Baha’i Date: Sharaf/Honor 8, 180 B.E. (1/7/2024)-3 Kings Festival: 1/6-1/9-2024-2 of 8


“In him was life, and that life was the light of all humankind…” John 1:4….”out of Egypt [the pyramid in heaven and the pyramid on earth], I shall bring forth my ‘son’ “… “blessed are the peacemakers ” “They who do the WORK of the Father” for that reason “they shall be called the sons of God”

The Celestial Great Pyramid of Giza (with full detailed inner-passageway systems written in the Stars!) seen in the Eastern skies of Deer Lodge Valley, Montana, rising above the town of Phillipsburg, in the foreground. [[Original photo courtesy of Urs Keller]]
The Great Pyramid is symbolized by the star Anitak, that is depicted in the PYRAMID CONSTELLATION as “occupying ” the “house” of the “Kings chamber” –the Central position of placement of the Arc of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies in the temple of Moses in the Bible: fulfilled today in the 1928 prophesied “everlasting Covenant of Peace ” (Ez. 37:26) the Paris Peace Pact.
Via its relationship externally and internally with the same key stars, known throughout history as the “3 Kings”–look to the East!
It’s the stars that rise on Christmas to 3 Kings Day EXACTLY perpendicular to the horizon. If you were standing west of the flat topped great pyramid of Giza in Cairo Egypt, you would see this Inner-Chambers Passageway Stellar System, with its spectacular “grand galley” of nebulas and phenomenon PRECISELY situated as the Celestial Capstone upon the top platform exactly in Place!!!
“And they shall bring forth the Capstone with shouts of grace, grace unto it” -Zechariah.
This universal symbol of the Oneness of Humanity as represented in the Great Pyramid message, and Prophecy for Peace in Our Time, has meaningfulness to all the cultures and people’s of the world, even as much as the stars in heaven themselves, the mysteries of our own being, and the religious (“love impulse”) for union in God does; (and the ardent desire for truth justice and peace) all do.
This spectacular Stellar Vision of the Great Pyramid Passages in the stars, would have thrilled and invigorated Piazzi Smyth, the astronomer royal of Scotland, who would be making precise angular measurements and comparisons even now…between that of heaven (lit. the sky, near Aldebaran and the Pleiades) and the one literally on earth, near Cairo.
This never-been-seen-before vision in the Sky, that everyone with two eyes can see for themselves is accurate, unites “heaven” on earth, literally, thru prophecy fulfillment, and the further blending of many sciences, such as archaeo-astronomy, etc…
This Vision of the maiden descending, the maiden of the heavenly Covenant for Universal Peace prophesied by Jesus 2000 years ago is fulfilled today with the Appearance of the Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact (on earth as it is in heaven) and the Great Celestial Pyramid in the Sky, (as its passages are measured in the Great Pyramid on earth) BOTH symbolizing our everlasting Covenant for world peace on earth. Even as Black Elk’s prophesied World Unity Tree of the Covenant, of the Arapaho, has been adorned this year with the Christmas Lights of Khufu from the Celestial spheres above…
At the same time this Capstone prophecy is fulfilled, the world is at war, especially in Gaza and Ukraine (Hamongog) as depicted in the book of Ez. Chps. 1-8; 37-39, prophecies that span exactly 22 years of spiritual visionary experiences. Accurate!
“And there appeared a Great Pyramid [wonder] in the Sky [heaven]; a Covenant [woman] clothed with the sun [Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact: 1928], and the moon [Universal Declaration of Unalienable Human Rights: 1948] under her feet, and upon her head a crown [responsibility & love] for [all the peoples, symbolized by] “the twelve [zodiacal] stars”: And she being with child [ready to democratically elect the SupremeTribunal “the male-child” to End War] cried [“end war now!”], travailing [from nationalism to internationalism] in birth, and pained [wwiii] to [have the democratic election] be delivered….”
“And there appeared another wonder in heaven [the sky]; and behold [Satan II hypersonic thermonuclear missiles winding like ] a great red dragon”: WAR!–thru the visible skies, like Sputnik..
“And great multitude, that no man could number, with “Palm branches” [surrendering to cooperate together in peace] in their hands…and there was peace on earth for 1000 years…”✨️
…and the “dragon was thrown into a pit”… to be destroyed when the 1000 years were complete…and I saw a new heaven and a new earth, the City of God’s Covenant of Peace, New Jerusalem descending from the sky, in the big sky state, like a bride [law of peace] adorned for her husband [society on earth]…above the Deer Lodge Valley: the Cosmic Map of the Lord, the Plan of God, for love, justice, compassion and kindness for all, and social freedoms and personal and national Autonomy preserved.
This Plan of God depicted in the stars and in the chronological passageway system of The Great Pyramid, and spoken of in the Bible and Holy Koran has come true today with the discovery of the Covenant to Outlaw War (1928, Kellogg-Briand Paris Peace Pact) that is Our charter, the people’s charter, today for Universal peace and justice for all via democratically electing the Supreme Tribunal to end war.
According to the letter of the Hopi Elders “We are the ones, we have been waiting for!”
We announced the Vision of the Maiden, Rev. Ch. 12 on Naw Ruz, 2020: today we see its graphic depiction fulfilled as a “Wonder in the Sky” the last surviving of the seven original seven wonders of the world.
From the Pyramid to the Bible, to the Koran, and Tripitakas, Avesta, and Gita! From common sense! Not to “fight over the pile of bananas” but instead cooperate together via “pacific means”…those chimps killed one another, AND destroyed all their bananas so no one had any…
In other words the Creator has a message for US! A message that chimps (we’re 98.2% genetically different from them) just wouldn’t understand…
And therefore, this message is universal, applies to everyone, is all inclusive, and animated by the Spirit of Love! Let’s cooperate to manage and garden our worlds together!
Merry Inter-Faith Christmas and 3 Kings! Day of Epiphany and the Magi (Jan. 6-9)
…and we welcome the coming spring!
LNC 2137✨️

The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.

The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith



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