Baha’i Date: Sharaf/Honor 9, 180 B.E. (1/9/2024)-3 Kings Festival: 1/6-1/9-2024-7 of 8


Derigibles like the Hindenburg can carry 12 tons of freight!
The average pyramid stone weight is only 2.5 tons…easy piesey for block and tackle with air support via balloons…7 to 10 Hindenburg size derigables, with a minimum 3 passengers crew, and no cargo could easily lift 1 90 Ton Red Granite beam into place on the 50th level of core masonry. That coral palace guy down in Florida used balloons he deflated, so no one would no how he did it “alone”…the pyramids of Mexico, the Nazca Lines, all seen by hot air balloon easy…
Also, hydroplaning on water was used along with block and tackle as well…
The Capstone was never set in place on top. It was placed in front of the east face of the pyramid in the north-west area of the East plaza, the Sphinx being located in the South part of the East Plaza…facing east, in front of the East side of the pyramid…facing the constellation of the “12 Stars of Giza” that form the pyramid diagram in space…the 5 outer stars of the four foundation stones and Capstone, and the 7 internal passageway stars: the 4 Stars of the Kings Chamber, Tower of the Four Winds, Gabled Upper-Chamber, and Antechamber; and the 3 stars representing the three red granite “plugs” at the start of the Ascending Passageway, from out of the cores of the four red granite girdle stones (star nebulas that give birth to new stars) in this spectacular Cosmic Grand Gallery where stars are actually born!
3 stars in the ramp; plus 4 stars in the tower = 7 stars interior, plus 4 foundation stars and 1 Capstone star = 12 Stars in her crown…
Like the 12 stars meaning the 12 Zodiacal Constellations and each of those associated with 3 other Constellations (the decants, 3 per each zodiac for 36) other minor or “decant stars” fill out the rest of the features of her starry crown…
Rigel, a foundation star in the external 3d schema, also holds the position of the North Door, or first Gate, on the North face of the pyramid that opens up to the descending passageway that intersects with the Ascending Passageway (AP) containing the three granite plugs and four girdle stones symbolized by the three STARS and Four Nebulas that gave birth to them.
From Rigel, down to the AP, you can easily count 10 smaller stars forming a line like a string of pearls upon a necklace that represent the 10 white marble blocks that filled its descending passageway, to that juncture…
The next gate, is represented by the hidden lintel stone that fell out of the AC. A small star can be seen there represting that feature. The next gate, entering the grand galley, we come to what David Davidson located as the “Rhomboid of Displacement ” purely as an architectural feature, identified now with the “Trapezium Cluster” : a rhomboid is a special type of trapezoid in the organic hierarchy of quadrilaterals…
Also notice! A small star associated with Sigma Ori, at the precise location of the face of the Great Step center line, in precise alignment with Pi3 Ori, the Apex Star indicating at star pyramids zenith…
Below the Center Star of the Great Step is a line of horizontal stars between the center-line drawn down from Pi3 ori spliting the pyramid Constellation in half down to Sirius. This Axis-Center-line continues upward from Pi3 Ori Apex Star, passed Aldebaran to intersect with Alcyone of the Plieades, in the pyramid on earth, this access line defines the “middle space” of the passageway system, via the horizontal passageway, seen in heaven, as the line of horizontal stars strung like pearls on a pearl necklace, coming out, from the juncture point of the opening of the AP to the grand gallery…where stars are birn…several more “decant” stars outline the Gabled Roof of the so-called queens chamber.
From ap to gg is another “gate” or “door” to the next inner chamber . Another gate, or opening to enter the horizontal passage, another the QC itself, another from gg to AC, then another, at the granite leaf, and another to enter the KC. And 3 subterranean, the subterranean chamber itself, and two more gates at the opening entrance and exit to the grotto of the wellshaft…12 Gates! With 12 Stars standing “within them”…
A) Main Gate: Rigel to dp.
B) Gate from dp to ap
C) Gate from ap to gg
D) Gate of the gg to ac, first low passage
E) Gate of the Portcullis
F) Gate of the second low passage
G) Gate of the Kings Chamber
H) Gate of the Subterranean Chamber
I) Gate of the Lower Grotto
L) Gate of the Upper Grotto
K) Gate of the Horizontal Passageway
L) Gate of the Queens Chamber to niche
12 gates! 12 Stars “a crown of 12 stars” a “foundation of 12 stones” where “12 angels/stars” stood within “12 Gates” of the City of Peace descending from heaven, a blueprint for peace, as a Celestial Capstone in the stars…with 12 foundation “stones” that are 12 stars: 7 within, and 5 without…
“And he saw” one third of the stars” ” come down from heaven to earth”…meaning Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, are represented upon earth as 3 Pyramids, and the Capstone Star, Saif, locates the ground position where the Capstone was situated. 4 stars, out of 12, “a third of them” 12 stars ÷ 3 = 4 stars “upon the earth”…and all this! So folks would know, without doubt, that universalpeace on earth is a real authentic and genuine God concept! That is its an idea from God, not from man, but from God, that all people in flesh and spirit should dwell in love cooperation and peace!
3 Kings days Jan 6-9: Days of the Magi…
LNC 2136✨️



The Three Articles of the League of Nations Covenant #2137 Outlawing War. It is Long Overdue that we Call on All Signatory Nations to Come Together and Elect the Committee To End War to Activate This Binding Covenant of Peace and Friendship, the Covenant of Lasting Peace.

The Twelve Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith

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