Baha’i Sabbath: Sharaf 6, 180 B.E. (1/5/2024)-3 Kings Festival: 1/6-1/9-2024-1 of 8


The GIFT of the Magi, for those suffering in Bethlehem of greater Gaza and Israel…a gift from Persia (Iran) in the Name of three kings–“from the east” (Rev. 16:12) seated upon David’s throne, and in the Spirit of the Lamb…
Explains origins of the Peace Pact of 1928; and gives eyewitness testimony to the real causes underlying traumas and wars…
Probably Dr Jensen’s best presentation, especially for those of Christian background, and especially gold, franensence and mihr, timely for this day today, from nativity to 3 Kings (January 6th), when Christmas in the Holy Land is canceled in Bethlehem because while the “slaughter of innocents ” happens there now, as it did in Herod’s rule as Jesus was actually being born 2000 years ago: today this current “slaughter” in the Holy Land, is eyes wide open in Gaza, for this slaughter of innocents accompanies the Birth of Universal Peace for the Oneness of Humanity and justice for all…and isn’t that EXACTLY the message of the “kingdom” for which He was born, lived and died, saying: “Blessed are the peacemakers they shall be called the sons of God “?….
LNC 2137✨️
The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith

The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.

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