Fireside 4: The Covenant

The fourth Fireside is an explanation of the Covenant. The Covenant is the binding agreement or understanding between God and His creation on many levels. It is the primal contract. It is in effect and established immutably between God and all of nature, between God and His Promised Ones, and between God and all of humanity collectively as well as individually. It is not my purpose to delve into the universality or intricacies of God’s Covenant in this forum. That can begin with the seeker being guided through the Covenant Fireside itself, followed by personal exploration, meditation and reflection without limit within the depths of the Baha’i sacred writings.

The Covenant Fireside itself is the explanation of the book of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant and the Will and Testament of Abdu’l-Baha specifically. An understanding of these documents shows the seeker the Divine origination of all areas of human thought and endeavor concerning law and justice. Through the Covenant Fireside one begins to understand that all human efforts at unity, and civilization and all that those ideals imply and encompass have their inspiration in God’s Covenant, even without conscious human awareness of it. It also requires the seeker to reflect back upon and draw from the three previous Firesides and enables them to see the continuity of the will and purpose of God working throughout every age and epoch of the life of His creation and in the life of the seeker personally.

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