What Would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus do?

Christians often ask this question: “What would Jesus do?” It is a type of moral compass to do the right thing. An inventory to think about God before committing terrible mistakes, saying stupid things you can’t take back, or committing violent wrongs that cannot be undone.

I cannot imagine how painful the suffering of Jesus must have been on the cross. By all accounts this type of death seems cruel and unusual and excruciatingly torturous to say the least.

In this case however–of Jesus on the Cross–we do not have to wonder what Jesus would do. We have the gospel truth of EXACTLY what HE DID DO! He cried out to ALLAH the God of Muhammad in his dying final breaths!

“Ali Ali lama sabachthani” (Matthew 27:46) are of the last words of Jesus on the Cross when he calls out to HIS God. These are quoted from Psalms 22 verse 1 in Hebrew the words “My God! My God!” are spelled with three letters: the first letter of the alphabet Aleph that is our letter ‘A’ (not an ‘E’). Then the letter ‘L’ and finally the letter ‘Y’ (yod) meaning mine or my.

Now somewhere down the line someone decided to translate the “Allah” of “Alohim” “Al” and “Ali” (my God) into English as “Elohim” “El” and “Eli”–in order to distance themselves and foolish naive readers of the Bible (THE UNSUSPECTING AND THE UNAWARES) from Allah. Why?

They did this on purpose to DIVIDE the Muslim peoples against the Christian peoples and to divide the Christian peoples against the Muslim and Jewish Peoples and to Divide the Jewish peoples against the Muslim & Christian peoples in order to continue this thousands of years of war and terror against ALL of God’s people.

This travesty will not end until the majority of the Christian people recognize that Muhammad is a legitimate prophet and Islam is a viable religion.

What would Jesus do? He already calls God “Allah” from the cross! He has already prophesied the coming of Muhammad immediately after him (when he goes away) in the Gospel of John, as the name “Muhammad”–who will come after him–means “comforter”, “counselor”, “advocate” or “praised one” in English. Jesus didn’t speak English but a Galilean dialect of Aramaic. He flatly said “Muhammad will come after me.”. Why do you think there are so many Muslims in the world?

There are so many Muslims in the world because when the Arabic Christian cavalry of Rome came out to meet the Islamic Arabs of Arabia in the first wars; the Muslims came out of the desert with the Bible in one hand and the Koran in the other and showed the Roman Arabic Christian armies where in the gospels Jesus said “Muhammad” and called God “ALLAH” on the Cross. Then they showed them where in the Koran Muhammad backed-up the infallibility of Jesus in the name of Allah (bismi-Allah ar rachman ar rahim) and the infallibility of the Bible (as opposed to the corruption of the texts by the false interpretation of preistcraft).

So something had to be done about this! There were mass conversions. The Vatican gathered up all of the original Aramaic Bibles that had Muhammad’s name in them as Mu-Ahmad (the praised one) and burned them all accept one. My friend saw that one, original, Aramaic Bible in the Vatican archive under lock and key as he was a curator of the archives.

Thereafter all Bibles have the ‘E’ and ‘Elohim’ instead of the ‘A’ of ‘Allah’ and the Greek ‘paracletos” instead of the Aramaic ‘Muhammad’. And the people are FOOLS to go along with this. What would Jesus do?

He has already done it! He has opened up his heart to the prophet Muhammad even as we should open up our hearts as we accept Moses, Noah and Abraham who came before Jesus, we should accept, Muhammad and the Bab and Baha’u’llah who come after Jesus as Jesus prophesied of them by their prophesied names. Their prophesied addresses, and prophesied dates, and prophesied missions are also given in the infallible Bible. Now you can fight against this all you want–but you will LOSE THE WAR. No one wins a war fighting against God. No. They lose the war. They are “loo-hoo-hoosers” (Q 2:27; 58:19). They lose their souls. They lose their countries. They lose their votes. They lose their money. They lose their health, their self-respect, and lose their self-esteem. Eventually they lose their minds, their friends, and their physical lives–for all shall taste death. In the end they have nothing, as fruitless trees, Jesus said, are “fit for fire in the end to be burned” (Jn. 15: 1-8; Matt. 3:10).

Verily God has sent real prophets to all the people of the world both before and after Jesus. All of these love Jesus and have taken Jesus into their hearts even as Jesus loves them and has taken them into his heart. Jesus loves Muhammad and Buddha, Krishna, the Mayan prophets. Odin and Thor and all the rest–and they love him.

What would Jesus do? He already accepts them all into his heart–we should accept them all too. In fact they have all prophesied the return of Jesus himself (in their different names and different languages). In the Koran he is called “Isa” (Jesus) and he shall come again!

Therefore when Jesus returns–through the acceptance of those who came before Jesus like Moses, Noah and Abraham who prophesied and prepared the way for his first and second coming, and those who came after Jesus who backed up his first coming and who prophesied and prepared the way for his second coming, like Muhammad, the Bab and Baha’u’llah we can all be united in Jesus on his return.

Do Muslims have a different God than Christ’s God? Yes according to the lying liars (clergy of both false Islam and pseudo-Christianity who are killing our sons and daughters and profiting off this unending war) who lie to you as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do Muslims have a different God than Christ’s God? NO! According to the written Gospel and the Holy Texts of the Bible, which remains infallible and uncorrupted to this day. It is the phony interpretations that are false that corrupt the “texts” not the purity of the texts themselves.

Who are YOU going to Believe? The wolves in sheep’s clothing–warmongers–a corrupted preistcraft, or the WORD?

Jesus called God ALLAH on the Holy Cross. That is the Gospel truth! Those who reject this have rejected themselves from the Kingdom in both this world and the next. Those who accept this understand not only “what would Jesus do?” but also in fact what he has already done.

Nothing can change this judgment by which the people judge themselves.

Jesus called God “Allah”.

Muhammad IS a legitimate prophet, and Islam IS a viable religion from God–the God of Abraham, Moses and Christ.

You can say that in any language you want. The words only point to the truth of inner reality that all living souls already know.

In the name of Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab and Baha’u’llah, all from the family tree of Abraham through his three wives: http://www.bupc.org/genealogy/genealogy-of-christ.html, God has sent us World Reformers so that everyone should be saved. What would Jesus do? We already know the answer to that…

The real question is what will you do?

The prophecies state that one-third of mankind is to die in one hour of thermonuclear war with every American City of a population of 100,000 or more to be destroyed.

This travesty will not end until the majority of the Christian people recognize that Muhammad is a legitimate prophet and Islam is a viable religion.

What would Jesus do? We already know the answer to that…

The real question is what will you do?

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