yes according to the lying liars (clergy of both false Islam and pseudo-Christianity who are killing our sons and daughters and profiting off this unending war) who lie to you as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do Muslims have a different God than Christ’s God? NO! According to the written Gospel and the Holy Texts of the Bible, which remains infallible and uncorrupted to this day. It is the phony interpretations that are false that corrupt the “texts” not the purity of the texts themselves.

Who are YOU going to Believe? The wolves in sheep’s clothing–warmongers–a corrupted preistcraft, or the WORD?

Jesus called God ALLAH on the Holy Cross. That is the Gospel truth! Those who reject this have rejected themselves from the Kingdom in both this world and the next. Those who accept this understand not only “what would Jesus do?” but also in fact what he has already done.

Nothing can change this judgment by which the people judge themselves.

Jesus called God “Allah”.

Muhammad IS a legitimate prophet, and Islam IS a viable religion from God–the God of Abraham, Moses and Christ.

You can say that in any language you want. The words only point to the truth of inner reality that all living souls already know.

In the name of Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab and Baha’u’llah, all from the family tree of Abraham through his three wives:, God has sent us World Reformers so that everyone should be saved. What would Jesus do? We already know the answer to that…

The real question is what will you do?

The prophecies state that one-third of mankind is to die in one hour of thermonuclear war with every American City of a population of 100,000 or more to be destroyed.

This travesty will not end until the majority of the Christian people recognize that Muhammad is a legitimate prophet and Islam is a viable religion.

What would Jesus do? We already know the answer to that…

The real question is what will you do?

Some Answered Questions Holy Text Preserved! Ilm 1, 172 B.E. (10/16/2015)

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Dear friends,

The original preserved text of Some Answered Questions (SAQ) is now available in hard copy format.


This book gives the answers of a great World Teacher to numerous questions which deeply trouble modern man in this post-modern Age of Transition. First published in London in 1908, Some Answered Questions is as timely now as it was then; the need for it has grown more acute with the years. The many questions which it considers remain either unanswered or misunderstood in the minds of the mass of humanity.

What is man? Is there a God? How can we know God? What of the Reality of the Unseen? Miracles, prophecy, predestination, immortality, free will, reincarnation, baptism, the Trinity, healing? Here, too, are commentaries on and explanations of Biblical passages and the metaphysical underpinnings of scientific worldviews suited to our age of increasing maturity.

Some Answered Questions is intended for the searcher with an open and independent mind. The answers are unorthodox. Religion and Spirituality, stripped of ritualism and tradition, become reasonable and alive. If the search for truth is coupled with a dream of justice for all and a world at peace, if the student is willing to receive an idea by which he or she may live meaningfully both for true-self and for others, then here you will find an authentic challenge to match that dream.

This is the original 1908 translation that preserves the prophecy of the coming of the “7th Angel” made by ‘Abdu’l-Baha in this volume (p. 66) in 1908 and approved by Him. Contrary to the Covenant-breakers assertions, Some Answered Questions is NOT “pilgrim’s notes”–but forms a collection of talks in the authenticity of the written Tablets of ‘Abdu’l-Baha approved and corrected by Him (with His own hand during His lifetime) in the potency of genuine Baha’i Holy Writ:

“Baha’u’llah has made it clear enough that only those things that have been revealed in the form of Tablets have a binding power over the friends… Those talks of the Master that were later reviewed by Him, corrected or in some other form considered authentic by Himself, such as Some Answered Questions, are considered as Tablets and therefore have the necessary binding power” (Shoghi Effendi, to the United States Publishing Committee, December 29, 1931).

This original re-print edition of Some Answered Questions combats the various changed false-text corrupted “editions” of the Covenant-breakers and contains a unique preface written by Dr. Leland Jensen and updated for current times along with a New Appendix including the Tablet of the Dichotomy and ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s the Tablet of Wood, Iron and Gold. The perfect teaching text (and required reading: the first 90 pages) for the full experience of the Baha’i Fireside series.


Izzat 7, 172 Baha’i Era (9/14/2015) Covenant Breakers Corrupt Baha’i Holy Books!

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Press Release

For Immediate Release:




Dear friends,


It has come to our attention that ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s prophecy of the coming of the “Seventh Angel” has been removed by the Covenant-breakers from their “new” 2015 edition of Some Answered Questions (SAQ). The original 1908 text that we continue to publish reads:


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.” The seventh angel is a man qualified with heavenly attributes, who will arise with heavenly qualities and character. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, SAQ Original 1908 text)


The Covenant-breakers have changed this to:


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.” That angel refers to human souls who have been endowed with heavenly attributes and invested with an angelic nature and disposition.


What VIOLATION could be clearer than this?


The date for the coming of the “Seventh Angel… a man… who will arise…” is given by ‘Abdu’l-Baha as the year 1963 AD in the book Baha’u’llah and the New Era, chapter “Prophecies of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha” subsection “The Coming of the Kingdom of God.” Here ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains that there are to be 1335 prophesied years (as given by Daniel in chapter 12 of the Holy Bible) added to the Victory of Muhammad in 628 A.D. that brings us to 1963 A.D. the date for the advent of the promised 7th Angel who will “establish the Kingdom” (628 + 1335 years = 1963).


The removal of this prophecy by the Covenant-breakers really only calls more attention to the fact that this prophecy is fulfilled by Dr. Leland Jensen.  In fact no one else in history has ever even claimed to be the Seventh Angel other than Dr. Leland Jensen. The prophecy sates that this “angel” will actually be a “man.” That is a real living human being. He will arise with “heavenly qualities and character,” and he will “establish the Kingdom.” Due to the fact that the “Hands” did away with the Kingship of King David through Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha from the Baha’i faith (or their own isolated corrupted version of it) we see that Dr. Jensen is the only one who stood up against this while it was happening during the years 1957-1963. Even when the rest of the followers of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s son started claiming rival false “guardianships” only Dr. Leland Jensen kept defending and proclaiming the Covenant of the Davidic Kingship and throne of King David continued as the presidency and “executive” branch (W&T, p. 15) of the authentic Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah ( Only Dr. Leland Jensen fulfills all these real life deeds and accomplishments and he and he alone explained that he fulfilled the prophecy of ‘Abdu’l-Baha in SAQ for the “Seventh Angel.” As that date of 1963 has come and gone–no one else ever will.


As we have absolutely demonstrated that Dr. Leland Jensen fulfills these prophecies for the one to arise in 1963 AD, the “Seventh Angel” the Covenant-breakers have had no other recourse than to expunge this prophecy of the Seventh Angel “a man… who will arise [in 1963]” from the Baha’i religious holy texts. They have done this to try to COVER-UP their violation but instead this has backfired as it only calls more attention to the Seventh Angel prophecy!


This glaring violation of the holy writings–shows that our progress ( in teaching this faith has progressed to such a point that the majority of people are becoming wise to the fact that the “Hands” have violated the Covenant and that God has sent a promised one, someone who is not a guardian of the Baha’i faith, but an establisher: like Ali the 5th angel and Quddus the 6th angel–that ‘Abdu’l-Baha also explains–now a 7th angel, the establisher of the Baha’i Faith, Dr. Leland Jensen.


Further these Covenant breakers have removed the very “Kingdom” from this same passage and have added their own false interpolations: as it is the very Kingdom of God–that is of the Kingship of King David–that is to be established.


The original reads: “in that day of God, the Spiritual and Divine Kingdom will be established” and they have changed this to: “in this Day of God His divine and spiritual sovereignty will be established.”


Thus they have attempted to fool the people away from the Kingdom of God with the living Davidic Kingship as the president of Baha’u’llah’s true UHJ ( They have done this further corruption of the texts knowingly and purposefully because so many people today are waking up to the reality that Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha are seated upon the throne of King David that is to last for ever; and realizing that the whole Baha’i world went astray when they broke the Covenant and separated themselves from ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s son, grandson and great-grandson who is seated upon the throne of David today. The entire Baha’i World went astray except for Drs. Leland Jensen and his wife Opal, the last remaining two Knights of Baha’u’llah who alone remained firm in Baha’u’llah’s Covenant. Dr. Leland Jensen is the establisher of the Baha’i Faith, the “7th Angel” and the educator of the current living guardian seated upon the throne of David alive in the world today.


This bad move on the part of the mainstream sans-guardian Covenant-breaking outfit only serves to call more attention to the “Seventh Angel Prophecy” for those who remain watchful and awake. The rest of the masses of the people are now further poised to fall into the darkness of more grievous error as they read texts that are altered and changed deliberately to keep them imprisoned in the darkness of the lies of these glaring Covenant-breakers who only masquerade as “Baha’is” foisting corrupted Copies of the original full passages.


“And I solemnly declare to everyone who hears the words of prophecy written in this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book. And if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book.” (The Book of Revelation 22:18-19 NLT)


In service,

Neal Chase,



PS The individual friends, Councils and Baha’i centers throughout the world are free to distribute this letter for wide circulation as part of their own press releases alerting the world to these forgeries.


ORIGINAL 1908 SAQ Which was Read, Corrected, and Authorized by Abdu’l-Baha’


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.”


The seventh angel is a man qualified with heavenly attributes, who will arise with heavenly qualities and character. Voices will be raised, so that the appearance of the Divine Manifestation will be proclaimed and diffused. In the day of the manifestation of the Lord of Hosts, and at the epoch of the divine cycle of the Omnipotent which is promised and mentioned in all the books and writings of the Prophets—in that day of God, the Spiritual and Divine Kingdom will be established, and the world will be renewed; a new spirit will be breathed into the body of creation; the season of the divine spring will come; the clouds of mercy will rain; the sun of reality will shine; the life-giving breeze will blow; the world of humanity will wear a new garment; the surface of the earth will be a sublime paradise; mankind will be educated; wars, disputes, quarrels and malignity will disappear; and truthfulness, righteousness, peace and the worship of God will appear; union, love and brotherhood will surround the world; and God will rule for evermore—meaning that the Spiritual and Everlasting Kingdom will be established. Such is the day of God. For all the days which have come and gone were the days of Abraham, Moses and Christ, or of the other Prophets; but this day is the day of God, for the Sun of Reality will arise in it with the utmost warmth and splendor. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Original Prophecy 1908 SAQ)




“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.”


That angel refers to human souls who have been endowed with heavenly attributes and invested with an angelic nature and disposition. Voices will be lifted up and the appearance of the divine Manifestation will be proclaimed and noised abroad. It will be announced that this day is the day of the advent of the Lord of Hosts and this Dispensation the merciful Dispensation of the Divine Providence. It has been promised and recorded in all the sacred books and scriptures that in this Day of God His divine and spiritual sovereignty will be established; the world will be renewed; a fresh spirit will be breathed into the body of creation; the divine springtime will be ushered in; the clouds of mercy will rain down; the Sun of Truth will shine forth; the life-giving breezes will blow: the world of humanity will be arrayed in a new garment; the face of the earth will become even as the highest paradise; humanity will be educated; war, dissension, strife and contention will vanish; truthfulness, uprightness, peace and godliness will prevail; love, concord and union will encompass the world; and God will rule forevermore — that is, a spiritual and everlasting sovereignty will be established. Such is the Day of God. For all the days which have come and gone were the days of Abraham, Moses, Christ, or of the other Prophets, but this day is the Day of God, inasmuch as the Sun of Truth will shine forth therein with the utmost intensity and radiance. (Covenant-breaker’s 2015 Interpolations)



Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! I yield Thee thanks for having enabled me to recognize the Manifestation of Thyself, and for having severed me from Thine enemies, and laid bare before mine eyes their misdeeds and wicked works in Thy days, and for having rid me of all attachment to them, and caused me to turn wholly towards Thy grace and bountiful favors. I give Thee thanks, also, for having sent down upon me from the clouds of Thy will that which hath so sanctified me from the hints of the infidels and the allusions of the misbelievers that I have fixed my heart firmly on Thee, and fled from such as have denied the light of Thy countenance. Again I thank Thee for having empowered me to be steadfast in Thy love, and to speak forth Thy praise and to extol Thy virtues, and for having given me to drink of the cup of Thy mercy that hath surpassed all things visible and invisible.
Thou art the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, the All- Loving.

Baha’u’llah, The First Book Of Baha’i Prayers, pp. 58-59


O Lord! Open Thou the door. Provide the means, prepare the way, make safe the path. That we may be guided to those souls, whose hearts are prepared for Thy Cause, and that they may be guided to us. Verily, Thou art the Merciful, the Most Bountiful, the All-Powerful.

‘Abdu’l-Baha’, The First Book Of Baha’i Prayers pg. 102

Open Letter To The Hopi: The Third Shaking Of The Earth

Friday, September 11th, 2015

The River Turned To Blood And the Third Shaking Of The Earth:

An Open Letter To The Hopi People

And all peoples of the Four Corners of the sacred Heart


A long time ago, we, like all other people were sent a Prophet who gave us instructions on how to walk a life path in harmony with the Creator’s all-encompassing plan.


Along with those instructions we were given a three-part Covenant symbolized as a bow, to keep for all generations after that prophet’s departure from us.


We were told that if we kept that Covenant we would remain as One People pure of heart and thereby be able to recognize Baha’na, the Promised One whom our Prophet told us would come as his return to us in a far distant future.


We were told that we would have to make a choice at that time.


One of the proofs of the authenticity and veracity of the Promised Baha’na would be that he would possess the full knowledge of the symbols on a small, broken stone tablet given to the Hopi of the Fire Clan by our Prophet and the meaning thereof, a knowledge withheld from us when only part of it was left with us by the Prophet upon his departure from us.


We were also told that in that future time, if we remained firm in the Covenant the Prophet made with us, the Baha’na would point to another Promised One whom our Prophet called “The Guardian of The Land”.


Sadly, as a people, we failed to uphold the three-part Covenant we made with our Prophet.


This is however, not a judgement, rather this is a lesson, an opportunity for all of us to turn back onto the path of the One-Heart and take up the bow of that Covenant once again in this hour.


When the first atomic bombs, those “gourds of ashes” our prophet told us would be created by the two-hearts and cause such misery and destruction upon the land as had never been known were test-detonated near our sacred lands, we knew it was time to send out our emissaries to tell our white brothers it would be a grave mistake to use them.


Our pleas fell on deaf ears.


Many years later, one among our traditional, spiritual elders named Grandfather David Monongye had a vision by which he was made aware of the fact of the return of that Prophet from our ancient history, in the person of the Promised One our prophet himself said would be sent to us at a time of great peril, the one he called Baha’na.


At that time, Grandfather David and those who remained traditional among our people sent out emissaries, this time to seek out and contact the Promised One known by the Hopi as the Baha’na in an effort to learn his New Song and sing it to the world to bring about a new world of peace and justice for all people, the prophesied Fifth World.


One of those emissaries succeeded.


Unfortunately when she returned to tell of her success in finding and learning from Baha’na, she, along with her good news, was rejected by the Two-Hearted ones living amongst the Hopi who had other intentions than to learn the New Song of the Baha’na.


Because of this the Bow of the Covenant remained broken upon the dust of the earth in Hopi Land for the remaining days of Grandfather David’s life.


Grandfather David saw many signs in the heaven of his vision that confirmed the presence of the one we call Baha’na, our True White Brother, that Promised One, who was alive in the world at that time.


Among the signs he witnessed was the fulfillment of the prophecy regarding the turning of the children of the White Conquerors back to the way of peace in the days of the Baha’na. The prophecy says that they would grow their hair long, travel and gather throughout the land and they would be called by a name that was almost like Hopi. These were the Hippies of the 1960’s.


Many years later, when Grandfather David heard of the gathering of the Rainbow Tribe he, along with a group of Traditional Hopi attended it in New Mexico in 1977 and presented the Hopi history and Prophecy to them. Grandfather David confirmed the fulfillment of prophecy when he said to the Hippies of the Rainbow Tribe “Hopi and Hippie are alike, peace people are Hopi, Hopi is peace, you are all Hopi”.


One of the most prominent clear signs Grandfather David witnessed in his vision was a nine-pointed star, a symbol of the Baha’i Faith.


It was in July of the year 1983 when Thomas Banyacya himself, the official spokesman for the traditional Hopi Elders sent four seekers whom he personally inducted as traditional Hopi, out into the world from the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York to look for the Baha’na. I was one of them.


He told all four of us while sitting at the base of a small tree in the midst of a very large, open field, that we should look for the Baha’na whom he said would be either a very young boy or a very old man at that time. He said we would need to learn the Song of the Baha’na and do whatever we could to bring the traditional Hopi people and the Baha’na together if we found him, as time to lessen the destructive aspects of the Great Purification was running out and the Baha’na was the only one who could lead all humanity through it with his New Song which the Hopi did not yet know how to sing.


After the passing of Grandfather David, in all, three (3) messengers went out from the place called Massauwa, the prophesied address of the Baha’na sent by the Baha’na himself in an effort to bring our traditional, spiritual people together with him to learn the New Song.


All three were rejected.


The first went directly to Hopi Land and was turned away without being given any audience at all, not even so much as a chance to speak before the traditional Hopi Elders. This was the Creator knocking on the door of the Hopi a first time. It corresponds to the prophesied “first shaking of the earth with one hand”.


The second met Thomas Banyacya, spokesman for the traditional Hopi Elders in 1987 during the time of the Harmonic Convergence at the home of Jose Arguelles in Colorado. Specific, detailed proof was handed to him by an emissary of the Baha’na yet no conversation followed. No response ever came from Thomas Banyacya or the traditional Hopi Elders. This was the Creator knocking on the door of the Hopi a second time. It corresponds to the “second shaking of the earth with one hand”.


In July of the year 1987 during the time of the National Rainbow Gathering in the Cherokee National Forest of North Carolina I was told of the Baha’na by one of his traveling students. I then realized I had to see the proof that he was in fact the Promised Baha’na of Hopi Prophecy for myself. I traveled to Missoula, Montana, which is in the Hopi language “Massauwa”, the name of the place of the Baha’na, where I learned the New Song directly from Him in the second half of the month of August, in the days immediately following the time of the Harmonic Convergence (Aug. 16-17, 1987).


Afterward I began looking for the path by which to deliver the message to the Traditional Hopi People to come forth and learn the New Song from him and then meet The Guardian of The Land. For a few years I explored many paths by which to bring the Hopi Elders together with their long-awaited Baha’na but no opportunity availed itself.


It was in the year 1993 that I met a seeker who called himself Joseph who was traveling by invitation to Hopi Land. I taught Joseph the truth of the Fire Clan Tablet fulfilled and taught to me by the Baha’na and he set out on his way to Hopi Land. Joseph arrived bearing the message that the Baha’na awaited the Hopi signal that they were ready to learn the New Song from him.


As explained earlier in this letter, Great Spirit had already sent two other messengers (angels) before me from the Baha’na to knock on the door: my message was the third knocking. This corresponds to the Creator knocking on the Hopi door a third time. The third shaking of the earth is yet to come; as it is with two hands the Creator will do this.


At that time the inhabitants of Hopi Land were embroiled in conflict among themselves and the call of the Baha’na passed along by me, the third messenger, to Joseph the Seeker, and delivered directly into the heart of Hopi Land and Life was rejected once again. This was the third time the message of the Baha’na had been delivered and rejected.


One year later, in the summer of 1994, I received a message on my radio pager from the “Hopi Cultural Preservation Office” stating that they wanted to find out about the missing cornerstone of the Fire Clan Tablet and the one who had it as they had heard all about it from Joseph the Seeker.


I called them back and told them I would have to contact the Baha’na to receive his specific instructions on how to proceed. I then contacted Him directly and He told me exactly what He wanted me to tell them. He told me that I would know if they wanted their Promised Baha’na and the New Song or if they only wanted a piece of stone for their museum case. I called them back immediately, delivered the Baha’na’s message to them exactly as he spoke it to me and their response told me all I needed to know. They said they would be in touch with me, we exchanged polite goodbyes and I never heard from them again. That was the end of the third knock.


Now, at this time when the River has been turned to Blood (Animas of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers that flows through the Heart Land – on August 6th, 2015 exactly 70 prophesied years from August 6, 1945 when the “gourd of ashes” was dropped on Hiroshima from the Uranium mined from Four Corners Area; and the waters that have heretofore nourished not only the Hopi but the Land and Life of all the peoples of the Colorado Plateau and beyond are poisoned with toxic heavy metals and other deadly chemicals from deep within the earth; at the time of the Fourth Blood Moon; Great Spirit calls me to knock for a final FOURTH TIME as third emissary sent by the Baha’na (turning back to face the Hopi a second time) and call the One-Hearted among them to take up the Bow of the Covenant and learn the New Song as taught by the Baha’na, the Promised One of the Hopi and all other peoples.


“And the third angel (third messenger from Baha’na) poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. For they have shed the blood (in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all other wars since) of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them (Military Industrial Complex and two-hearts amongst our peoples) blood to drink (Animas, San Juan and Colorado Rivers); for they are worthy” (Rev. 16:4,5,7 KJV) For more:


The missing cornerstone is a real, living person–he is the stone the builders rejected–even as we are all living stones in the holy temple of living earth. The physical cornerstone artifact, like the physical missing capstone (missing top cornerstone) of the Great Pyramid are material physical stone symbols of this real, living person (a human being who is precious) who is the actual “missing” cornerstone–missing because the two-hearted builders reject him: and the people who have deaf ears only faintly heard the first three knocks. This fourth knocking is the last.


Thus Great Spirit shakes the world first with one hand to try to wake the people up; then a second time with one hand again to try to wake it up. These were the first two knocks to the Hopi people by the first two messengers (angel means messenger) sent to them by Baha’na.


Now the third angel (messenger from Baha’na) knocked for the third time in the 1990s and now with “his other hand” knocks again as the “River has turned to blood” exactly “3 ½ times” (a time being a score of 20 years: 3 ½ x 20 years = 70 years) from the ground zero date of the Hiroshima bombing on August 6, 1945. This fourth knock by the third messenger is the Great Spirit shaking the people awake with “two hands.” This is happening in time for the unmasking of Blue Star Kachina and the completion of the 49.98 years Jubilee cycle of double star Sirius in the night sky.


This is the final, third shaking with “two hands” by the third messenger to the Hopi–signaling that the first Great Shaking of the World (World War I) and the second Great Shaking (World War II) by Great Spirit each with only one hand is NOW to be succeeded by the third Great Shaking of All the World with “two hands.” This third great shaking according to Grandfather David is to be World War III in which one third of humanity is prophesied to be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war with every American City population 100,000 or more to be destroyed. This unleashes the four winds held back at “four corners” that Grandfather David has forewarned: the fourth and final wind being the “earth’s shifting crust” because of the crimes against mother earth in the failures of all the peoples of the world to follow Great Spirit’s instructions, according to Grandfather David, Wovoka, Black Elk, Sitting Bull, all the Hebrew Prophets, White-Buffalo Calf-Woman, Rolling Thunder, Long Standing Bear Chief, Red Crow and the other prophets, elders, teachers, medicine men and women and shamans of all races creeds and colors sent to warn all the peoples of living Gaia.


The Guardian of the Land is now alive in the world ( and he awaits (ready to help and serve) your return to the True Path of Peace, the path of the True Hopi.


Who among you will answer his call?


Light & Love for all.

Kevin Paul Seeley,

Hopi third messenger,

Knight of Baha’u’llah




Prophecy Fulfilled: “And The River Was Turned To Blood” Kamal 11, 172 B.E. (8/11/2015)



Dear Friends,


What has happened in our New Jerusalem from the years 1996 on August 6th until recently? The Covenant-breakers have attacked the Twin Establishers of the Baha’i Faith, the prophesied Joshua and Zerubbabel–the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation chapter 11–that bear witness to the Reality of the twin Testaments of the Kitab-i-Ahd and the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. These attacks have been levied against the person of the living Davidic King (the guardian) in every way imaginable and unimaginable, but God has prevailed against these peoples and “brought forth his servant the Branch” (Zech. 3:8 KJV) in the year 2001 AD. In 2012 he announced his “four corners medicine wheel prophecy” re-activating ‘Abdul-Baha’s Tablets of the Divine Plan. This meant the election of the first US National Council since the violation of the Covenant in 1957-1960, which took place in Ridvan 2015.


Now in the prophesied location of “the Four Corners” (Is. 11: 12) passing through the precise spot of the “four corners” (see map below) God has fulfilled his words in the Book of Revelation: “And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy” (Rev. 16:4,5 & 7 KJV) in the Animas River disaster of the Four Corners with such high content of iron (“About 70 percent of your body’s iron is found in the red blood cells of your blood called hemoglobin”) and other heavy metals turning the river to blood and toxic poison:





This disaster has occurred EXACTLY 19 years [one vahid] to the day of the ascension of the Establisher, Knight of Baha’u’llah, Dr. Leland Jensen: August 6th 1996 + 19 years = 2015. [In addition it is exactly 70 years to the day from the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, the act which fulfilled the “Gourd of Ashes” prophecy given by the Hopi people. 70 years is the prophetic Biblical time cycle given as “a time, two times, and half a time”, where a “time” is calculated as a score which is 20 years.]  It should be kept in my that I gave the date for the Trade Tower 9-11 from the start date of his ascension in 1996 on this very day of August 6: see chart Collapse of the Two Towers: Second Woe – Prophecy Chart. This current “river to blood”: thus fits into the extension of this prophesied time line of the “three woes” in the prophesied Cycle of the Seven Seals I have explained in my firesides, deepenings and table talks that has occurred in time for the prophesied “four blood moon” events (the Tetrad) that takes place in the Guardians 49th year (1966 + 49 years = 2015) and then the jubilee.

1I Second Woe

In my mission it states: “He will lift a signal flag [Divine Standard, Banner of the genealogy of Baha’u’llah] for the nations; he will gather Israel’s dispersed people and assemble Judah’s scattered people from “the four corners” [Colorado Plateau] of the earth” (Is. 11:12 Net Bible). The river turning to blood is the signal of the flag of “the blood of the Covenant” being raised in that area and the attack by those whom Baha’u’llah calls “the manifestations of satan” against our efforts [“Michael and his angles fought” Rev. Ch. 12] in the promised area of the four corners that includes all sacred spaces on the Colorado Plateau and Grand Mesa/Chair Mountain area and is the signal for the judgement and defeat of “satan”: “Satan will be released from his prison [Covenant-breakers attack the guardian seated upon King David’s throne (Michael and his angels–see Rev 12 for the 6-66 Injunction)] and will come out to deceive the nations [turn the people away from Michael and his angels] that are at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog [Ez Ch. 38 and 39, Russia will be dragged into this at this time], to gather them for battle [oil battle for control of the Middle East]; their number is like the sand of the sea. And they marched up over the broad plain of “the earth” [they were the ex-followers educated by Dr. Leland–the land–Jensen’s teachings] and surrounded the camp [camp Bahá] of the saints [guardian’s personal home and family] and the beloved city [New JerUSAlem in the Rocky Mountains], but fire came down from heaven [the heaven of prophecy] and consumed them, and the devil [personal individual arch-violators–whose symbol is the dragon–see Rev. 12] who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast [materialists, partiers, drunks, adulterers, deceptive music, false merriment, money-mongers, shopaholics, and drugs (Matt. 24:38, 39)] and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” (Rev 20:7-10 ESV).


So it is written “and [the two witnesses: Joshua and Zerubbabel] have power over waters to turn them to blood” (Rev. 11: 6 KJV) that ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains this verse in SAQ: “if they wished, they could turn the water of the Nile into blood, so far as the Egyptians and those who denied them were concerned—that is to say, that that which was the cause of their life, through their ignorance and pride, became the cause of their death. So the kingdom, wealth and power of Pharaoh and his people, which were the causes of the life of the nation, became, through their opposition, denial and pride, the cause of death, destruction, dispersion, degradation and poverty. Hence these two witnesses [who have returned and appeared repeatedly in every dispensation with different names in different places] have power to destroy the nations” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, SAQ, Commentary on Rev Ch. 11).


Now I tell you truthfully that these cites and towns all throughout the New Jerusalem in the Rocky Mountains have been peppered with Covenant-breakers and people raised up by myself and Dr. Leland Jensen who have cared nothing for the Baha’i faith at all but only for to save their own lives or increase their own personal power, self prowess and personal gains. They came to the mountains not to become believers in God but to either save their own skins, so to speak or to take the knowledge we have given freely to bunk-up “chair mountain churches” and “survivalist groups” for their own personal aggrandizement and empowerment all in opposition to the Baha’i Faith and the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and the successorship of the throne of King David. Through back-biting, gossip, slander, character assassination, mis-information, disinformation and even down right lies they have sought to attack this Covenant and Baha’i faith and invalidate the blood of over 10,000 Bab’i martyrs and 20,000 Baha’i martyrs by attacking and poisoning the people against these Twin promised ones who have appeared in the United States and back-stabbing their wives and family members, and fellow believers in the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. “Blood” they have taken and the Revelation states “blood is their due!”


Those of the nations outside of this area all know that we have a 100% track record yet they have suppressed the unfurling of the Divine Banner at the 9-11 event and have attempted by diverse means to move against the faith in its livelihood as well as in the material basis of its support–and while the poison spreads further into the Grand Canyon and poisons the water table for many, many peoples for years to come–the guardian and his friends have personally endured against them all in the courts and the civil and secular systems as well as the Arena of Absolute Truth and the Pavilion of the Supreme Reality because the violators have chosen to fight against God Himself and God has prevailed against these people. If only you could read the Book of Revelation (for your very own self) with your own eyes and not through the eyes of your neighbors you would see what is to occur next that is more disastrous than this minor taste of retributions…as one by one the enemies of the Cause of God, Shoghi Effendi explains, are met with that which is Condign:


What is the mysterious Power of “Michael and his angels” that comes not from money, nor politics, nor prestige, charisma or material backing? Why are all the forces in the universe unable to prevail against it? Why has the Faith grown to now encompass Iran, Bangladesh, India, all of Arabic speaking Islam, the Urdu speaking peoples, India, Syria, Turkey, the Middle East and those in Russia, and the Far East? The more the hounds of personal appetites push against the truth–the brighter the fire of this unquenchable flame! The more they make fun of and attack the true believers in their very own homes, and inner family circles, the more God promises to save the pure of heart and spread the Faith far and wide. Does he do this to see the “unbelievers destroyed”? The Muslim, Christian and Jewish clergies would have you believe so, but the unbeliever is destroyed when he becomes a believer. And the wicked is destroyed when she becomes wise. Thus all shall taste death and become believers and wise souls after their mortal coil is bled dry–but most will believe in this wisdom–if you can call it that, says Paul–a crazy-wisdom (1 Cor. 1:20) that is foolish to the worldly-wise–who are looking into the Kingdom from far, far outside, and are unable to enter the Kingdom as Jesus said “not my will o Lord but thine”–not a threat but a fact–that they lack the capacity to serve that which is “other” than what ‘Abdu’l-Baha calls their “ever insistent self” and these instead fall by the sword of their own appetites into grievous errors–because they would have it NO other way. So the victory belongs to those who have died now (NDE), died away from self and passion, died away from old habits, from their stuck-up orgies, and “a’whoring around after false Guardians” as Dr. Jensen has said. Behold they have “died” and yet live for ever more” now in this life and in the next–but only for those who have seen the VISION, climbed the Mountain, so to speak, been filled with the Spirit, that do not apostatize their faith, but deepen in his loving kindness–“used their intellect to defeat antichrist”–for God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son that we should have life-eternal: and the son gave himself willingly though the masses comprehend him not!


“For it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the understanding of the experts. ” (1 Cor. 1:19, Holman’s)


The hour has come in which the “golden censor” (of Positive-Leap 80) is filled with fire (9-11) and burning coals (4-11) from the “altar” and thrown upon the earth. This from the time of Dr. Jensen’s world wide media projection in 1980 and filled now with “fire” in the prophesied time of the jubilee of the tetrad blood moons in our day today.


Like those who loved Jesus–but fell “asleep” (Matt. 26:40) in the garden, those who are wakeful today in this day are those that shall be elevated by God to fulfill this mission to gather the elect from the four corners of the world and be spared the chastisement, that Baha’u’llah states: “We have a fixed time for you, O peoples. If ye fail, at the appointed hour, to turn towards God, He, verily, will lay violent hold on you, and will cause grievous afflictions to assail you from every direction. How severe, indeed, is the chastisement with which your Lord will then chastise you!” (WOB, p. 201).  “And the river shall be turned to BLOOD…


The prophecy of the “Blood river” is one of the greatest disasters ecologically in US history. Its flow down through New Mexico and Arizona is the sign to awaken the native people to the fulfillment of this real vision as we gave the “nine pointed star” back in the 1980s, and Dr. Jensen and his angels delivered the “missing cornerstone” to the Hopi peoples of these areas with the Navaho yet they rejected him and he was denied–but now they give the signal of the cornerstone restored by Grandfather Martin as Dr. Jensen and his angels gave it to them.



These nations will accept the Divine Banner and it shall be hoisted in their midst to all the people of the world.




The Covenant and the Manifestations are the foundation of civilization: as civilization if founded upon the spiritual qualities and attributes of God such as love, justice, honor, trustworthiness, mercy, humility, etc. We cannot have a society or any group activities without these basic qualities of co-operation and mutual respect!  As these spiritual qualities and attributes emanate from the personal reality of God himself and are established as his image within creation in the appearance of the divine manifestations of God these are the glue of any group cohesion and effort. The attack on these 9 and the separation from the root of these Divine Revelators of progressive civilization is the downfall of society and the havoc (collapse) of the financial booty of war for the greedy and small minded. The greedy oil people and corrupt leaders of our cultures have either abandoned all hope or gone against this living spirit of Christ and thus we have the absence of these qualities in war, pestilence, famine, disease, ignorance and the disintegration of civilization.


This disintegration is so that the spiritual people of the nations and those beginning at the four corners will establish a true spiritual civilization–having tasted the blood of his covenant that recompenses the blood of the martyrs—-not like a corrupt society like that which is dying out right now.


The release of this blood from the heart-land of the four corners (its inward spiritual purity of the blood of the covenant and outward lethal poison of the rivers) sets the signal for these events to unfold.


Blessed are those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This spread throughout Utah and New Mexico into the Colorado River and Grand Canyon and has poisoned the water supply for Arizona and California that is now even in draught.


The Guardian, The living Davidic King can be contacted here: Prophecy is always fulfilled but expectations are not.

Wake up O People, says Baha’u’llah, for your time is short.

 Gold King Mine 8-6-2015





Dear friends,

Just a reminder about pushing the button, and to whom (Ez. 38, 39) the US gave the button to push:


Where is Lee Brown and the

Coast Salish Baha’is?

What happened to Long-Standing Bear Chief of the Blackfoot (Pikuni) Nation and the Lakota family of Sitting Bull?


Native American Baha’is and indigenous peoples in general of all other Native American Tribes have been fast finding-out that the Covenant of Baha’u’llah has been violated by the “Hands” in the year 1960 when they separated themselves from the son and appointed successor of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Charles Mason Remey Aghsan; and that Ruhiyyih Khanum and those that followed her, murdered Shoghi Effendi (the first guardian of the Baha’i faith) and all their followers have separated from the Covenant and true successorship of Baha’u’llah seated upon the throne-line of King David (of the Tribe of Judah) that is to last forever.


Like most people–who are burned by corrupt organized “religions” they leave the church organizations of man but still accept the reality of the Founders–Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Krishna, etc. and continue to worship God in their own way–these too still accept Baha’u’llah, but due to the sting of the violation of the Baha’i Covenant they have been unable, for the most part, to re-gather under the provisions of the Covenant until recently.


This is what happened with all the American Baha’is in general during the days of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. When his half-brother Muhammad-Ali broke the Covenant the people became poisoned and perturbed and were unable to have fellowship with one another at Baha’i gatherings.


After ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s journey to the U.S. in 1912 this situation was reversed as the American peoples (native, white, brown, black, yellow, red–everyone of all creeds and colors) were able to meet with ‘Abdu’l-Baha in person; and through the love of ‘Abdu’l-Baha these blossoms on the tree of life were re-grown and flourished once again.


This is what has happened in the Native American world since the 9-11 in 2001 through the love, education and service of the great-grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Neal Chase.


 Lee Brown and the Salish Indian Baha’is


In the Baha’i library there is an excellent file on Hopi Prophecy called, “Traditional Native American Prophecies.” It is a beautiful testament to the Baha’i Faith. The Author of the document is Lee Brown. He is a scholar and teacher (Ph.D.) of Aboriginal values and epistemology as well as member of the Cherokee Nation and the Wolf Clan who spent a few years in Hopi land studying the prophecies and ways of the tribes of the Southwest. While at Four Corners in Arizona Lee had visions and realized that the Baha’i Faith was the long awaited “New Religion” for the Native peoples of the Americas as well as Baha’u’llah being the One spoken of in all world faiths and promised to come in all wisdom traditions. Since Lee Brown recognized Baha’u’llah, the administrative leadership of the “Baha’i World Faith” has used his testament for years to introduce people to the Baha’i Faith without their informed consent and knowledge of the great Covenant-breaking takeover–“Baha’i Gate“–that occurred in 1960.


When Lee Brown came into the Faith, he was so convinced and motivated that it was the true religion of Wakan Tanka (The Great Mystery) that he was able to bring in hundreds of Coast Salish Native peoples from the tribes in British Columbia where he now works and lives. There were mass declarations. But something went wrong.


You see, it is a fact that Lee Brown and his wife and the entire Coast Salish tribe of BC have torn up their membership cards and none of them attend any administrative “Baha’i” functions any more. Where is Lee Brown?


In October of ‘95, Lee Brown told his story: He said that he made a mistake signing up with the “Baha’i World Faith” and that he was sorry that he led his tribe astray. He said that the “Baha’i” Faith was “just another white man’s religion, just like the ones before it.” He said he believes in Baha’u’llah but not in the so-called “Baha’i” Faith and that he wanted “nothing to do with it.” He said that the “White Baha’is” of Vernon, BC (that is where he lives) were exclusive, cliquish, selfish, egotistical and prejudicial. He said that they treated the Natives as “sub-humans” and that the “white Baha’is” had built a “wall of separation that was 300 feet tall” between themselves and the natives. They hogged the jobs (wouldn’t hire Natives), looked down their noses at them and in general despised the Indians. Lee saw by their behavior that these people calling themselves “Baha’i” were in no way of the True Religion of God. So he and his tribe in BC left their phony “Baha’i” Faith. He is so angry with them for getting his signature in the first place and duping him. Through the Power of the Covenant these people have been set free from the Violation of the Covenant of the “Hands!”


Long-Standing Bear Chief


One day, while the “Guardian of the Land” was living in Missoula (Masauwu) Montana, the people facilitating the local Baha’i Center received a phone call from Long-Standing Bear Chief of the Blackfoot Pikuni Nation. He was very angry and wanted to redress grievance (which is his right) against the Baha’is. The people became scared and reported this contact that day at the weekly Forum of Dr. Leland Jensen, who always sat at the right hand of Neal, the guardian of “the Land” seated upon the throne.


Dr. Jensen made a call for volunteers of people who would go up North to Browning and meet with Long-Standing Bear Chief as he requested. No one responded. Neal then said that he would go as he had always wanted to go up and visit Browning and now this was a perfect opportunity that had presented itself.  Later on that same night some of the friends came up to Neal and told him, that he should change his mind, as Browning was a dangerous place and people were known to go up there and disappear. This didn’t change his mind but made him want to go up there all the more.


It was finally agreed that he would go as long as someone else accompanied him. A native Montanan who happened to be Métis (like Louis Riel) volunteered to drive up there with him.


On the drive, Neal said that if all this goes well, should Long-Standing Bear Chief want to smoke the pipe with them, that they should not inhale the smoke but only hold it in the mouth, then say prayers in their innermost hearts and release the smoke. His companion objected that this was some sort of slur and racial stereotype. Neal dropped the conversation.


When they arrived in Browning, the town was a disaster. There were old burned out cars, unkempt mud streets, poverty, worn down trailer homes, alcoholism and other terrible things. It was nothing like the Salish-Kootenai area of Montana where the Flatheads had made alliance with “the black robes” of the Jesuit priests since the days of the 1800s and were very wealthy and have a wonderful college and strong local economy.


They got out of the car and walked up to the front door and Harold Gray welcomed them in cordially, but restrained. As they introduced themselves, it was quite obvious that Harold was upset and holding something back. He proceeded to tell them that some time before he had found out about Baha’u’llah and had become a Baha’i. He was also a very powerful and erudite human rights activist. He told of how he had accepted the 12 principles and had fallen in love all over again with God having found the truth of his own native tradition fulfilled in our day today. As he said this he became more and more agitated. It turned out, that he had no idea that he had joined that Covenant-breaking outfit that was only masquerading as “Baha’i.” Recently something terrible had happened and those Covenant-breakers had broken up his family and declared that his wife and children should completely shun and avoid him, and he had lost all contact with his wife and children including his son that was to succeed him in his life-traditional work. He was very upset about this.


It was at about this time as he was standing before them, and they sat upon the couch, and he was shaking and raising his voice, that Neal finally got his attention and interrupted him. He asked if he could speak and just say one thing. Harold calmed down and recomposed himself, and said yes, and then Neal told him that they were the Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant, and that the whole Baha’i world had violated the Covenant and that many, many people had suffered through these similar types of family breakups destroying marriages and harming the children. He said in fact he had seen this among the Native Americans as well, when he had met with a great-grandson of Sitting Bull previously in Mobridge, SD, and that Harold Gray was not alone in this calamity.


Harold was perplexed. He said that he did not know that Neal was not with that Covenant-breaking group when he called the Baha’i Center in Missoula. He said he was still so upset that he did not know what to do with himself. He said that he understood that the guardian also had been exiled and persecuted by these same nefarious peoples. But he said that he just had so much pain and turmoil inside of him over this that he just had to let it out and that he had already planned to do so this day. The Guardian said to him, “I understanding fully. Please go ahead and continue. We will sit here with you and listen to you no matter what you have to do until you have decided that you are done.” He then opened up, and the mightiest and heaviest torrent denouncing injustice and corruption such as one couldn’t possibly imagine came pouring out of him covering 400 to 500 years of oppression since 1620 AD (Plymouth Rock) and 1492 (since Columbus) until the present time, mixed in with broken tragedy and weeping over his lost family, and strong valiant statements of the promises of God for justice and freedom for all and what was to occur at the time the “Napi” appeared. He paced back and forth in his oration making his stand and statement, and then “ahou” he was done.


He then reached inside his pocket and pulled out a medium sized stone polished object. He said that this was the sacred pipe that he held as keeper of his tribe. He then told the guardian that his native name was Long-Standing Bear Chief and that this was the ancient pipe of his ancestors that had been passed down through countless generations that he himself had received from his father before him and as his father had received it. He said that they would someday smoke this together but because of the terrible reasons for meeting on that day it would have to wait for another time that God would so permit. The Guardian turned to his companion and said, “I do not stereotype, and I am not racial. I know what I know and I see what I see.”


Today, the “River Has Turned To Blood” (Rev. 16:4-7) that runs through “Four Corners” (Is. 11:12 KJV) and Hopi land. The signs of God are fulfilled and the time for all the people to awake has arrived.









Ridvan Message From The UHJ, 172 B.E./2015

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

That Gathering Will Exert Its Influence Over All The Earth



One consecrated soul is preferable to a thousand other souls. If a small number of people gather lovingly together, with absolute purity and sanctity, with their hearts free of the world, experiencing the emotions of the Kingdom and the powerful magnetic forces of the Divine, and being at one in their happy fellowship, that gathering will exert its influence over all the earth. The nature of that band of people, the words they speak, the deeds they do, will unleash the bestowals of Heaven, and provide a foretaste of eternal bliss. The hosts of the Company on high will defend them, and the angels of the Abha Paradise, in continuous succession, will come down to their aid. (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Selections, 39)

Dear Friends,

More important than the recent rapid growth of the faith in numbers of active believers all over the world is the individual deepening of each of the members in the spiritual essence of our faith, certitude in our personal relationship with God, and independence from the earthly dross of material pursuits that have bogged down the rest of humanity at this time. Only when material pursuits are animated with the inner cause of the spirit do these arise to satisfy the hunger and quench the good thirst for “work being elevated to the station of worship”–and the greatest of all work is work in the Kingdom: the work in the progress, development, expansion and deepening in the Cause of God.



“Thou hast written of a verse in the Gospels, asking if at the time of Christ all souls did hear His call. Know that faith is of two kinds. The first is objective faith that is expressed by the outer man, obedience of the limbs and senses. The other faith is subjective, and unconscious obedience to the will of God. There is no doubt that, in the day of a Manifestation such as Christ, all contingent beings possessed subjective faith and had unconscious obedience to His Holiness Christ.

“For all parts of the creational world are of one whole. Christ the Manifestor reflecting the divine Sun represented the whole. All the parts are subordinate and obedient to the whole. The contingent beings are the branches of the tree of life while the Messenger of God is the root of that tree. The branches, leaves and fruit are dependent for their existence upon the root of the tree of life. This condition of unconscious obedience constitutes subjective faith. But the Discerning Faith that consists of true knowledge of God and the comprehension of divine words, of such faith there is very little in any age. That is why His Holiness Christ said to His followers, ‘Many are called but few are chosen.’” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith, p. 364)

While the rest of the people of the world suffer under the tremendous burden of a world gone spiritually and economically bankrupt–in degrees of subjective and objective faith–why have we been so early awakened to the morning light of Discerning Faith and been invited to the heavenly feast? Why have we been knowingly gathered together under the shadow of his Covenant? Why have we been wakefully sheltered under the loving presence of his ineffable and immutable Name?

God has continually sent His promised ones into the world–like an unending shower of cooling rain–without interruption in every day and age. From the point of view of the one who is thirsty and starved it does not matter much how many others have found the oasis of relief and the refreshing waters of life. What is important in the immediate moment is solely that they alone have attained to the blessed shores of reunion with God, to know and love God in their immediate lives, and that they are succored by God’s loving-kindness. For those who are refreshed with his blessing, and strengthened with his bounties, and empowered by his knowledge, love and wisdom, comforted with his presence and his continual bounties: it is not enough to have this for solely themselves–for their cup runneth over–and they have the urge, need, and desire to go forth to teach:

In these days, the most important of all things is the guidance of the nations and peoples of the world. Teaching the Cause is of utmost importance for it is the head corner-stone of the foundation itself. This wronged servant has spent his days and nights in promoting the Cause and urging the peoples to service. He rested not a moment, till the fame of the Cause of God was noised abroad in the world and the celestial strains from the Abha Kingdom roused the East and the West. The beloved of God must also follow the same example. This is the secret of faithfulness, this is the requirement of servitude to the Threshold of Baha! The disciples of Christ forgot themselves and all earthly things, forsook all their cares and belongings, purged themselves of self and passion, and with absolute detachment scattered far and wide and engaged in calling the peoples of the world to the divine guidance; till at last they made the world another world, illumined the surface of the earth, and even to their last hour proved self-sacrificing in the pathway of that beloved One of God. Finally in various lands they suffered glorious martyrdom. Let them that are men of action follow in their footsteps! (W&T, p. 10)

Those that do not have this desire, Jesus said, are spiritually dead. Their own inactivity collapsing upon them–turning joy into sorrow, and sorrow into grief, and grief into sadness and despair, and despair into the nethermost gloom of ultimately separation from God and alienation from their very own selves.

“And yet again He revealeth: “And be ye not like those who forget God, and whom He hath therefore caused to forget their own selves.” In this connection, He Who is the eternal King–may the souls of all that dwell within the mystic Tabernacle be a sacrifice unto Him–hath spoken: “He hath known God who hath known himself.”” (Baha’u’llah, Gleanings, XC)

There is no greater honor, and more satisfying activity, than teaching the Cause of God. Here the confirmations of God descend upon us, and we experience the immediacy of his presence all around and within! We ourselves are our own first student. In reality it is God who takes us on a journey–when we arise to teach–and transports us away from this darksome world of materiality in to the wondrous and many worlds of the spirit. Here in other worlds we are transported, along with other faithful and spiritual souls, into a meeting place transcendent of space and sanctified beyond everlasting time: “that all the regions of the world may become even as Paradise itself.” (W&T, p. 15). The first way to teach: “When calamity exists in the greatest degree rejoice and be exceedingly glad for these are the blessings and favors of God!” The second way to teach: “Accept your lot in life with joy and radiant acquiescence!” The third way to teach: learn all 12 Principles and promote them, embody them. Learn The prophecies and share them. Don’t talk them: SHOW THEM! Understand current events and illuminate them with your own personal Baha’i perspective. Take up a specific human rights issue and assert Baha’i solutions! There are many, many more ways to teach!

Through these three: (a) living the life (loving everyone including love your enemy (that includes the cb’s): but you don’t have to love the bad things they do to you); (b) teaching the faith; and (c) firmness of the covenant, ‘Abdul-Baha has explained we receive our rays of the Holy Spirit.

This year has seen the important expansion of the faith and its influence all throughout the world and the accompanying consolidation (solidarity) in the deepening and knowledge and love of all the friends everywhere. In America they are primed for the first election of the National Council since the days of the great dividing in the 1960s to be accomplished. In Africa the foundations of the first teaching Center and school in the south of that continent is fast underway. In India the growth and expansion of the faith has deepened the foundations in several communities throughout the sub-continent. More important than the milestone of electing a National Council– the individuals of Bharata have deepened in their own spiritual relationship with God and have been able to establish this inner perception as the true outward social teaching community in the East. This projection effecting the neighboring countries, tribes and peoples that came under the exportation of the Buddha aforetime–from Tibet to China, and Japan ablaze, into South East Asia and the Northern and Central Asia regions through the Silk Road and the Tea Routes in every village and clime. The progress in the UK and in Europe of the EU (that includes France and Russia)–lands ravished by two world wars and still in recovery of nihilistic and atheistic post-modern confusions–remains strong and steady as ever. From these four Areas: North in Europe, South in Africa, East in India and West in the Americas–the four-fold function of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s Tablets of the Divine Plan (as echoed in the four regions of the US and initiated in the Four Corner’s Medicine Wheel project on the Colorado plateau and Chaco Canyon in 2012) have fully commenced! This due the mysterious forces of divine civilization unleashed by the Supreme Manifestation of God for this Day, Baha’u’llah, the Universal Founder of the 5000 century Baha’i Cycle incarnated now through the power of the Holy Spirit in the visible order of the body of believers world-wide with the living descendant of King David as guardian and head of that body:

“The administration [ministry of the living Guardian and his friends–organized and unorganized teaching efforts of the active friends everywhere] of the Cause is to be conceived as an instrument and not a substitute for the Faith of Baha’u’llah, that it should be regarded as a channel through which His promised blessings may flow, that it should guard against such rigidity as would clog and fetter the liberating forces released by His Revelation… Few will fail to recognize that the Spirit breathed by Baha’u’llah upon the world, and which is manifesting itself with varying degrees of intensity through the efforts consciously displayed by His avowed supporters and indirectly through certain humanitarian organizations, can never permeate and exercise an abiding influence upon mankind unless and until it incarnates itself in a visible Order [the body of believers (head and body both)], which would bear His name, wholly identify itself with His principles, and function in conformity with His laws [of his Covenant (Kitab-i-‘Ahd and sacred Will and Testament (W&T) of ‘Abdu’l-Baha].”

“Divorced from the institution of [the living descendant of King David seated upon David’s throne that is to last forever now entitled] the Guardianship the World Order of Baha’u’llah would be mutilated and permanently deprived of that hereditary principle which, as ‘Abdu’l- Baha has written, has been invariably upheld by the Law of God.” (Shoghi Effendi, World Order of Baha’u’llah (WOB), pp. 9, 19, 148)

This visible order is the international community of the Covenant (ICC)–a free, liberated, unfettered, un-organized religion for all peoples, all places and all times–who are the body of believers (head and body both) in this day. Bonded by nothing less than the love of God and the love for one another, with spiritual emotions pulsating through our veins and coursing like heated life-blood through the universal ether of the Covenant, we are the living instrument(s) and the living channel through which these divine blessing of the Holy Spirit and of God flow. This flow is through education. Education first and foremost of our own selves, and how we implement this spirit in our daily lives, personal interactions, work, community and family life. How do we choose to become “well-rounded” individuals, develop in the sciences and the arts, by which we can express our individual spirituality and personality; and have this immutable and ineffable spirit of God permeate the very depths our being: our spiritual, social, mental and material lives–revivifying every aspect of the happiness of our lives.

These are the ones called forth by the calling of God–awoken through dreams, visions, hard work, spiritual study, search through the scriptures, direct prayers to God, purity of heart, calling forth and desiring nothing else than to become active agents of the Holy Ghost. These are the ones who have the “key of David”–the body of the believers in this world and the next–they are the ones who know the meaning of the world “Christ” and have been saved as first fruits unto God and unto the Lamb. Dr. Jensen explains:



Those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes, known as “Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant.”

Revelation 3:7-11: “The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens and no one shall shut, who shuts and no one opens. I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut; I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and learn that I have loved you. Because you have kept my word of patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial which is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell upon the earth. I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown.”

This is the only group that knows the meaning of “Christ,” and the true meaning of the guardianship, the Christ of the Baha’i World Order, thus is mentioned the “key of David.” Because of this knowledge they know that the other groups are false. The term “Christ” designates a male-sperm descendant of David. The “key of David” is the meaning of the word “Christ”. Baha’u’llah came from this genealogy and so did His son ‘Abdu’l-Baha, who adopted Mason Remey. Mason Remey became the next Davidic King after ‘Abdu’l-Baha. Shoghi Effendi then appointed Mason as the president-head of the IBC/UHJ making him the next Guardian, thus the Davidic Kingship continues on in the Institution of Guardianship. There are two criteria for a claim to the Guardianship, the first is that he must be, physically or legally, a son; the second is that he must be appointed by the previous guardian. (Dr. Jensen, Revelation Explained,


The foundation of this current expansion of the faith–not only across the globe in numbers but spiritually rooting its principles deeper into the inner life and deep recesses of the hearts and minds of active souls–including the perseverance and drive of the American Baha’is in the face of unremittant opposition to elect their National Council under Baha’i democratic means in the United States (and continually legal harassments from the cb’s)–is all directly supported upon the personal spiritual resolve of all the active members worldwide who, following in the footsteps of Baha’u’llah Himself, have today sworn their undying fealty to every single provision of the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. Baha’u’llah writes:

“We, moreover, swear fealty to the One Who, in the time of Mustaghath [2001 AD: God “will bring forth my servant the BRANCH” (Zech. 3:8 KJV)] is destined to be made manifest” and again “In truth, they who plighted fealty unto Thee, really plighted that fealty unto God.” (Gleanings, XXX & XXII) And again: “The mighty stronghold shall remain impregnable and safe through obedience to him who is [the living Davidic King seated upon the throne of King David that is to last forever now entitled] the Guardian of the Cause of God.” (W&T, p. 11). ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains:



“Today we will speak about Obedience! The Manifestation of God is a perfect example of real obedience. Like Him, we must sacrifice everything; every plan, every longing and ideal must be given up completely to the Will of God. We must look to God for all we desire, all we attain. The Will of God must outwork Its Purposes in us. Our human will must be laid down in sacrifice and love. ‘Abdu’l-Baha has given everything in sacrifice and obedience to the Will of God. I am only His Servant, nothing more. All our soul-powers, our outward self, our inward self must be consecrated to God in service and sacrifice. Even life must be given if necessary. If we have not reached this station of nothingness, we have not attained to real obedience to the Will of God. A pupil must submit entirely to the will of the teacher. This is true Sacrifice—true Obedience.”

“Real obedience and real sacrifice are identical–absolute readiness to follow and perform whatever you are called upon to do in the Cause of God. When you really love God, you will be willing to sacrifice everything and submit yourself entirely to His Will. Consecrate yourself wholly to Him. His Will is everything, His service paramount. If they were to burn Me, kill or torture Me—no matter what affliction may descend upon Me, I shall welcome it as one welcomes pleasure. These are precious moments in ‘Akka, so precious we wish they might never end. How is the Baha’i Faith progressing in America? After you return, the believers will be in a much stronger and better condition. But this cannot be unless they see and know he Will and Desire of God. I have no wish but His Will. His Will is ‘Abdu’l-Baha. If each human creature had his own will and way, spiritual development would be impossible. The soldiers in an army are under the will and control of one commander; therefore, they are united and can press on to victory. If each soldier carried out his own inclination and desire, there would be just that many different intentions and nothing would be accomplished. One thousand soldiers under the control of a commander can overthrow and defeat any number of disorganized troops. Without a directing will all would be conquered and defeated. Be sure, therefore, that if the believers are not united in the Will of God they will not be assisted. This is especially necessary because all of them are under the Tent of the Covenant in this Revelation. There is strength only in unity. Under one Tent there is union and harmony. The Covenant of God in this Day of Manifestation is a Lifeboat, an Ark of Salvation. All true followers of the Blessed Perfection are sheltered and protected in this Ark. Whoever leaves it, trusting in his own will and strength, will drown and be destroyed. For the Blessed Perfection left no possibility for discord, disagreement, and dissension. The Covenant is like the sea, and the believers are as the fishes in the sea. If a fish leaves the water, it cannot live. There is nothing to equal, nothing so effective as the Covenant of God to bring about and continue Unity. Christ said to Peter, ‘Thou art the rock upon which I will build My church.’ Therefore, all the disciples followed Peter, and there was no dissension among them. The Blessed Perfection wrote a Testament or Covenant with His Own Pen so that no one who obeys it will deny or disobey God. This point is expressed very clearly in the Covenant He revealed. Therefore, there can be no possibility, no position of disobedience. He knew that Muhammad-‘Ali would disobey the Covenant. By violating the Covenant he has become a fallen branch. The Covenant was also written by Muhammad-‘Ali’s own hand from dictation of the Blessed Perfection who knew he would disobey. What cause of union could be greater than the Covenant God has revealed through His Manifestation Baha’u’llah? Many of those who followed Muhammad-‘Ali are coming back. After the departure of Baha’u’llah all the beautiful blossoms upon the Tree of Life were destroyed by Muhammad-‘Ali and must now be grown again by the Love of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. The work and mission of ‘Abdu’l-Baha are very great. No one could express the grief which followed the turning away from the Covenant by Muhammad-‘Ali. We should be thankful that the Blessed Perfection, foreseeing this action, ordained a Center of the Covenant through which, by allegiance and love, we may protect and preserve the Revelation of God.”

At the time Muhammad-‘Ali denied the Covenant and occasioned so much grief and suffering, the perfect calmness and spiritual strength of the Holy Leaf were most remarkable. The Blessed Perfection devotedly loved ‘Abdu’l-Baha, and when He appeared, His expression would change from gravity to one of great happiness and joy. Before His Ascension, the Blessed Perfection, realizing the trouble Muhammad-‘Ali would bring about, would say, “Becheveh Áqá!” (“O to be pitied Master!”) (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Ten Days in the Light of ‘Akka).


According to the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha the guardian is the “sign of God” (W&T, p. 11 & 14) by which we can recognize the true Universal House of Justice (IBC/UHJ) of Baha’u’llah from fakes, frauds, and imitations; but also, the guardian performs a spiritual function.

This spiritual function includes–but is not limited to–the “diffusion of the Fragrances of God and the exaltation of His Word, for benevolent pursuits and for the common weal” (W&T, p. 15). He has “hands” to assist him that are only active during his own lifetime and some only for the limited period of certain singular tasks.

The power of this spiritual field that transcends the immediate personality of the guardian facilitates the love of God united with the knowledge of God amongst the people. It fosters the love we all have for one another–and the blessed relief from the sufferings of a war-torn world. This spiritual function provides the HEAT burning away the corruption and dross of dead attachments to the empty nothing of false religious forms and the vain imaginations of a false sense of self and mere blind imitations. This heat is the “sign of God” (W&T, p. 11) that there is healthy life in this body! That this body is able to overcome! That no infection of racism or foreign provocateur can withstand. That the spiritual immunities of the power of Covenant remain firm and secure, that the words of the Apocalypse shall be made absolutely manifest: “nothing unclean shall enter it” (Rev. 21:27). This is the heavenly purification by the fire of the fever of the body of Christ–the fire of the love of God–the heat within the mystical body of God, His Universal Temple, that is the body of all humanity at this time (subjective, objective and discerning) that seeks its purification in righteousness, health and the Oneness of Humanity, upon the universal foundation of the Most Great Justice for All! Fueled by the onrushing winds of the breaths of God, these flames–the sign of the remedy and not the disease–burn deeper and brighter so that no one can be spared this redemption whether objective faith, subjective faith or discerning faith alive. This is the baptism by fire and by the Holy Ghost. A baptism and anointing of the Baha’i Fireside On-Line teaching effort: The waters of life that are free of price! For those outside the protecting shelter of the Covenant it is the flames of war–the thermo-nuclear heat that follows them from the weapons of their own making.

The fact that the guardian is essentially human–like Shoghi Effendi and ‘Abdu’l-Baha before him–and does not share in the sole-conferred infallibility set upon ‘Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi (as the greater and lesser branches named in the Kitab-i-‘Ahd) by the Covenant of Baha’u’llah–only further serves to facilitate the loving-kindness and spiritual warmth inherent in our spiritual transactions one with another. This heat is the little leaven that leavens the whole lump! Our collective knowledge of the plan of God for the redemption of all humanity–as we each apply this in our immediate lives–will eventually see its outer manifestation in the fully elected body of the true and authentic Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah ( as humanity reaches its heightened days of maturation and development on a global international scale.

Humanitarian efforts are indirectly bringing this about and establishing the universal value system adumbrated in the 12 Principles of Baha’u’llah (see below for the FULL LIST of these Authentic 12). When the peoples of the world finally get their selves together, when the individual souls finally soar high, free from the put-downs of a corrupt and degenerate mainstream establishment, and the spiritual dead lethargy and naysaying of their hapless neighbors who the teachers have been sent into the world to quicken with the quickening of God- -the powers and wonders they will accomplish are beyond the ken of mortal men and angels alike, beyond the any inkling of present understanding that we can even at this time fathom. Fast, very fast, approaches the 100th anniversary of the activation of the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, November 28, 1921 to November 28, 2021. Hidden behind the veil stands the unfathomable greatness of the mystery of what comes next! As this Supreme Felicity descends upon the hearts, minds and souls of the receptive, so the reception of God will be immaculately perceived by those blessed and kept safe in the heart of Father Abraham in the name of the Nine Manifestations of God of the Adamic Cycle, in the awakening of this Gaia-world-of-Onesness that we all share and light up with the joyous science of pure expression and devout steadfastness, and ineffable dedication to that which is Real–too Real to be seen with the mortal naked eye! Powerful, powerful is the descender (the flow of this Jordan) down upon the faces, the heads and hearts, and the bodies, and the feet and the crowns, of those fitted to receive the immortal and everlasting blessing of God: the transmutation of soul into fire, and fire into light, and light into love, and love into grace, and grace into the perfection of being allied with all others in the Oneness of Humanity for this day and age–the Day Baha’u’llah has called the day of God!!

Have the people of the world independently investigated the truth? Have they used the intellect that God them to see the truth with their own eyes and not through the eyes of their neighbor? Have they seen the immaculate vision of The Prophecies fulfilled? Have they glimpsed the fullness of their own sanctified stations–the very perfection of their very own selves–in the holiness of the Kingdom of God–now established on earth as it is in heaven? Or have they only seen the face of death looming before them, the loss of this world of material vanity, the sagging flesh off the bones, the rotted teeth falling out of their gum, the wrinkles of time stealing away their fleshy forms? Or have they seen, so says Baha’u’llah: O Thou “SON OF THE SUPREME! I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?” (Baha’u’llah, Hidden Words, 32). Do they look forward to the reunion in this world and the next. Do they work to make this world into the paradise reflecting the power of the next. Who starves in the next? No one. Why do they starve here? Who is without shelter in the next? No one! Why have they no shelter here? Who is abandoned in the next? No one. Why are they alone and forlorn here? Who is rejected in the next? No one. Why have they been rejected here? They are starved, rejected, burned, hated, beaten, forlorn, abandoned here by mortal men who themselves are doomed to die. But God forsakes none, abandons none, leaves out none, disinherits none! “Say! All are from God and unto him all shall return.”

Where is the next life, where is the next world, where is the land of promise, that of hope, the spirit, the mystery? When is the next world, when is the promise, when is the hope, the spirit and the mystery? These are here now within this world and surrounding this world: interpenetrating and pervading this entire world of appearances is the next a deeper, bigger, larger, more active reality alive in the horizons upon this world and within your very own selves!

For the next is now, the next is here, the next is within and around this present world, would the people had eyes to see and ears to hear it. Do we “go” somewhere else–or does this veil of tears fall away from us and we see the inner reality of what we have become–what we have made of ourselves and our world–some to everlasting life and some to everlasting shame and contempt? How shameful to push credos and false lifestyles and pseudo morality and false spirituality and hijacked phony organizations upon the people in the name of dogma, indoctrination, and the name of the very word of God. The manifestations of God and the promised ones have all come into our world as educators to allow the dross of this husk to fall away, so that the true state and condition of affairs should be made clearly known–so that everyone should be saved. Who are we willing to leave behind no one. But yet some shall be first and some last. Those newly raptured today in the immediate hearing of the heaven of these words are caught up in The prophecy of God with the rest of us and our Lord that is fulfilled in the here and now. Those thrown into the purifying fire of humanities diversity and emergent oneness shall also attain unto the fulfillment of what has been promised. Why cry over those who are last if you are first? Do you not see the end of things in the beginning of things? Who is first, and who is last? Who is left and who is right? All shall be called to account, all debts shall be paid, and all shall be redeemed. Those who work that last hour shall receive the same wages as those who have worked all day, all month, and all year–for in the terminology God and his blessed ones in relation to the temple a day is even as a year (Num. 14:34; Ex. 4:6). So the hosts of heaven and the commander of the faithful have appeared before all people today with heaven on their right side and paradise on their left! Take your pick and choose the choice wisely for you. Bewildered the ignorant can longer discern their very own hell. Heaven or paradise for all–though some prefer neither. So Baha’u’llah says:

“Heard it ye ever reported by your fathers of old, or by the generations that preceded them, even unto the first Adam, that any one coming in the clouds of revelation, being invested with manifest and transcendent sovereignty, having on his right hand the Kingdom of God and on his left all the power and glory of His everlasting dominion, any one preceded by the hosts of God, the Almighty, the All-Compelling, the Most Powerful, and uttering continually verses whose import the minds of the most learned and wisest of men are powerless to fathom, should yet be the bearer of a message that is not of God? Be discerning, then, and speak ye the truth, the very truth, if ye claim to be honest and high-minded.” (Gleanings, CXXI)

“Say, God is my witness! The Promised One Himself hath come down from heaven, seated upon the crimson cloud with the hosts of revelation on His right, and the angels of inspiration on His left, and the Decree hath been fulfilled at the behest of God, the Omnipotent, the Almighty. Thereupon the footsteps of everyone have slipped except such as God hath protected through His tender mercy and numbered with those who have recognized Him through His Own Self and detached themselves from all that pertaineth to the world. (Tablets of Baha’u’llah, pp. 182-183)

And ‘Abdu’l-Baha: “Take the cup of the love of God in thy right hand and with thy left hand hoist the banner of universal peace, love and affection among the nations of the earth.”

Thus all are summed equally unto the throne of God, and to the paradise and heaven of reunion with the blessed Divine. So God has revealed:

“Even those who worship other gods, worship Me, though they realize it not… But, also, those who worship Me as The Absolute; The Infinite; The Unmanifest; The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient; The Unknowable; The Unthinkable; The Ineffable; The Invisible; The Eternal; The Immutable; The All… verily, these also cometh unto Me.

“The path of those who are attracted by Me as the Absolute and Unmanifest is much harder to travel than is that of those who worship Me as God manifest, and having form. This Absolute conception is most difficult of realization to the finite mind of man. It is most difficult for the visible to realize the invisible–the finite, the infinite–the possessor of qualities and attributes, that which hath neither but yet is above both.” (Bahgavad Gita, Ramacharaka Tanslation, pp. 98, 123-124)

“No man has ever seen God at any time” (John 1:18, KJV); “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth” (John 4:24, RSV); “Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse” Romans 1:20, RSV)

‘Abdu’l-Baha re-affirms that “the Father is in the Son, and the Son is in you” as it is written in the Gospels, says Christ: “Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?… On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:10, 20, NIV; and Peter states: “that through these ye may become partakers of the Divine Nature” (2 Peter 1:4, ASV).

As for now, we have lived long enough to see the beginnings of the four regions of East, West, North and South organically emerge the four foundations of our international school that is even now bringing this education to all the people of the world. This increase of life, and life abundantly, will culminate in the ultimate outwardly discerning awakened Oneness of Humanity being established all throughout the world. The Oneness of Humanity will eliminate prejudice of all kinds; the Oneness of Humanity will open the people’s minds up to seeing the truth with their own eyes and not through that of others. The Oneness of Humanity will ANSWER the PRAYER OF THE LAMB: that all people should be freed from the clutter that fills their minds. The Oneness of Humanity will allow the people to have direct and immediate access to the truth of the world’s sacred scriptures–such as the Bible and the Koran and Gita–thus eliminating the need of a clergy class. The Oneness of Humanity will upraise the people through universal compulsory education to be free from false forms of religion, to be free from outer forms of analogy and symbolism, to see through into the deeper recesses of the meaning of The prophecies of God, to win their own stations. Through the Oneness of Humanity wars, poverty, ignorance, disease, loneliness, isolation, hatred, bigotry, racism, slavery, violence, the police- state, abuses, greed and corruption will all cease! All will be able to bring down the power of the spiritual life of God from the next world that is the real inner world touching upon us even now–as we are the living intermediaries channeling spirit, life, heat and truth into this outer world of opposites transforming the continents of this earth into paradise itself; roiling the seas of the oceans of the love of God and overflowing the hearts, minds and souls of all people everywhere. The Oneness of Humanity will accomplish this.

This Oneness of Humanity is alive today in the four major communities of the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia as well as those souls in outlying areas and isolated centers. Only a diversity of such people as these–who are educated and knowledgeable about the word of God, and animated by the spirit of Baha’u’llah as a single people, even as “one soul in many bodies”–can sustain the fullness of the power, the exaltation, and the everlasting glory of the gospel of this Kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven today in this day and age! Thus Baha’u’llah calls this day: “the Day of God” and by an African proverb we should all “make ourselves good food for God.”


Twelve Principles of the Baha’i Faith

  1. The Oneness of Humanity
  2. Independent and Unfettered Investigation of the Truth
  3. The Foundation of All Religions is One
  4. Religion Must be the Source of Unity
  1. Religion Must be in Accord with Science and Reason
  2. The Equality of Men and Women
  3. The Removal of All Prejudice: Religious, Racial, Political, etc…
  4. Universal Peace Upheld by a Spiritual World Government
  5. Universal Education
  6. Spiritual Solution to the Economic Problem
  7. A Universal Auxiliary Language
  8. Universal House of Justice with the Davidic King as its President

As our religion is an unorganized religion as soon as anyone accepts Baha’u’llah (accepts the above 12 Principles of Baha’u’llah) they are immediately a Baha’i and can go out and teach and come to the 19 day feats and invite their friends and families starting vibrant community life! There is no ordained clergy in our unorganized faith. All have been given the franchise to teach on page 10 of the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha. It is the power of the Covenant, the acknowledgement of the identity of the living Davidic King that sustains us in our teaching effort. Outside of the Covenant: “they will utterly destroy the Cause of God, exterminate His Law and render of no account all efforts exerted in the past.” (W&T, p. 20)

In the meanwhile, the international community of the covenant (ICC) with the living Davidic King as the symbol of the Oneness of Humanity, established on the foundation (platform or pavement) of the Most Great Justice for all, living amongst the believers as a fellow adherent of the Baha’i faith of equal stature with all the rest in this day–is an astonishment to the people of the world! According to the prophecy of God he is a “rock of offence” (1 Pet 2:8) to every wavering soul; but precious to the beloved of God: “Unto you therefore which believe he is precious” (1 Pet. 2:7 KJV).

It is through the precious power of the Holy Spirit that the souls are attracted to this teaching effort–and through the power of the Holy Spirit some few have either stumbled, stopped or stayed, or even fewer been repelled. This attracting power is the cleansing agent of humanity, as it is written that “nothing unclean shall enter it” (Rev. 21:27 ESV). The Covenant of God is at once a blessing to the righteous and a curse to the wicked. ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains:

“But the Covenant of God and His Testament is a bounty to the righteous and a curse to the wicked.

“On hearing this Command [of the Covenant: that the guardian is the irremovable “member for life” and “sacred head” of the Universal House of Justice (see W&T, p. 14, 15)] some faces have rejoiced by this Glowing Lamp, and others become gloomy and in their hearts the fire of jealousy and rebellion hath been kindled.

“They disobeyed the Command of their Lord the Merciful [“This House of Justice enacteth the laws and the government [the Davidic Kingship seated upon the throne of David] enforceth them. The legislative body must reinforce the executive [Davidic Kingship], the executive [the Davidic King] must aid and assist the legislative body [the entire body of believers and their democratic representatives] so that through the close union and harmony of these two forces [head and body both, guardian and all the body of believers worldwide], the foundation of fairness and justice may become firm and strong, that all the regions of the world may become even as paradise itself.” (W&T, p. 15)]… They disobeyed the Command of their Lord the Merciful, endeavored to spread lies and arose to divulge seditious rumors contrary to that [The Prophecies and The Covenant: see Psalms 89] which was descended from God.

“They imagine that they are able to resist this Power, which penetrates into the heart of the contingent world, or to cover the Truth through their false tongues and complicated opinions, and to withhold this Sea from surging, the holy fragrances from being spread, and the breaths of the Spirit of the Ancient from reaching the beloved! No, by no means! Verily, the Word of God penetrates into the core of all things and cannot be resisted either by the hosts of the world or by the armies of the enemies! In the past ages there is a warning to every intelligent one! Ye shall see their banners reversed, their sign abolished, their happiness destroyed in those regions in a similar way to the disappointment of their hopes in the East.

“But, as the people of the West [the American Baha’is outside the Covenant] are still children in the Cause and have not perfect knowledge of its reality and validity, the nakazeen [the Covenant- breaking NSA in Chicago and Wilmette fooled by Ruhiyyih Khanum and the “Hands”– Khanumites] thought it to be an easy prey and availed themselves of this opportunity for laying doubts and suspicions, speaking false words, divulging seditious calumnies [against ‘Abdu’l- Baha’s legally adopted Aghsan-son Mason Remey] among the people. Ye shall see all this as scattered dust [all Covenant-breaking assemblies both local and national in every land shall fall], and all these thick, dark clouds which were gathered in those far regions, will disappear and the Sun of Certainty and Reality shall shine with the Most Dazzling Light; the darkness will vanish, the firm believers will be in great joy, and the nakazeen [the Khanumites and Covenant-breakers (cb’s) leagued to Haifa] shall be in evident loss.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets, pp. 439-440)

Attacks and slander against our community–and disparagements against the Most Dazzling Light reflected through the lampglass of the secondary mirror of the personality of the guardian that fail to respect this position amongst the people as well as that Most Dazzling Light reflected though the secondary mirrors of his fellow adherents (men and women both)–only serve to more greatly cause the effusions of the divine fragrances of God to be more powerfully promulgated through the world. The forces of this Most Dazzling Light winning out over shadow and shade alike.

Because of the extreme power of the unity of the Covenant–part of my mission is to accentuate individual differences, foster access to personal creativity, and scientific and academic freedom(s) so that we can have balance in the light–unity in diversity–and all people can find shelter and not only grow but thrive! Only through the practice of sustained concentration in the presence of God–as prescribed in the spiritual parts of the Aqdas (personal spiritual practices) can the individual personality attain unto its highest station. The highest station is the perfection of its own self. Through the attacks against us by the Covenant-breakers (cb’s), God projected this message worldwide and raised up the people on the sub-continent in India. “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.” Each of us–no matter where we are located can choose to arise with the vehement confirming support of God, and as such are worthy as consecrated unto God and far preferable to thousands upon thousand of the rest. Quality trumps quantity every time!

Of those in Africa: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Europe: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Bulgaria: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Russia: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Alaska: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in America: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in the UK: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in France: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Canada: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in China: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Japan: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Asia: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Persia: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Egypt: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Dubai: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Syria: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Palestine:“One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Israel: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Of those in Iraq: “One [of those] consecrated soul[s] is preferable to a thousand other souls.”

Were we surrounded by multitudes upon multitudes of believers, and had war-chests filled with cash, capital and stock–how would the reality of the invincible power of God, and the purity of our motives been seen? If an army slay a goliath where is the surprise? If it be a shepherd boy, slight of stature, with a single stone–then this is a surprise indeed! Many turned out to see him lose. Not only of the Palestinians but of the Jews. Yet God handed the victory over to him, and after the passing of the necromancy of Saul, the government of the nation as well. In this way God set all his people free! We have seen these miracles of God clear the path for the faith in the past, they are doing so even now, and will continue to occur in the future, each day by day and one day at a time! Thus we have faith–but not a blind faith–a faith based on proof. The proofs of prophecy fulfilled, the proofs of the influx of the onrushing rays of the Holy Spirit within us all. Open your eyes and see this faith unfold in his presence. This is occurring even now! Pause and reflect upon the spirit that animates you from within! “One on the side of God is a majority!”

Miracles do happen–but you have to have eyes to see and ears to hear them!

Others just remain blind–it matters not if they are blind in the dark, have their eyes closed, or are just blinded by the light itself–in any case they cannot see. Therefore we have been sent forth as a healing to the nations. We have a faith but not a blind faith. A faith based upon the proofs, upon prophecy fulfilled, the reality of the unseen! This, therefore, is the time for us to make our adjustments to deepen in the faith, transition away from our dependence upon this world of false forms and into dependence upon the Holy Spirit, reliance to the Will of God, and love to serve and know the Light. In other words to become independent of all save God!

The divine economy and most great justice will be established–with the help of the leadership of the world or inspite of them. Who will Shiva spare?

Truly the opening of any flower from a bud is a miracle indeed–as is the birth of a baby; the birth of a nation; and today the birth of the spiritual and everlasting Kingdom upon this earth–as the living Gaia–that will only occur once. The birth pangs of this Kingdom are the death pangs of this Beast. All the souls in the galaxy await the birth of this world of ours. It is the exciting event of the epoch!

How is this happening? It is because of the powerful love that the Baha’is have for God, reflected in their love for the guardian (a symbol of the whole) and for one another. This is as it should be! It is as Jesus said: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (Jn. 13:35 NIV) We are the disciples of Jesus on both his first and second comings. This love shines forth in our knowledge of the Faith, in our spiritual reality, in our critical thinking and intellectual endeavor, in our hearts, loves, and lives. We sum this up in one name–Baha’i–and in this name, one name of the Father, we have a unity–like a surname, and in our given names as individuals we have our diversity and individual souls reflecting the dazzling light of the One True Invisible God!

This community alone has the enduring love and coherence of people of all faiths and backgrounds; all nationalities, colors, persuasions, beliefs, and individual differences. Here people from Baha’i homes, Islamic backgrounds, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew and Christian alike, people of native and indigenous faiths, all congregate and assemble under the over-shadowing shelter of the One True Invisible God! It is important that all the believers begin to network with each other. That they get to know one another through social media; see each other’s faces, read each others writings, know each other’s thoughts, hear each other’s loves, listen to each other’s concerns, laugh with each other’s jokes, take pause at each other’s pains and sorrows, accept each other’s weaknesses, route for each other’s battles, for it is in the weakness of the spirit–the frailties of our human hearts–that we have the strength (the sensitivity) of our spiritual feeling. It is those who are hard of heart, hard of hearing, hard-headed, (insensitive) that do not either have the spiritual sensitivity nor the intellect or moral fiber and fortitude to hold fast and firm: “Or is it that a single arrow hath driven thee from the battle?” (Baha’u’llah, 7 Valleys).

More than dissipated false love, or feigned “tolerance” we have both the real acceptance and deep warmth for each and every person with all their individual differences and diversity! More than feigned knowledge, or false truth claims, we have a real education of divine and spiritual origin, the foundation of our school (the school of the prophets) without intermediaries and clergy blocking our way and access to the self-awakened teachers that God Himself has sent amongst us in every day and age. While the people run around in confusion–exclaiming “Atman is one with Brahmin”–the four faces of Brahma hide in shame as the ten avatars of Mahavishnu- Saivarkal(1) walk amongst us and dance this dream awake! Who are these people to claim to solve the divine mystery? Spirituality cannot be organized, says ‘Abdu’l-Baha. But spiritual people can organizes themselves to accomplish miraculous results! God loves those who work in groups! In such cases as these the opposite of what you might think is the truth! The fewer the numbers–the easier the unity–the more powerful and extreme the result:

“One thousand soldiers under the control of a commander can overthrow and defeat any number of disorganized troops.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

“Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?” (1 Cor. 5:6 KJV)

Everywhere we go we find the committed citizens of the nations, of the religions, of Islam, of Israel, or Iran, or Russia of the United States–the nationalist, the sectarians, the separatists–but where are the committed citizens of the world–if not us? Who considers themselves world citizens, above that of nation, state, creed and color? Where are the human beings who are universal–if not us? Those who accept all Nine great revelators of the Adamic cycle, all revealed systems of Gods’s word and the holy divine truth? Where are these people–that God promised to Baha’u’llah He Himself would raise up to bring victory to this Cause in his name?

“One night, in a dream, these exalted words were heard on every side: “Verily, We shall render Thee victorious by Thyself and by Thy Pen. Grieve Thou not for that which hath befallen Thee, neither be Thou afraid, for Thou art in safety. Erelong will God raise up the treasures of the earth—men and women who will aid Thee through Thyself and through Thy Name, wherewith God hath revived the hearts of such as have recognized Him.” (Baha’u’llah, ESW)

There is none other. It falls to us.

Those outside the Kingdom: They are their own worst enemies! Following Pogo they confess: “We have met the enemy and he is us!” We are those that have been sent forth from time immemorial to free the people from the shackles of vain imaginations, false religions creeds, political-economic wars, disease, starvation and poverty and enslavement to false leadership. As teachers, educators, and guides we have arrived above all for the total destruction and complete annihilation of ignorance.(2) God says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!” Therefore God Himself has sent forth these world citizens, men and women, as educators in His Name–the name of the Father–Baha’u’llah: Baha’i. And through the power of the Covenant of God, and with the light of love in our hearts, minds and souls–we shall not only overcome–but God shall be all and all to everyone. “In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, shall ye call every man his neighbour under the vine and under the fig tree.” (Zech. 3:10 KJV)

Have the people forgot the promises of God? Have you laid aside the love you once had? Every prophecy from God is a promise from God because a prophecy is a promise and God doesn’t make a promise except that He keeps it! They say, that God broke his Covenant–broke his promise and the Davidic Kingship has come to end–but has it? No. They say that God and Baha’u’llah broke their promise to ‘Abdu’l-Baha that he would have a son to succeed him, but what about his Aghsan-son Mason? Well they say if you don’t count Mason–then there is no son. And if you don’t count God, then is there no god either? So who is the liar? God? Baha’u’llah? ‘Abdu’l-Baha? Did God break his own Covenant? Of course not. It is those who impute God as the breaker of his own Covenant that are themselves the Covenant-breakers. Mason is the aghsan-son of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, the rightful first president of the IBC/UHJ, the real successor to the guardianship of Shoghi Effendi. How convenient for them to blame God or his promised ones. How foolish of the loved ones of God to believe them? Even for a single instant?! “Verily we wronged them not but that they wronged themselves.” (W&T, p. 9). So what is the remedy?

God had an ace up his sleeve. This is the establisher of the Baha’i Faith Dr. Leland Jensen. When all fell away he remained firm. The faith was whittled down to he and his wife Opal, both Knights of Baha’u’llah. Even the guardian at that time, Pepe, had given up belief in himself?!? Those were the days when I came into the faith in 1985. Dr. Jensen was the teacher of the current Guardian. He was my mentor in the faith. My educator in the Covenant. My greatest supporter in my work on The prophecies. This is why the current Guardian is under the provisions of the Covenant and firm. When the previous violations of the Covenant happened, the guardians (Mason and Pepe) awaited the coming of the promised one to come after the 1335 days/years, spoken of by ‘Abdu’l-Baha in the book Baha’u’llah and the New Era, chapter “Prophecies of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha” subsection “Coming of the Kingdom of God.” This was fulfilled–‘Abdu’l-Baha explains–in 1963. In 1980, Dr. Jensen made the world-wide news media. He was in all the newspapers in the US and on TV. When they interviewed him he said that “In the year 2001, the Kingdom would establish itself.” Ten days after the collapse of the Trade Towers on 9-11 in the year 2001 God brought forth his “servant the BRANCH” (Zech. 3:8, KJV). This refers not only to the person of the guardian, the “man whose name is the Branch” (Zech. 6) but also the coming forth of the Branch of the Holy Spirit itself!

Not only is this person the guardian seated upon the throne of King David in the lesser Covenant, but he also fulfills prophecy in the greater covenant of God for his prophesied name, prophesied date, prophesied address, and prophesied mission. Many of the friends in the year 2001 (and shortly after) wrote epistles and weighty letters defending the guardianship and showing how the prophecies of God were fulfilled in him. (These are available upon request from the friends that wrote them). Thus the faith was saved from the Covenant-breakers and projected to all the people of the world. According to Peter: “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” (2 Pet. 1:19-20 KJV). These prophecies that the guardian fulfills come by the Holy Spirit. In the Revised Standard Version it states: “because no prophecy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God” (2 Pet. 1:21 RSV) and in the note (e): “other authorities read: moved by the Holy Spirit holy men of God spoke.” The denial of these prophecies is therefore the denial of the Holy Spirit. The blasphemy of these prophecies, the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. The demonization of these prophecies is the demonization of the Holy Spirit. Jesus explained:

“When his family heard about it, they went to restrain him, because they kept saying, “He’s out of his mind!” The scribes who had come down from Jerusalem kept repeating, “He has Beelzebul,” and, “He drives out demons by the ruler of demons.” So Jesus called them together and began to speak to them in parables. “How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a household is divided against itself, that household won’t stand. So if Satan rebels against himself and is divided, he cannot stand. Indeed, his end has come. No one can go into a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions without first tying up the strong man. Then he can ransack his house. I tell all of you with certainty, people will be forgiven their sins and whatever blasphemies they utter. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven, but is guilty of eternal sin.”…because they had been saying, “He has an unclean spirit.” (Mark 3:21-30, ISV).

Each of us receives our own personal rays of the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus said that “the Father is in the son and the son is in you.” Thus the light of God stands within us all. Jesus explained, therefore, that accusation of the “unclean spirit” is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. He said this “because they had been saying, ‘He has an unclean spirit.’” “Because they kept saying, ‘He’s out of his mind!’” Thus they were against the spirit within him, that is the spirit of the Father which is the spirit of Baha’u’llah–the spirit of “the Father and the Son” that abides within us all. Those against the spirit of the Father and the Son–the spirit of Baha’u’llah and Jesus–are against the spirit of Christ. Anti means against. Christ means the anointed descendant of King David. Both Baha’u’llah and Jesus are “made of the seed of David according to the flesh” (Rom. 1:3, 4 KJV) but Jesus was declared to be the “son of God” because of the Holy Spirit–or “the spirit of holiness.” The direct attack on the inner spirit of holiness, that is the Holy Spirit as embodied by the promised ones, is in reality the spirit of antichrist that has infected the population. “Because they had been saying, ‘He has an unclean spirit.’” “Because they kept saying, ‘He’s out of his mind!’” (Mark 3:21, 30 ISV)

Those who broke the Covenant in the past in ignorance are saved from this denial of the Holy Spirit. But those who themselves wrote in defense of the Covenant in 2001 and accepted the prophecies of the Holy Spirit and had the Holy Spirit come upon them and then later turned aside and spoke against the Holy Spirit after they had received and then renounced the vision of their station, and denied the prophecies, these are those who have fallen and they can’t get up: “For it is impossible to restore again to repentance those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they then commit apostasy, since they crucify the Son of God [the lamb returned to establish his Father’s (Baha’u’llah’s) Kingdom] on their own account and hold him [the guardian] up to contempt. For land which has drunk the rain that often falls upon it, and brings forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake it is cultivated, receives a blessing from God. But if it bears thorns and thistles, it is worthless and near to being cursed; its end is to be burned.” (Hebrews 6:4-8 RSV)


1 Nine Manifestations of God in the Adamic Cycle: Adam, Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab and Baha’u’llah. The tenth is the establisher (kalki). See Entry By Troops, Chapter 10: The Kabbalah Tree, for more:

2 St. Michael steps on his throat with Shiva’s foot as David dances up the mountain with the holy prophets.


The Holy Spirit is all we have that is our connection to God. This connection links us with the promised ones and the Manifestations of God as the spiritual community in this world and the next. In Baha’u’llah and the New Era, it is explained:



“Prayer is a ladder by which everyone may ascend to Heaven.”—MUḤAMMAD.

Conversation with God

“Prayer,” says ‘Abdu’l-Baha, “is conversation with God.” In order that God may make known His Mind and Will to men, He must speak to them in a language which they can understand, and this He does by the mouths of His Holy Prophets. While these Prophets are alive in the body They speak with men face to face and convey to them the Message of God, and after Their death Their message continues to reach men’s minds through Their recorded sayings and writings. But this is not the only way in which God can commune with and inspire those whose hearts are seeking after truth, wherever they are, and whatever their native race or tongue. By this language the Manifestation continues to hold converse with the faithful after His departure from the material world. Christ continued to converse with and inspire His disciples after His crucifixion. In fact He influenced them more powerfully than before; and with other Prophets it has been the same. ‘Abdu’l-Baha speaks much of this spiritual language. He says, for instance:

“We should speak in the language of heaven–in the language of the spirit–for there is a language of the spirit and heart. It is as different from our language as our own language is different from that of the animals, who express themselves only by cries and sounds.

“It is the language of the spirit which speaks to God. When, in prayer, we are freed from all outward things and turn to God, then it is as if in our hearts we hear the voice of God. Without words we speak, we communicate, we converse with God and hear the answer. … All of us, when we attain to a truly spiritual condition, can hear the Voice of God. (From a talk reported by Miss Ethel J. Rosenberg).

“Baha’u’llah declares that the higher spiritual truths can be communicated only by means of this spiritual language. The spoken or written word is quite inadequate. In a little book called The Seven Valleys, in which He describes the journey of travelers from the earthly dwelling to the Divine Home, He says, in speaking of the more advanced stages of the journey:

“The tongue is unable to give an account of these, and utterance falls exceedingly short. The pen is useless in this court, and the ink gives no result but blackness. … Heart alone can communicate to heart the state of the knower; this is not the work of a messenger, nor can it be contained in letters.”

“Abdu’l-Baha states: “Unless the Holy Spirit become intermediary, one cannot attain directly to the bounties of God. Do not overlook the obvious truth, for it is self-evident that a child cannot be instructed without a teacher, and knowledge is one of the bounties of God. The soil is not covered with grass and vegetation without the rain of the cloud; therefore the cloud is the intermediary between the divine bounties and the soil. … The light hath a center and if one desire to seek it otherwise than from the center, one can never attain to it. … Turn thine attention to the days of Christ; some people imagine that without the Messianic outpourings it was possible to attain to truth, but this very imagination became the cause of the deprivation.”



“The unity of humanity as taught by Baha’u’llah refers not only to men still in the flesh, but to all human beings, whether embodied or disembodied. Not only all men now living on the earth, but all in the spiritual world as well, are parts of one and the same organism and these two parts are intimately dependent, one on the other. Spiritual communion one with the other, far from being impossible or unnatural, is constant and inevitable. Those whose spiritual faculties are as yet undeveloped are unconscious of this vital connection, but as one’s faculties develop, communications with those beyond the veil gradually become more conscious and definite. To the Prophets and saints this spiritual communion is as familiar and real as are ordinary vision and conversation to the rest of mankind.

“‘Abdu’l-Baha said to Miss E. J. Rosenberg in 1904: “The grace of effective intercession is one of the perfections belonging to advanced souls, as well as to the Manifestation of God. Jesus Christ had the power of interceding for the forgiveness of His enemies when on earth, and He certainly has this power now. ‘Abdu’l-Baha never mentions the name of a dead person without saying ‘May God forgive him!’ or words to that effect. Followers of the prophets have also this power of praying for the forgiveness of souls. Therefore we may not think that any souls are condemned to a stationary condition of suffering or loss arising from absolute ignorance of God. The power of effective intercession for them always exists… The rich in the other world can help the poor, as the rich can help the poor here. In every world all are the creatures of God. They are always dependent on Him. They are not independent and can never be so. While they are needful of God, the more they supplicate, the richer they become. What is their merchandise, their wealth? In the other world what is help and assistance? It is intercession. Undeveloped souls must gain progress at first through the supplications of the spiritually rich; afterwards they can progress through their own supplications.”

“Again He says: “Those who have ascended have different attributes from those who are still on earth, yet there is no real separation… Sincere prayer always has its effect, and it has a great influence in the other world. We are never cut off from those who are there. The real and genuine influence is not in this world but in that other.” (Notes of Mary Hanford Ford: Paris, 1911).

“In prayer there is a mingling of station, a mingling of condition. Pray for them as they pray for you!”(‘Abdu’l-Baha, ‘Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 97).

“On the other hand, Bahá’u’lláh writes:

“He who lives according to what is ordained for him–the Celestial Concourse, and the people of the Supreme Paradise, and those who are dwelling in the Dome of Greatness will pray for him, by a Command from God, the Dearest and the praiseworthy.” (Tablet translated by ‘Alí Kuli Khán).

“When ‘Abdu’l-Baha was asked how it was that the heart often turns with instinctive appeal to some friend who has passed into the next life, He answered:—“It is a law of God’s creation that the weak should lean upon the strong. Those to whom you turn may be mediators of God’s power to you, even as when on earth. But it is the One Holy Spirit that strengthens all men.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, ‘Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 98.)




Dear Guardian,

I will appreciate if, when you get the time, you can help me understand the following statement (from Shoghi Effendi). I find it quite difficult to understand, probably because I have not been used to the idea, e.g., how one can think of the Master while praying? It also says we can ask Baha’u’llah for something. Any help you give will be much appreciated.

Yours in El-Abha…

From Shoghi Effendi:

“In regard to your question: we must not be rigid about praying; there is not a set of rules governing it; the main thing is we must start out with the right concept of God, the Manifestation, the Master, the Guardian–we can turn, in thought, to any one of them when we pray. For instance you can ask Baha’u’llah for something, or, thinking of Him, ask God for it. The same is true of the Master or the Guardian. You can turn in thought to either of them and then ask their intercession, or pray direct to God. As long as you don’t confuse their stations, and make them all equal, it does not matter much how you orient your thoughts.” (Shoghi Effendi, 24 July 1946, to an individual believer)

Dear friend,

The full explanation would take too long for a letter at this time. Briefly, the “orientation of thoughts” and the “co-mingling of station” as described in Baha’u’llah and the New Era on the chapter on ‘Prayer’ and the ‘Oneness of Two Worlds’ is what is meant [see excerpts above]. You should deepen on those chapters and other such writings, such as Some Answered Questions (SAQ). Knowing that in the Universe “everything is alive” (see Tablet to August Forel) and “all things are connected” will make greater sense here… The obstacle is for those raised in rigid forms of rigid rules of prayer systems. This is why he says “We must not be rigid about praying; there is not a set of rules governing it…”

Prayer in this sense isn’t really anymore mysterious than open conversation with a close friend. In conversation we speak, we share, we listen, we are not bound by rigid rules that prevent or hamper our spiritual and emotional expressions of our thoughts and experiences one with another. This is closer to the truth…

After you have deepened on this if you wish you may try these other modalities of prayer that the Guardian has suggested in his letters, and see what effects they may have… This is all acceptable unto God, the Lord of All the Worlds! In the Will and Testament it is written that the Bab and Baha’u’llah are the supreme manifestations of God and all else are servants. God has created a kingdom in which the servants may have direct access to the spiritual community as well as the co-mingling of station with the different educators and promised ones and centers of the covenant that He and He alone has sent out into this world. I hope these words while brief will suffice for now…

I remain yours, your servant, Neal.


Our physical body is not directly receptive to the Holy Spirit without our soul. Our soul is directly receptive to the Holy Spirit that then stimulates our nervous system and effects our physical form, and our thoughts, words, and deeds. Also God works upon us directly through the Holy Spirit that permeates and interpenetrates the physical world and the entire worlds of creation. Thus the word of God is given through the Manifestation who appears in the physical world as physical human being. We also have the record of the word of God in the physical documents such as the Bible and other Holy scriptures that take physical form. However the reality of the Holy Spirit is a direct interaction upon our soul in the spiritual world of being. We receive this through our rays of faith–that is our personal branch of the Holy Spirit that comes upon us. This is the direct and immediate access to our spiritual experience with the Divine as well as with one another in the realms on high which in reality are the deeper realms within our very own selves and the innermost reality of the external world of being. The alignment and coherence of the so-called inner and outer and greater and lesser worlds allows this to become tangible fact experienced by us all. ‘Abdu’l-Baha explains:

“O thou who art Conscious!

“At last thou didst learn of the path of salvation and didst find the straight way. Now remain firm that thou mayest attain confirmation and victory.

The powers of the sympathetic nerve are neither entirely physical nor spiritual, but are between the two (systems). The nerve is connected with both. Its phenomena shall be perfect when its spiritual and physical relations are normal.

“When the material world and the divine world are well co-related, when the hearts become heavenly and the aspirations grow pure and divine, perfect connection shall take place. Then shall this power produce a perfect manifestation. Physical and spiritual diseases will then receive absolute healing.

“The exposition is brief. Ponder and thou shalt understand the meaning. Although, on account of lack of time, the answer is short, by close reflection it shall be made long.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, “Answer to question of a physician regarding the sympathetic nervous system of the human organism,” Tablets, p. 309)

Our soul is receptive to the Holy Spirit (via any direct channel) that we receive through our rays of faith and focus through the power of the coherence of our intellect and the heart of our righteous deeds and words into the real acts of our life. “No thing have I perceived, except that I perceived God within it, God before it, or God after it” (Baha’u’llah, Iqan). When the Holy Spirit comes upon a person they not only accept The prophecies, they accept God and accept the transformation of their true selves. The rejection of this is the rejection of the whole kittenkaboodle. Those who had once accepted the prophecies but now whisper against them walk upon very thin ice indeed! For the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the only unforgiveable sin (See SAQ for why). What can we do for them before its too late for them? First we should think of ourselves. For it is only through our strengthening in the firmness of the Covenant, our commitment to this Cause, the firm resolve of our own personal spiritual nerve in the service of God, as agency of the Holy Spirit, our solidarity and fidelity with the guardian in fealty to the Will and Testament that we shall prevail–and in this prevailing–then maybe shall they prevail over their very own selves–and enter once again into the light, that the siren song of earthly glory has swerved away from this clear path and most excellent of vestatures.

The embodiment of the Holy Spirit within the community of the Covenant on earth cannot be in conscious exclusion of the person of the living Davidic King. In fact the testing on earth is essential for people to gain through their own personal experience the freedom of choice to choose if they wish to have this embodiment in this world and the next or not. This is why the test comes down to a test of personality. Those who are fitted for the tests–are hollowed out, so to speak to become receptacles for the divine grace. Those in vehement enmity to this, the teachings on prayer, the succession of personalities upon the throne on earth, are not able to advance and ascend to the next level–which is the attainment of their own spiritual stations. The Nine Manifestations of God as depicted on the Qabala Tree represent the point of adoration, that is the attractive point of the appearance of the Holy Spirit and its effulgence upon the earth and within the context of the world of humanity. One of the spiritual functions of the Covenant regardless of the personality of any one individual promised one is the continuation of the world of humanity remaining fully contacted with the spiritual realms of God through the power of this inviolable Covenant. This is why the point of adoration moves from place to place until at the sign of the maturity of the human race it will come to rest–and blessed are those who enter into his rest. We don’t pray to Baha’u’llah but to the glory of God that transcends His personality and that of his sucessorship.

These are of the spiritual teaching that are of the “deep things of God” (1 Cor. 2:10). This is the inner operating reality behind the scenes that is outwardly progressing the cause and directing all its activities at the present time. All people have come into conformity with is teaching through the subjective faiths of the world. Therefore:

The Faith has been raised up in Africa! In Egypt! In Syria! In the Middle East! In Asia, India, Australia, Europe, and the Americas! The angels of God dwell in Europe and in the UK: in France and in Russia their spirits soar in the heaven of God! In Canada, Alaska, and North America the souls are rejoicing on every side! California, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maharashrta, Telangana, Delhi, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Nigeria, Yorkshire and the Humber, and Sofia, Delhi, Nashik, Pune, Chennai, to name a few…

Peter states through this covenant (promise) we become partakers of divinity: “By whom he hath given us most great and precious promises [Covenant of Baha’u’llah/Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha]: that by these you may be made partakers of the divine nature: flying the corruption of that concupiscence which is in the world.” (2 Peter 1: 4 Douay-Rheims) Thus those who endure to the end are to receive everlasting life in eternal paradise. For the sensitive living soul the spiritual is awakening and born from within–it is reflected and confirmed from without: For God shall be all and all to everyone!

The Revelationof Baha’u’llah: the Revelation of the supreme and ultimate INNER-LIGHT (baha) of the glory and splendour of God in the Highest!

The foundations of our school are laid firm and secure. Blessings upon everyone this Ridvan 172 BE.

I remain yours, Your servant,

Neal. Guardian/President



O ye who have turned your faces toward the Exalted Beauty! By night, by day, at morningtide and sunset, when darkness draweth on, and at early light I remember, and ever have remembered, in the realms of my mind and heart, the loved ones of the Lord. I beg of Him to bestow His confirmations upon those loved ones, dwellers in that pure and holy land, and to grant them successful outcomes in all things: that in their character, their behaviour, their words, their way of life, in all they are and do, He will make them to achieve distinction among men; that He will gather them into the world community, their hearts filled with ecstasy and fervour and yearning love, with knowledge and certitude, with steadfastness and unity, their faces beauteous and bright.

O ye beloved of the Lord! This day is the day of union, the day of the ingathering of all mankind. `Verily God loveth those who, as though they were a solid wall, do battle for His Cause in serried lines!’ Note that He saith ‘in serried lines’–meaning crowded and pressed together, one locked to the next, each supporting his fellows. To do battle, as stated in the sacred verse, doth not, in this greatest of all dispensations, mean to go forth with sword and spear, with lance and piercing arrow–but rather weaponed with pure intent, with righteous motives, with counsels helpful and effective, with godly attributes, with deeds pleasing to the Almighty, with the qualities of heaven. It signifieth education for all mankind, guidance for all men, the spreading far and wide of the sweet savours of the spirit, the promulgation of God’s proofs, the setting forth of arguments conclusive and divine, the doing of charitable deeds.

Whensoever holy souls, drawing on the powers of heaven, shall arise with such qualities of the spirit, and march in unison, rank on rank, every one of those souls will be even as one thousand, and the surging waves of that mighty ocean will be even as the battalions of the Concourse on high. What a blessing that will be–when all shall come together, even as once separate torrents, rivers and streams, running brooks and single drops, when collected together in one place will form a mighty sea. And to such a degree will the inherent unity of all prevail, that the traditions, rules, customs and distinctions in the fanciful life of these populations will be effaced and vanish away like isolated drops, once the great sea of oneness doth leap and surge and roll.

I swear by the Ancient Beauty, that at such a time overwhelming grace will so encircle all, and the sea of grandeur will so overflow its shores, that the narrowest strip of water will grow wide as an endless sea, and every merest drop will be even as the shoreless deep.

O ye loved ones of God! Struggle and strive to reach that high station, and to make a splendour so to shine across these realms of earth that the rays of it will be reflected back from a dawning- point on the horizon of eternity. This is the very foundation of the Cause of God. This is the very pith of the Law of God. This is the mighty structure raised up by the Manifestations of God. This is why the orb of God’s world dawneth. This is why the Lord establisheth Himself on the throne of His human body.

O ye loved ones of God! See how the Exalted One– may the souls of all on earth be a ransom for Him–for this high purpose made His blessed heart the target for affliction’s spears; and because the real intent of the Ancient Beauty–for Him may the souls of the Concourse on high be offered up–was to win this same supernal goal, the Exalted One bared His holy breast for a target to a myriad bullets fired by the people of malice and hate, and with utter meekness died the martyr’s death. On the dust of this pathway the holy blood of thousands upon thousands of sacred souls gushed out, and many a time the blessed body of a loyal lover of God was hanged to the gallows tree.

The Abha Beauty Himself–may the spirit of all existence be offered up for His loved ones–bore all manner of ordeals, and willingly accepted for Himself intense afflictions. No torment was there left that His sacred form was not subjected to, no suffering that did not descend upon Him. How many a night, when He was chained, did He go sleepless because of the weight of His iron collar; how many a day the burning pain of the stocks and fetters gave Him no moment’s peace. From Níyávarán to Tihrán they made Him run–He, that embodied spirit, He Who had been accustomed to repose against cushions of ornamented silk– chained, shoeless, His head bared; and down under the earth, in the thick darkness of that narrow dungeon, they shut Him up with murderers, rebels and thieves. Ever and again they assailed Him with a new torment, and all were certain that from one moment to the next He would suffer a martyr’s death. After some time they banished Him from His native land, and sent Him to countries alien and far away. During many a year in `Iráq, no moment passed but the arrow of a new anguish struck His holy heart; with every breath a sword came down upon that sacred body, and He could hope for no moment of security and rest. From every side His enemies mounted their attack with unrelenting hate; and singly and alone He withstood them all. After all these tribulations, these body blows, they flung Him out of `Iráq in the continent of Asia, to the continent of Europe, and in that place of bitter exile, of wretched hardships, to the wrongs that were heaped upon Him by the people of the Qur’an were now added the virulent persecutions, the powerful attacks, the plottings, the slanders, the continual hostilities, the hate and malice, of the people of the Bayan. My pen is powerless to tell it all; but ye have surely been informed of it. Then, after twenty-four years in this, the Most Great Prison, in agony and sore affliction, His days drew to a close.

To sum it up, the Ancient Beauty was ever, during His sojourn in this transitory world, either a captive bound with chains, or living under a sword, or subjected to extreme suffering and torment, or held in the Most Great Prison. Because of His physical weakness, brought on by His afflictions, His blessed body was worn away to a breath; it was light as a cobweb from long grieving. And His reason for shouldering this heavy load and enduring all this anguish, which was even as an ocean that hurleth its waves to high heaven–His reason for putting on the heavy iron chains and for becoming the very embodiment of utter resignation and meekness, was to lead every soul on earth to concord, to fellow-feeling, to oneness; to make known amongst all peoples the sign of the singleness of God, so that at last the primal oneness deposited at the heart of all created things would bear its destined fruit, and the splendour of `No difference canst thou see in the creation of the God of Mercy,’ would cast abroad its rays.

Now is the time, O ye beloved of the Lord, for ardent endeavour. Struggle ye, and strive. And since the Ancient Beauty was exposed by day and night on the field of martyrdom, let us in our turn labour hard, and hear and ponder the counsels of God; let us fling away our lives, and renounce our brief and numbered days. Let us turn our eyes away from empty fantasies of this world’s divergent forms, and serve instead this pre-eminent purpose, this grand design. Let us not, because of our own imaginings, cut down this tree that the hand of heavenly grace hath planted; let us not, with the dark clouds of our illusions, our selfish interests, blot out the glory that streameth from the Abhá Realm. Let us not be as barriers that wall out the rolling ocean of Almighty God. Let us not prevent the pure, sweet scents from the garden of the All-Glorious Beauty from blowing far and wide. Let us not, on this day of reunion, shut out the vernal downpour of blessings from on high. Let us not consent that the splendours of the Sun of Truth should ever fade and disappear. These are the admonitions of God, as set forth in His Holy Books, His Scriptures, His Tablets that tell out His counsellings to the sincere.

The glory rest upon you, and God’s mercy, and God’s blessings.



“Reflections such as these should steel the resolve of the entire Baha’i community, should dissipate their forebodings, and arouse them to rededicate themselves to every single provision [including the living guardianship of the Davidic kingship as presidents of the real UHJ of Baha’u’llah:] of [the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha] that Divine Charter [see WOB, p. 144] whose outline has been delineated for them by the pen of ‘Abdu’l- Baha.”

“Dearly beloved friends! A rectitude of conduct which, in all its manifestations, offers a striking contrast to the deceitfulness and corruption that characterize the political life of the nation and of the parties and factions that compose it; a holiness and chastity that are diametrically opposed to the moral laxity and licentiousness which defile the character of a not inconsiderable proportion of its citizens; an interracial fellowship completely purged from the curse of racial prejudice which stigmatizes the vast majority of its people–these are the weapons which the American believers can and must wield in their double crusade, first to regenerate the inward life of their own community, and next to assail the long-standing evils that have entrenched themselves in the life of their nation. The perfection of such weapons, the wise and effective utilization of every one of them, more than the furtherance of any particular plan, or the devising of any special scheme, or the accumulation of any amount of material resources, can prepare them for the time when the Hand of Destiny will have directed them to assist in creating and in bringing into operation that World Order which is now incubating within the worldwide administrative institutions of their Faith.

“In the conduct of this twofold crusade the valiant warriors struggling in the name and for the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh must, of necessity, encounter stiff resistance, and suffer many a setback. Their own instincts, no less than the fury of conservative forces, the opposition of vested interests, and the objections of a corrupt and pleasure-seeking generation, must be reckoned with, resolutely resisted, and completely overcome. As their defensive measures for the impending struggle are organized and extended, storms of abuse and ridicule, and campaigns of condemnation and misrepresentation, may be unloosed against them. Their Faith, they may soon find, has been assaulted, their motives misconstrued, their aims defamed, their aspirations derided, their institutions scorned, their influence belittled, their authority undermined, and their Cause, at times, deserted by a few who will either be incapable of appreciating the nature of their ideals, or unwilling to bear the brunt of the mounting criticisms which such a contest is sure to involve. “Because of ‘Abdu’l-Baha,” [remaining loyal to every single provision of His sacred Will and testament including the living Davidic King the great grandson of ‘Abdu’l-Baha now entitled the guardianship continuing as the Presidents of the true UHJ of Baha’u’llah (] the beloved Master has prophesied, “many a test will be visited upon you. Troubles will befall you, and suffering afflict you.”” (Shoghi Effendi, Advent of Divine Justice.)

“Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants and all abide by His bidding!”–The Bab



Lauded be Thy name, O Lord my God! Darkness hath fallen upon every land, and the forces of mischief have encompassed all the nations. Through them, however, I perceive the splendors of Thy wisdom, and discern the brightness of the light of Thy providence.

They that are shut out as by a veil from Thee have imagined that they have the power to put out Thy light, and to quench Thy fire, and to still the winds of Thy grace. Nay, and to this Thy might beareth me witness! Had not every tribulation been made the bearer of Thy wisdom, and every ordeal the vehicle of Thy providence, no one would have dared oppose us, though the powers of earth and heaven were to be leagued against us. Were I to unravel the wondrous mysteries of Thy wisdom which are laid bare before me, the reins of Thine enemies would be cleft asunder.

Glorified be Thou, then, O my God! I beseech Thee by thy Most Great Name to assemble them that love Thee around the Law that streameth from the good pleasure of Thy will, and to send down upon them what will assure their hearts.

Potent art thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou art, verily, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. –Baha’u’llah




AN OPEN EPISTLE FROM K. P. SEELEY Knight of Baha’u’llah

Dear Neisan R. Pehnro,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I’ll get right to the body of your message.

If seen as presented by the organization based in Haifa, Israel the Baha’i Faith could indeed appear to be a “watered-down, customized version of Shiism” as you said.

In fact the actual Baha’i Faith isn’t anything of the sort. What happened was that in 1957 Ruhiyyih Khanum, the wife of Shoghi Effendi, together with the Hands appointed by Shoghi Effendi led a coup that derailed Shoghi Effendi’s long-term plans for the progress of the global teaching effort and the development of the Baha’i Administration, the very role for which he was chosen by Abdu’l-Baha’.

They lied to the entire world of Baha’i believers by telling them to pray for his recovery from the Asian Flu many hours after he had passed on to make time for them to solidify their grip on their assumed positions of authority, positions which they did not actually hold.

The primary goal of their coup was to disband the First International Baha’i Council which had as its President, Abdu’l-Baha’s adopted son, Charles Mason Remey who was to serve as The Aghsan Guardian of the Baha’i Faith upon the passing of Shoghi Effendi, as provided for explicitly in the Will and Testament of Abdu’l-Baha’. That First International Baha’i Council appointed by Shoghi Effendi was, in accordance with the writings of both Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha’, the first of four stages in the development of the true Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah.

Once that council and its President were effectively removed and replaced with/by Ruhiyyih Khanum and the Hands, and the Baha’i’s of the world were sufficiently convinced that turning to Khanum and the Hands was indeed the proper thing to do, they were free to make up whatever they chose to command allegiance and extract money from their followers who never realized they were no longer following Baha’u’llah and had come out from under the provisions of His Covenant. Their false, non-Baha’i administration has continued in this manner to this day.

Part of the false narrative they concocted was that God had mysteriously changed His will with regard to the continuation of the Guardianship (the Davidic Kingship, see Psalm 89, Jeremiah 33 & The Proclamation Of Baha’u’llah pg. 89) without providing any direction as to what the new plan was. They used the term “Bada” to express this. (Baha’u’llah prophesied decades earlier that some within the ranks would attempt to suffocate His Revelation with “the pillow of bada”.)

This was simply a lie but they were told by Khanum and the Hands that turning to the EXPLICIT writings of Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Baha’ or Shoghi Effendi would be the wrong thing to do and would lead only to confusion and conflict. They were told that they must stay calm and await the instructions of the Hands. This set up a type of Imamate where the Hands would be the supreme leaders telling all the people what to believe, who to talk to, who to avoid/shun and what subjects were taboo to speak of amongst themselves under threat of the most severe spiritual and temporal sanctions. Uninformed yet religious people being as they were in the Baha’i world at that time and since, this tactic proved very effective and their self-created, self-assumed positions of authority were thus secured in an atmosphere of fear, misplaced reverence and ignorance.

They invented and perpetuated the prohibition of women being elected to the UHJ, as you now understand from your reading of this proclamation – – which clears that matter up. Now you know that no such prohibition has ever been, nor now is, any part of the Aqdas, the Baha’i Laws.

To be clear on the Aqdas, we the Baha’i’s Under the Provisions of the Covenant are not in any way reforming the Aqdas. The Aqdas has never actually been given to the people. What parts were given by Shoghi Effendi were co-opted, rewritten and mis-interpreted by the Hands and fed back to the people following them saying things in diametric opposition to the Revelation of Baha’u’llah and the 12 Basic Baha’i Principles.

Quoting Shoghi Effendi:

“The Persians do not have the complete “Aqdas”, nor even a complete compilation, as it is not yet a “book”. The laws are encountered in many Tablets written by Baha’u’llah. For example, in a Tablet written to a certain person, He would suddenly announce a new Law. Some day, all of these will be compiled into a single book. “The Aqdas” will have to be translated by experts. The present Guardian will not do it. When the Baha’i State is formed, “The Aqdas” will be promulgated. The Laws are few but very strict…. There are twenty-six volumes of the Tablets directed to persons, which contain parts of the “Aqdas”. These will later be included in the “Aqdas”.

“I have indicated some of these laws for present observance. I shall see how the people obey them and give them out gradually. Little by little the Guardian will indicate those Laws which are obligatory, binding, and those which are recommended.” (Shoghi Effendi, To a Believer, Jan. 15 – Feb 11, 1956)

The 26 volumes that will form the Aqdas include the 12 Basic Baha’i Principles – – These form the core principles of the Aqdas, they are upheld by the current Guardian, and they are not to be violated.

With this in mind I will now address the issue of Homosexuality in the light of the true Baha’i Aqdas. You will see as you did in the case with the equality of men and women, the 6th Basic Baha’i Principle – – upheld in the true Baha’i Aqdas, that the Aqdas is not in need of any reformation but more of a restoration from the corruption imposed upon the Baha’i’s and others by Ruhiyyih Khanum and the Hands.

The Aqdas makes no mention whatsoever at all of Homosexuality or anything related to the entire LGBT population within the family of Man.

Ruhiyyih Khanum and the Hands conflated the Aqdas law against Pederasty with Homosexuality for personal reasons and absolutely nothing more.

All laws regarding marriage among Baha’i’s are for the protection of the children who can come from the union of a man and a woman to help assure that they’ll have a stable, loving home to be safely and successfully reared within. There are no laws in the actual, true Baha’i Aqdas regarding Homosexuality.

One’s sexual identification is not a matter of law. It is not an issue for the state and furthermore it is not an issue at all. It is a private, personal matter in which the state, in this case the Baha’i Administration, has absolutely no jurisdiction. Nor is one’s sexual identification a spiritual matter, it is a biological (scientific) matter.

The violators of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant have chosen to use letters, some of which are of suspicious origin, yet attributed to Shoghi Effendi, as justification for their draconian attitudes toward the entire LGBT population. Back when these letters were allegedly written by Shoghi Effendi it was thought that Homosexuality was a mental illness as defined in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders. This incorrect attribution has at its root a false Christian Theology the psychology of which I will not get into in this letter as it would be tangential and voluminous but it must also be said that this false Christian Theology and that of “original sin” have no place within the Bible as well.

Suffice it to say that none of what is used to permit any discrimination on any level up to the atrocities in such places as Uganda and others against any among the LGBT population has any origin or place within the Revelation of Baha’u’llah or the actual, true Baha’i Aqdas.

Here is what Shoghi Effendi stated about reliance upon him for guidance in matters of science:

“The infallibility of the Guardian [Shoghi Effendi] is confined to matters which are strictly related to the Cause and interpretation of the teachings; he [Shoghi Effendi] is not an infallible authority on other subjects, such as economics, science, etc.” (Shoghi Effendi, 17 Oct. 1944)

As stated earlier;

The 26 volumes that will form the Aqdas include the 12 Basic Baha’i Principles – – These form the CORE PRINCIPLES of the Aqdas, they are upheld by the current Guardian, and they are not to be violated.

In the matter of sexual orientation/identification of the LGBT population within the global family of Man, there can be no prejudicial laws or discriminatory practices within the Baha’i Community worldwide. This is in accordance with the 7th Basic Baha’i Principle – – upheld in the true Baha’i Aqdas, which requires the elimination of all forms of prejudice. Any prejudicial or discriminatory laws, acts or practices in this or any other regard are in direct violation of the Baha’i Aqdas.

The Fundamentalist Baha’i’s, Firm in the Covenant, are those who adhere to the 12 Basic (Fundamental) Baha’i Principles which are upheld one and all within the Baha’i Aqdas as found throughout the writings of Baha’u’llah and made increasingly clear and explicit by the explanations and commentaries of Abdu’l-Baha’.

I hope that you will find this a satisfactory explanation in response to your inquiry and it is my hope that you will feel free to share this document with all.

Yours in service to God through service to humanity,

Knight Of Baha’u’llah




Dear friends,

It has been 152 years since the declaration of Baha’u’llah in Ridvan in 1863 (1863 + 152 = 2015). The number 152 contains the values of the digits of the letters of the most great name: a+ 1, b = 2 and h = 5. These are the spiritual values of the golden proportion that Muhammad says in the Koran are things are fashioned after this divine proportion. Moreover, Baha’u’llah would sometimes sign his own letters and epistles simply with the number: 152.

This year 152 has special significance in the unleashing of the rays of the Holy Spirit upon all the peoples of the world and is being significantly felt all throughout the people of the Covenant in the Baha’i world this year. This is THE ONLY POWER that can induce the full and complete REVOLUTION OF THE HEART.

In regards to the conditions in South Africa ‘Abdu’l-Baha replies “That which God desires from men is the heart. A black man with a good character is far superior to a white man with a character that is less good.”

I have attached below the current update from the teacher center of the South.

‘Abdu’l-Baha continues: “In a short time the relationship between the coloured and white people will still further improve, and bye and bye no difference will be felt between them. White doves and purple doves exist, but both kinds are doves.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 68)

Quite frankly, having myself been raised in a household from birth overseen by grandparents with Baha’i principles and Baha’i values these statements of ‘Abdu’l-Baha perplex me. From my point of view these words call to mind–truly–a spiritually advanced being attempting to communicate something far, far superior to the mind of 20th Century man.

We of the 21st Century Humanity are of a New Creation. Yet we have still to come to the full realization of just what the total impact of this Revelation Direct from God truly means!

Please find attached the current report from the Baha’i Center in Africa,

Your servant, Neal, Guardian (





To the Guardian.

Greetings to all at the Centre, a blessed Ridvan!

This letter serves to brief the Universal House of Justice [] on the state of the situation in South-Africa.

Firstly: prior to the shift from the previous administration to the current, Africa had either unstable governments or weak economies. Zimbabwe just next door was crippled by sanctions imposed by the America. States like Nigeria although independent but had weak economies. A negotiated settlement in South-Africa meant, governance had to include liberation movements and former Bantustan states. Whilst negotiations were ongoing, former employees in key areas such as border control, police mostly white fearing a backlash were leaving their jobs. For a time, borders were left unattended. This allowed for migrants to flow into the country .Most were from nearby Zimbabwe. When the new government took over, new employees from previously disadvantaged communities filled posts such as(border control, police, home Affairs etc.) all strategic key areas. Most were connected with the ruling party ANC. At this time, corruption was the order of the day. My wife also worked at one of these border Posts.

As I write to you, she attends a court case as a witness, were an employee forged her signature in corrupt activities. A number of ordinary South-Africans were left out unemployed(I’m one of those).Employment was easy if you were politically connected. The graduating youth couldn’t get jobs. With the country full of migrants, mostly illegal, the frustration took effect. The ground unemployed frustrated South-Africans recently attacked migrants. This is the current state of affairs in South-Africa. Although we as Bahai’s do not involve ourselves in Politics, the situation presents an opportunity for consolidating teaching the faith. We seize the space in social networks to shine the light. We understand that the whole world groans in travail upon travail. And nothing short of Baha’u’llah’s prescribed medicine can remedy the situation. This demands firmness in the Covenant and practically living the Baha’i life. I attach with this letter a picture of myself as at present aged 44. A blessed Ridvan to all.

Bahai love, L.M.(Mr). South-Africa.