Fireside 5: Proofs for the Establisher

The fifth Fireside, in giving forth the proofs for the Establisher of the Baha’i Faith requires the seeker to draw upon everything learned in the previous four Firesides. It includes the utilization of the scientific method employed in the application of the Golden Criteria to determine how prophecy has been fulfilled by one specific individual in all of history whom Bahai’s know as the Establisher. Once again, these four criteria are: 1. proof by Name, 2. proof by Date, 3. proof by Address, 4. proof by Mission.

While this is the lesson of this Fireside; that the Establisher of the Baha’i Faith has come fulfilling Prophecy, it teaches lessons on many other levels. Some of the lessons of this Fireside have to do with justice and injustice and profound perseverance in the face of seemingly overwhelming opposition. It also clearly illustrates how prophecy is fulfilled in the current day and is not confined to history.

All of the research required in the first three firesides which involve researching Biblical texts are employed within this Fireside and this research now expands to the Baha’i texts as well.

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